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July 18, 2011

So I did a Shadow Contest on my Facebook page and randomly picked some winners out of my tiny horde of fans. (Yes, 'tis tiny. Yet I hold on to the hope, like all men, that it will get bigger.) But since said fans didn't realize they were in a contest, some of them (5 out of 8) didn't respond when I told them they won. This means they weren't really paying attention to EVERYTHING I DO, so my wee balloon of self-esteem got popped, especially when the Grand Prize Winner didn't speak up. I was going to give him signed copies of the series AND OTHER STUFF, but he didn't seem to want any of that. I couldn't GIVE my books away! Oh noes! So I picked five new winners, including a new Grand Prize Winner. Three of them didn't respond! AUGGGH! I give up. But, since Danielle, the Grand Prize Winner DID respond, I wanted to show off how I take care of people who pay attention. :)

First, she gets the signed series and a signed bookmark. That's the normal stuff.

But I wanted to give Danielle more than that. I wanted to surprise her. Beer would have been surprising, but also a wee bit illegal, and it would probably get ruined by the heat in passage anyway. So I had to look around for other stuff to give her, and I realized that my house is rather full of books. In some cases, I have multiple copies of books, because I tend to pre-order things, forget about it, and then go pick up the book on release day at the store and get my pre-ordered copy a couple of days later in the mail. That's what happened with Patricia Briggs' latest, RIVER MARKED. I love her series, and I think the covers by Dan Dos Santos are some o' the hottest things I've ever seen. Something different happened with TRUTHSEEKER by C.E. Murphy. Since she's with Del Rey, my publisher, they were kind enough to send a copy of her book to me for free. I was totally diggin' it, got about halfway through, and then it DISAPPEARED. Magical book, you see. Too embarrassed to ask Del Rey to send me another copy and dying to find out what happened, I went out to buy it and finished it up. THEN I FOUND THE FIRST ONE. My Boston Terrier puppy, Sophie, had gotten hold of it, taken it out through the doggie door to the backyard, and chewed on Ms. Murphy's tasty book! Here is what the back cover looks like—note the loving teeth marks on the bottom left:

So, hoping that C.E. Murphy will not be upset with me, I want to give Danielle a truly unique gift: a dog-chewed copy of her work, signed by me. :) The interior pages, while a bit dog-eared (HA! I slay myself), are perfectly legible and Danielle can thus enjoy this fabulous urban fantasy, the sequel to which, WAYFINDER, comes out in September. Here is what I wrote to Danielle on the title page, again with apologies to C.E.:

Sophie also hopes that Danielle will enjoy C.E. Murphy's book. She took much delight from it and hopes Danielle won't be angry with the chewed up bits. Here is Sophie waking up from a nap:

OK, so, I had to personalize Patricia Briggs' work too, and I apologize to her as well for buying two copies of her book and then giving one away with my scribbles all over it. This copy of her book is now KEVIN MARKED.

Don't know if y'all have read this series or not, but if not, then seriously, you should get started with MOON CALLED. There's a reason Patricia is one of the top three authors in urban fantasy (you can spot the top three easily because they're the ones with hardcovers).

But wait, there's more! I also drew a sketch of Atticus for Danielle and threw that in the box, along with a thank-you note, and consigned the whole batch o' goodies to the care of the US Postal Service. Here's the sketch:

So congrats, Danielle, and thank you so much for reading my books! Want to thank all my peeps on Facebook again; I'll be giving away more stuff once I hit a thousand fans there, most likely sometime after I get back from the shenanigans at San Diego Comic Con. Remember that if you're going or know someone who is, my schedule is both on my Events and Appearances page and on the blog post before this one. Will see you on the other side!

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July 13, 2011

So, the Glorious Geekout and All-Nerd Hootenanny is going to happen next week in San Diego. It will be my first huuuge Comic Con and I'm turbo-excited because I mostly get to walk around and be a fanboy. Not many people know who I am yet, and since I won't be cosplaying, all eyes will slide off me and land on somebody's tights nearby. I will be just another nerd in the herd, hoping to catch a glimpse of Patrick Rothfuss.

IF you are going or IF you know someone who is, here's my schedule:

Friday, 11-noon, signing and giveaway at Random House booth #1515. Del Rey is giving away copies of HOUNDED, and I'm giving away my neato-schmeato bookmarks. I think Del Rey will probably help me give those away whenever, so please do stop by and say howdy whenever your schedule allows.

