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February 9, 2016

It’s that time of year again! Ma’s been in the kitchen for days, cooking and making all kinds of eats! Simi would be proud. I, on the other hand, am so stuffed, no one better be chasing me for awhile or else it will end badly.

For me.

Which is why Caleb is sleeping over, though he ate enough I doubt he could do much running or fighting, either. So don’t nobody be telling our enemies.

L’enfant was found by Kody this year. I still say she cheated. Haven’t figured out how, but I know she did. Best day ever, Mark let us all crash on his balcony for the parades. He has the best view in down and I have enough beads to sink a Mardi Gras float.

Now Ash, Talon, and Kyrian are out patrolling. And we are kicking back, watching TV and having a blast. Bubba is out with my mom and I don’t want to know . . .

But he promised to have her in by ten or they’d turn into pumpkins. Or, better yet, I’ll send Eros after them, lead arrow loaded. Yeah, I got connections!

Actually, I really don’t have to worry since they went to Sanctuary to eat, and for the annual Masquerade Party. So I know the Peltiers will be keeping an eye on my mom. And Dev has volunteered to hold Bubba down for me should he get a little too frisky. Not that he has, but it’s nice to know the Bears got my back.

All right, I’m heading back to my girl and my boys before they eat me out of condo and home. Later, gators.

mardi gras cake

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December 2, 2015

The fun things you learn when you adopt a new culture. Andarions like their celebrations. A lot. The War Hauks in particular like to throw down with the best of them. After the week long celebrations last month, I thought we were done for a bit.

Oh no! Dancer threw in another one. More home decorations. More feast planning. I don’t know what I’d do without is cousin and Yaya to help me navigate through all these strange customs. And I have to say, having Galene and Felicia around has proven to be a lot of fun, too. They are like the sisters I’ve missed having (or never had really). It’s so easier to plan the feasts when there are extra hands in the kitchen.

And with Vega, I  have company in my confusion. Which would be worse, I must confess, if Kiara hadn’t turned over her planning notes to me where she made very careful schedules and details her first couple of years after her marriage to Nyk. Although, her militant attention to minutia is a bit terrifying. Nothing escapes her notice. Still, Kalea and I are settling in very nicely to our new homeworld. She is loving her “cousins” and thrilled to be part of such a large family, as am I.


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March 16, 2015

January 31, 2015

Made this up for my son, the wannabe writer, as a motivational reminder to let him know that he’s not alone in the misery.


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October 7, 2014

Please note that if you’re not up to date (to Born of Fury), there will be spoilers in the following explanation of Andarion Castes and how they’re ranked and viewed by society. Hit the back button before it’s too late!

To view without a pop-up window, click here

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For those who want an early glimpse…

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May 22, 2014

Here is something fun and apropos for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and for Throwback Thursday. When I was in fifth grade, we moved from Ft. Benning to Ft. MacPherson (yes, I, like my hubby– who made me an Army wife, am an Army brat). On my first day of my new school in Atlanta (the first school I ever attended where the majority of kids had civilian parents, and I was terrified), I met a WONDERFUL girl who embraced me like a sister.

Over the years, we have shared laughs and tears, and a whole lotta love and friendship. Some of you have met her at conventions and signings, and many more of you have heard me speaking about my friend “Nurse” Kim. When we were kids, Kim was one of my first critique partners, i.e. I cornered her at school and forced her to read my stuff and tell me it was good :D

While she was more interested in becoming a nurse, I was off battling aliens and demons. But she was always a fierce reader. In fact, below is a photo from a high school play where I was the lead and Kim came to see me (I think we’re 15, maybe 16 in this). In the photo, she playfully has her nose stuck in a book, LOL. Vintage Kim! Rebecca (who also has been to many events with me over the years, and who is the godmother of babies) is the other girl in the photo.

