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My amusement (plus annoyance, plus interest) is always piqued to see how horror bleeds into other genres. Horror gets no respect, but it's so pervasive.

Sci-fi is the most obvious. Pandorum was almost purely horror, for example. I'm re-watching this old sci-fi anime, Trigun, and the villian is a sadistic nihilistic cannibal with mind-control abilities who does things like force his victims to crush themselves to death. No horror influence there. *cough*

Romance, even before vampires became the latest thing, have always featured danger and death; Jane Eyre is haunted by the specter of her dead Uncle and the many heroines of Tale of Genji are terrorized by spirits and demons.

Mystery, even with no supernatural elements, can move into twisted territory depending on the villain; Se7en and Saw blur those lines, while Natsuo Kirino's Out features long and detailed scenes of rape and mutilation to sicken tough stomachs.

I wonder where other genres would be without horror to inspire their horror-like scenes? ^^

-Elizabeth Reuter
Author, The Demon of Renaissance Drive
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Published on May 01, 2012 04:11 • 98 views • Tags: books, horror, jane-eyre, movies, out, pandorum, saw, se7en, tale-of-genji, thoughts, trigun

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