Friday, 8pm, Room 23ABC, Del Rey/Spectra panel with Kim Harrison, Harry Turtledove, and EDITORS! For one hour, you can ask us stuff and we'll answer! Though that is pretty much how I operate all the time. What makes this special is that it's okay to squee whenever you like, especially if Patrick Rothfuss walks in. We understand and support squees. You will be safe there.

Saturday, 4-5 pm, signing and giveaway at Random House booth #1515.

See? I won't be that busy. Much of the rest of the time I'll be boppin' around doing my own thing, but I'll also be doing some interviews and such, which will appear on Suvudu at some point along with a ton of other zany Comic Con content, so definitely bookmark the site and visit early and often!

Next: Progress continues on TRICKED. Wanted to let you all know that it's now scheduled for publication April 2012, not May as originally reported when I announced the new deal with Del Rey. This is not because I am suddenly writing faster. This is because Del Rey is going to be speeding things up on their end, so major kudos to them! I'm delivering in August, and they're getting it on the shelves in April. Nine months is pretty fast in this industry from what I understand. It takes six months just to get their poo together with online retailers and get an ISBN assigned. The cover artist needs time to work his magic, and I can tell you they're already working on it though the book isn't finished yet. Then there are several rounds of content editing, followed by copy editing, typesetting, proofreading, and presumably some beard grooming. It's a Whole Lot of Stuff, and I thank you in advance for being patient. I also want to thank you again for your enthusiasm for the series and telling your peeps about it; it's because of you I get to write more as fast as I can. :) Hope to see you in San Diego, or failing that…somewhere else!

May your sausage be fat and your pint glass full—

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July 9, 2011

So, yeah, um, WOW. When this contest began I was at 558 fans on Facebook. Now I'm at 778, and many of you are kindly saying hello and stuff like that! Want to thank everyone for contributing to the community; means a lot to me.

While this was going on, my copies of the HAMMERED audiobook arrived, so now the winners below have their choice of any of the three books they wish, just let me know which one you want!

Also have to say—they are awesome audiobooks. Luke Daniels does a wonderful job with the voices, and let's face it, the number of accents he has to do for this series far exceeds what you'd find in most books. If I ever meet him, we're totally doing an Irish Car Bomb together.

Since we blew past 700 fans, we have seven audiobooks to give away, as promised, and there's also a grand prize winner who will get signed copies of all three books plus some other surprise things I'm just going to sign and dump in the box for fun. If you're a winner, please email me using kevin at kevinhearne dot com with your address, remembering to specify which audiobook  you'd like (Hounded, Hexed, or Hammered) and I'll get your goodies to you in the post!


1. Tee Jay Palmer

2. Karen Ostertag

3. Ryan Temple

4. Daphnée Roch

5. Douglas Cook

6. Sarah McBryde

7. Scott Taggart



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July 7, 2011

As one might imagine, whenever I get together with my editors, we tend to Plot Shenanigans of a Sordid Nature. Raucously. Drunkenly. Boorishly, even. Peppered with Evil Sniggers. And we leave our servers wondering how we ever managed to get ourselves Gainfully Employed. More on this below…

The first thing I did when I entered the Random House building on July 5, the release day for HAMMERED, was thank the nice security lady who saved my life the previous year from the dangerous vagaries of their turnstile system. She did not remember me. She saves lives EVERY DAY, so I was just another face in the crowd for her. But she was special to me, and I let her know.

Next I got to jump up and down and squee with my editor, Tricia, because HAMMERED was already doing well on Amazon and had gotten some kind reviews. And then we went down to see the Beast of the East, Viking Mike, and deliver a comic I drew of him and Atticus O'Sullivan slaying demons together. Here it is—you can click to enlarge:

I want you all to know that my representation of Mike is only slightly exaggerated. Random House policy prohibits him from wearing a horned helmet and bringing a double-bladed axe to work, but otherwise you see him in his daily costume: a kilt and giant nipple ring. He is a hardcore badass, and he brings that ruthless energy to his editing.

Next we traveled down a couple of floors (we were on the 24th, but we went down to 22) and warmed ourselves in the cozy glow of the giant fire pit where they burn unsolicited manuscripts. The blaze is watched over by a nervous intern and the smoke is carried out through one of those giant industrial vents you see on cooking shows. On that floor I had the great pleasure of meeting Gina and April, so shout-outs to both of them!