After many years of journey, Ms. Kim has finally started her own writing career! I couldn’t be more thrilled!!! She is so incredibly awesome and talented. Her first love is the same as mine (not really surprising since we grew up together)– Historicals!! Her great love is the Western period (she ADORES her cowboys) and she’s now started her own blog, Kim Turner Writes I’m so proud of her and happy for her that I had to share (Kim, don’t kill me— or you’ll have to raise my rowdy boys, LOL).

So if you get a chance, stop by and see what she’s up to. Hugs to everyone!! And Kim, stop reading this– get to writing, I want more pages!!!!    Ha! Payback, finally!!


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February 14, 2014

Having that moment while editing Born of Fury when I realize Sumi’s name is WAY too close to Simi’s. How many times did I mistype the poor woman’s name? Though the characters are nothing alike, my poor fingers just naturally type Simi :D Oh well, chalk it up to all the times I’ve typed Dark-Hutner.

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January 14, 2014

Excerpt from Born of Ice:

Devyn frowned. Alix didn’t really strike him as a rural kind of woman. “Really?”

She nodded. “I like the greenery and foliage. When I was little I used to try and grow plants on my dad’s ship.”

That had to be tough. Most living things didn’t like the recycled air and lack of natural daylight. “Didn’t work?”

She shook her head. “I never could get the hydroponics or lights right.”

“Sorry.” He stepped away from the machine and picked up his suit. “If it makes you feel better, I once tried to grow a monkey.”

“A monkey?”

Devyn laughed at the memory. “You know the candy, Monkey Seeds?” They were nothing but chocolate covered raisins- a nasty candy really, but it was one his dad had loved and it was something Devyn’s mother always kept in large supplies for him.


“I thought if I planted them, they’d grow monkeys.”

Alix laughed at the image of the fierce captain trying his hand at farming. And for something so ridiculous… He must have been adorable. “How old were you?”

“Five or six. I would run out every morning to see if my monkeys had sprouted. My mom didn’t have the heart to tell me I was wasting my time. So my dad created a monkey body for Vik and buried him in the garden. He crawled out one afternoon while I was watering the seeds.”

She gasped at the image in her head. “No, he didn’t.”

“Yeah, he did. Since my dad had also altered his voice track, it took me a full hour before I realized my monkey was really Vik.”

“Were you angry?”

“Nah. But Vik being Vik finally explained to me why he was the only monkey I’d ever have.”

“And I’ve been your monkey ever since.”

A charming grin broke across Devyn’s face as he looked up at the speaker. “Nah. You’re not my monkey, Vik. You’re my bitch.”

“Of course I am. And I’ll remember that the next time your shower door is stuck and you want me to open it… Wait. That does make me your bitch, doesn’t it? Damn, I am whipped.”

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December 21, 2013

One day, I shall learn to kill Ravenna. But hey, can’t really blame her. I was the idiot who asked her to take a pic of me for my mom who was complaining that she had no recent photos. Since I knew Mom would flash it to every member, and more importantly, the daughter of every member of her woman’s club, I wanted a good photo. So I asked my demon protector (yeah, I choke and laugh when I say it, too) to take one. Rav did. Then she handed me the phone and said, “Look, I captured you in all your glory.”

This was the photo she handed me.


The dog was just a really nice touch. Have I said today how much I hate Ravenna’s powers? Yes, she protects my body, but really what about my ego? It’s far more fragile. Not that she cares.

And for the record and my busted ego, this was actually the photo she took.


To which, I stupidly sent to my mother, who promptly asked why my shirt didn’t have any sleeves. Had I been mugged? What kind of mugger only steals the sleeves from men’s shirts? Then she launched into a three day rant about how I was going to die, speeding around on those godforsaken (if only she knew the truth about that) motorbikes butt-naked. Yeah, I can’t win for losing. I finally gave up and sent her over this one.


Haven’t heard a word since. Not sure if that’s good or bad. But, my ears are grateful. It’s a most Merry Christmas gift for me.

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