Mike, Tricia, and I took off to a neat place nearby for lunch called The Three Monkeys. (Mike put on a shirt for this.) They had some ridiculously good food and beer there. My first inkling that this could be a very good lunch was provided by the variety of taps:

I ordered a German hefeweizen with the long name on the glass. They claim to be the world's oldest brewery, but we know that's not true. That would be Goibhniu's brewery in Tír na nÓg. Anyway, it tasted of bananas and cloves, people. Delicious.

Oberon would have been overjoyed by the Chicken Truffle Sausage, served with grilled onions and mashed potatoes. Proof:

We then began to Plot Shenanigans of a Sordid Nature, so we had to don ski masks to preserve our anonymity in case anything was overheard. And of course, because we were celebrating the release of HAMMERED, and Atticus does an Irish Car Bomb with Jesus in Chapter 11, we had to do an Irish Car Bomb ourselves. Ever had one? You take half a pint of Guinness, drop in a shot that's part whiskey and part Bailey's Irish Cream, then chug it fast before the Bailey's curdles. If you do it right, it tastes like chocolate milk. Nom nom nom! Here is what they look like before you chug 'em:

Isn't that one of the prettiest pictures you've ever seen? Here are We Three Conspirators preparing to pound 'em down—I'm the one in the mask:

That's something you don't see every day. And it's probably best for your sanity, to be truthful.

What did we plot? Well, the possibility of a short story coming out sometime before the release of TRICKED to tide you over until April 2012. The possibility of getting the same cover model for the next three books and casually inquiring whether he's single, because everyone wants to know. And since construction of our dragon ship  is nearly finished, we made preliminary plans for pillaging the coast of Nova Scotia.

I had an utterly lovely time at Posman Books in Grand Central Terminal ('Sup, Stacey?) later that night, and then I went out with my agent to drink some more at an amazing place called The Ginger Man. We toasted and caroused and talked beer with the very knowledgable bartender, Nikki. She knew her stuff!

Anyway. Today I'm back on a plane for Arizona. I have a book to finish and lots of packages to mail and stuff like that. Want to thank all of you for your enthusiasm for the series; I'm sincerely grateful and so glad I get to write more!

Next up: San Diego Comic Con! I'll be on a panel at 8 pm on Friday with Harry Turtledove and Kim Harrison! Woohoo! :) See my Events & Appearances page for other goodies! Peace.


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June 30, 2011

I'm pretty honkin' excited about Tuesday, because that's when everyone can get HAMMERED! I'll be in NYC with my editors and agent and even my mom celebrating the release of the Iron Druid's third adventure, where he trades in Arizona for Asgard. Would you like to take a sneak peek for the holiday weekend? The first four chapters has Odin, the Norns, the Valkyries, Imaginary Spock, and more! Here you go, provided I embedded the sucker correctly:

ZD Scribd iPaper

Hope you enjoy! Peace, love, and sausage!

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Published on June 30, 2011 08:05 • 122 views

June 25, 2011

OK, it's time for another Shadow Contest for all my cool Facebook peeps. You can feel like you're sticking it to the Man—the Facebook Man—by participating. You can skulk if you want; I know most of  you aren't really into skulking except on special occasions, and this can be one of them. You can wear that secret agent trench coat you've stashed in your closet and pull your fedora down low over your eyes. You can wear your ninja pajamas. Whatever you do, do it secretly. In the shadows. Where Facebook can't find you.

If you already "like" me on my Facebook author page, you are automatically entered. Clandestinely. If you haven't "liked" me on Facebook yet, then you can enter the Shadow Contest by clicking that little button that says "like." That's it! But do it when no one is watching.

There are six (6) prizes plus one (1) grand prize. I will randomly pick one person from each cohort of 100 fans to win a prize, so your odds of winning are 1 out of 100, not 1 out of 600-ish.

Here's what six people can win in the Shadow Contest, version deux: An audiobook of either HOUNDED or HEXED, your choice. One grand prize winner will get signed paperbacks of all three books plus a signed bookmark and some other things that I will sign for no good reason and put in the box just to mess with your head. Maybe I'll get a drink coaster from Rúla Búla and sign that. Maybe I won't. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. It's a Shadow Contest.

The audiobooks of my series are frickin' awesome. They don't suck at all. Luke Daniels, the narrator/reader/performer guy, does a spectacular job with the various accents and brings the characters to life. Honestly, Oberon is FUNNIER than you already thought. I mean, I wrote the books, I knew all the jokes were coming before he said them out loud, and he still made me laugh because of his performance. You're going to love them.

So. You have until July 8 to click "Like" on my author page. Again, if you've already like me there, you're already entered. It's shadowy like that. I'll announce winners on July 9. Please spread the word to your friends! If I get over 700, I'll add in another prize!


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June 21, 2011

I have, on occasion, been accused of immaturity. On every such occasion, I have been guilty—except for that one episode with the can of beer and a rubber chicken. That was an experiment.

My chronic immaturity is why I'm proud to be a member of The League of Reluctant Adults, a group of urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors with similar issues. They also happen to write really good books.

Jeanne Stein, for example, just got herself on the NYT Bestseller list with her contribution to Hexed, an anthology of kickass urban fantasy that came out on the same day as my book of the same name. Jeanne also writes a spiffy vampire series called The Anna Strong Chronicles. I'm gonna paste in the Publisher's Weekly review of The Becoming, her first book, because they nailed it at the end when they spoke of her career:

Anna Strong can't face herself in the mirror—not because she left her teaching career to become a bounty hunter or because she's torn between her boyfriend and a new suitor, but because she's been turned into a reflection-deficient vampire. After being savagely attacked by one of her marks, Anna is left for dead—only to become, surprise surprise, undead. Helping her come to terms with her new, nocturnal lifestyle is an attractive doctor and vampire by the name of Grant Avery. Anna's new assignment is to find and destroy the rogue vamp that turned her and who is leaving a path of violent destruction in his wake. With plot twists, engaging characters and smart writing, this first installment in a new supernatural series has all the marks of a hit. Anna Strong lives up to her name: equally tenacious and vulnerable, she's a heroine with the charm, savvy and intelligence that fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and Kim Harrison will be happy to root for. As Anna tries to temper her new bloodlust with her lingering humanity, the trauma of her "becoming" is as compelling as the action-packed story line. If this debut novel is any indication, Stein has a fine career ahead of her.

Coming out July 5, K.A. Stewart's second Jesse James Dawson novel, A Shot in the Dark, is sure to rock your socks. (Or, if you prefer the letter W, it will rawk your sawks.) High five for the badass leather jacket! I need to get me one of those with a handy inside pocket for a flask.

Here's the scoop on her book: Jesse James Dawson is a Champion, putting his life on the line for those foolish enough to bargain with demons and fighting to save their souls. But even a Champion needs some downtime, so Jesse takes his annual camping trip to Colorado for some male bonding over friendly games of paintball.

Unfortunately, the fun and war games are interrupted by a pack of creatures summoned up from the very depths of hell by an entity Jesse prayed he'd never see again. With the lives of his friends and a teenager's soul on the line, Jesse's only hope may lie with an even more dangerous enemy–his personal demon, Axel…



Also coming up on July 5, My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland! Can I just say how much I love this cover for a minute?

This is by Dan Dos Santos, same guy who does the Patricia Briggs covers for her Mercy Thompson series. He won a Silver Medal at the Spectrum Awards for it. And there's a spiffy blog post where he walks you through the process of creating it. I want a big freakin' poster of this cover. Or maybe just the tattoo on her shoulder. "I LOVE BRAINS." That's an instant classic.

And you know what? The pages inside are filled with awesomeness! Here's the blurb: Teenage delinquent Angel Crawford lives with her redneck father in the swamps of southern Louisiana. She's a high school dropout, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and has a police record a mile long. But when she's made into a zombie after a car crash, her addictions disappear, except for her all-consuming need to stay "alive"…



Two of my favorite series from a couple o' my favorite peeps continue this summer! Right after the holy nerd holiday of San Diego Comic Con, we get treated to books by Nicole Peeler and Kelly Meding!

Eye of the Tempest is Nicole's fourth book (coming out July 26) and Jane True is one of my favorite heroines. Nicole is an auto-buy for me and her books always make me laugh out loud. Of course, Nicole herself makes me laugh too. Right now she's in Pennsylvania and jonesing for some decent Mexican food because you can't get any where she's at. Please tweet pictures of yummy Mexican food and margaritas to @NicolePeeler because it's fun to torture your friends (and random authors you don't really know). Don't worry, she won't get mad at you. She'll get mad at me and send a ninja poodle to hump my leg. Here's the skinny on Jane True's fourth adventure: Nothing says "home" like being attacked by humans with very large guns, as Jane and Anyan discover when they arrive in Rockabill. These are professionals, brought into kill, and they bring Anyan down before either Jane or the barghest can react. Seeing Anyan fall awakens a terrible power within Jane, and she nearly destroys herself taking out their attackers.

Jane wakes, weeks later, to discover that she's not the only thing that's been stirring. Something underneath Rockabill is coming to life: something ancient, something powerful, and something that just might destroy the world.

Jane and her friends must act, striking out on a quest that only Jane can finish. For whatever lurks beneath the Old Sow must be stopped…and Jane's just the halfling for the job.

I've been gnawing at a strip of rawhide marinated in whiskey waiting for Kelly Meding's third Evy Stone story, Another Kind of Dead, and it's not just because the cover model has fabulously feathered hair the likes of which haven't been seen on this planet since 1985. It's not just because she can apparently call down green fucking lightning to take out those pesky trains. It's because Kelly's Dreg City is a fascinating world and I can't wait to see what happens there next! Like, you know, MAD SCIENTISTS! It comes out Aug. 2. Here's the blurb:

Been there. Done that. Evy Stone is a former Dreg Bounty Hunter who died and came back to life with some extraordinary powers. Now all but five people in the world think she is dead again, this time for good—immolated in a factory fire set specifically for her. Evy and Wyatt, her partner/lover/friend, can no longer trust their former allies, or even the highest echelons of the Triads—the army of fighters holding back from an unsuspecting public a tide of quarreling, otherworldly creatures—they can trust only each other. Because when the Triads raided a macabre, monster-filled lab of science experiments and hauled away the remnants, they failed to capture their creator: a brilliant, vampire-obsessed scientist with a wealth of powerful, anti-Dreg weaponry to trade for what he desires most of all—Evy Stone: alive and well, and the key to his ultimate experiment in mad science.

Coming soon to a digital outlet near you, some stuff to get your motor runnin': Wild & Steamy, a self-published collection of spin-off novellas from three fabulous novelists, including the League's own Carolyn Crane. Her Disillusionist series has been optioned for a TV series, and this collection includes a story from that world! Exact date for release of this is still a bit unclear, but it's supposed to be late June/early July, so keep checking Carolyn's site for updates!

Heck, keep checking here for updates…I might have forgotten something and will shortly have my short n' curlies yanked out by the League's enforcer, Mario Acevedo. He carries a tiny pocket shiv with him wherever he goes but disguises his menace with friendly Hawaiian shirts. Don't fall for it, friends! Mario is fully weaponized!

Coming soon: pictures of pretty things. Questions about egg sacs. And doggies.



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June 18, 2011

'Tis time to visit the in-laws, and they live in upstate New York. My tree, my house, and my doggies will be left in capable hands while I schmooze lots of trees and much bigger doggies at someone else's house. And I ain't kiddin' about the bigger doggies. They have a Newfoundland and he's a slobberbucket.

While I'm in New York, I've arranged a couple of book-related appearances. The first one will be at Ole Sal's Cafe and Creamery in Little Falls, NY, on Saturday, June 25, from 3-5 pm. There will be some books for sale there—Hounded and Hexed— but you're welcome to bring your own too and hang out! The ice cream is nomnomnom and they make great coffee too. Old wood floor in the building, makes you feel important when you walk on it because it makes such great sound. If you're from anywhere around there and you feel like a nice weekend drive, hope you'll make the trip, maybe take a ride down the Erie Canal.

July 5!

The second appearance will be in New York, NY on July 5, the release day for HAMMERED! I'll be at Posman Books in Grand Central Terminal at 6 pm. If you can't make it there or send a minion at that time, then please contact Posman and special order ahead of time and I'll sign your book for you to pick up later!

OK, can I just geek out for a second about HAMMERED?

It has a MAP in it and I MADE IT!! I still can't believe they let me do it all by myself. And it's a MAP OF ASGARD! They had to print it pretty darn tiny to make it fit on a paperback page so some of the architectural details of Valhalla, etc. are a bit indistinct, but it still looks turbo cool! I will post a larger version of the map here a few weeks after the release so you can make fun of it. :)

The other thing I'm geeking out about are the chapters narrated by other characters, who all share a decided dislike for Thor. They get told sorta like The Canterbury Tales, and there are FIVE of them. You'll finally get to learn why Leif Helgarson holds such a grudge against Thor, and that, as you might expect, is called The Vampire's Tale. After each tale there's a cool little Celtic doggie thingie that's called a "dingbat" in typography, which signals that we're switching from the guest narrator back to Atticus. I love the doggies!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! If you happen to buy the eBook version of HAMMERED—doesn't matter which device you're using—then you'll get a bonus short story called "A Test of Mettle." It's told from Granuaile's point of view, and it lets you know what she and Oberon are up to while Atticus is off doing his thing in Asgard. OK, geek out finished. :)

Comin' up on the blog, a look at all the amazin' stuff The League of Reluctant Adults is cookin' up, instructions on how to make an Atticus omelet, and Documented Shenanigans with my editors in New York! Peace out!

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June 16, 2011

Huge, turbo thanks to everyone who entered! You guys crack me up! Picking winners was extremely tough, but I think I have 'em figured out. These winners will get a signed copy of HAMMERED once they email me their addresses using kevin at kevinhearne dot com:

From Tyfani, this practical use of the kitchen fire in Hexed. Got me laughing pretty hard!

"Kitteh is innocent!" from LadyEcletic on Twitter

"Is the pen mightier than the sword?" by Lori

"They're always after me Lucky Charms!" by Tiffany

The Morrigan pays Atticus another visit. :) From Synde!

OK, I also promised two random winners, and these people will get signed copies of HEXED. @Will_Knight3 from the UK wins, as does Chris (Hardcore Pooka) for his entry. Send me your email address, guys!

If you'd like to see the rest of the entries, they're in an album on my Facebook author page! Thank you all again, you're the best bunch o' readers ever!

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June 14, 2011

If you don't particularly enjoy spicy food, you may be unaware that there are vast swaths of people out there with fierce brand loyalty to their hot sauce. The partisanship can be as fierce as that between Republican and Democrat, Ford and Chevy, or even Yankees and Red Sox. I am not such a one. I rather subscribe to the ancient tautology, "Tasty shit is tasty shit," which I think was first uttered by Geoffrey Chaucer, but spelled like "Taestye shyte is taestye shyte."

So. Normally I'm a Tabasco kind of guy. I've tried Cholula and Arizona hot sauce, which are popular out here, but they just don't do it for me the way Tabasco does. When I mentioned on Twitter that I used Tabasco on my eggs (because everybody CARES, I'm sure), one of my peeps in Louisiana, Kayla, suggested that I should try Louisiana Hot Sauce. I had never tried it or even seen it, so she kindly sent me some, and I promised to have a taste test on my blog. Here it is.

First, here's a picture of breakfast before the hot sauce has been applied. I am showing this to make you jealous that I don't cook for you.

Atticus Omelet (cheese and chives), seasoned potatoes, and a chicken apple sausage

I was a bad boy and drank most of my coffee before I snapped the picture, but I wanted to be fully awake before the taste test. This will prevent me from having a career in menu photography, alas! OK, so here's the photo with the omelet halved and the hot sauce applied:


Louisiana on top half, Tabasco on bottom

You will notice that the bottom half of the omelet looks mildly irritated while the top half looks afflicted by an angry pox of some kind. The Louisiana Hot Sauce is thicker and redder, no doubt. But will this rich consistency translate to a richer taste?

A side note: There are two ways to pronounce Louisiana. There's the five-syllable way, which is "loo EE zee ANN uh," and then there's the four-syllable way, which is "LOO zee ANN uh." I prefer the four-syllable pronunciation, because that's the way Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown said it, and he was a badass who had his mojo workin'. Plus, I want there to be voodoo. Four-syllable Loozyanna has all kinds of voodoo going on. Five-syllable Louisiana is too prissy for things like voodoo.

I tried the Loozyanna Hot Sauce first, because I already know what Tabasco is like. Here is what I discovered: it's not as hot as Tabasco. Its flavor is subtler, too, so you might need to pour a bit more on and make the angry pox rage like Zack de la Rocha does against the machine. It's good!! I'm definitely going to experiment with it more, and I'm glad Kayla sent me some. Thanks, Kayla! Methinks I still prefer Tabasco, however, both in heat and taste. It gets my mojo workin'. Listen to Gatemouth tell you about it:

Click here to view the embedded video.

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