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I am a Christian.
I am a story-teller.
I am an older brother, a student, an athlete.
I am a reader, I am a writer.
I am lover, at times I am a fighter.
This is my story.

In 2011 I lost two of my closest friends. The first was a guy who I mentored in high school. He was like a little brother to me. Often I’d go over to his trailer and his family would offer me food when they barely had any themselves. I truly loved his family as well as him. We would go to Younglife together, church together, we played on the same football team, he was on the wrestling team with me, but one thing that all those places had in common was he was loved. Everywhere he went he had a strange way of talking to literally everyone and everyone loved him.

After I left for college he was killed in a car accident. I rushed home as quickly as possible hoping that it was some mistake. It wasn’t.

One moment of my life that I will never forget is his funeral. I stood in front of a couple hundred people trying to find the courage to tell them that it was going to be okay, struggling to find the words to comfort our community, while dealing with my own internal pain.

I remember leaving the funeral before he was buried. I ran back to Liberty University, ironically the same school he desperately wanted to go to. Being new to the school and not knowing how to deal with his death I locked myself away in my dorm room.

There was where I began writing Life Liberty & Letting Go Of Lelaina. I figured this could be a way of honoring him. To write down a story and dedicate it to him.

While I was still in my mourning process there was a girl in my sister dorm who befriended me. She found a strange way to enter my life and refused to leave. One time she and I went driving in the mountains for six hours because we got lost. It was while we were lost in the mountains we got to know each other very well. Over the next few months she would ask me some of the hardest questions I had ever heard of.
Questions like:

“How can God be good if there is so much evil in the world?”

“Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people?”


She was quite good at asking why. She pushed me to the end of my ropes always forcing me to defend my logic to a tee. Through her questioning I ended up building a strange friendship with her. A friendship that so few people I think could ever understand. She met me where I was at in my life and loved me. She was so passionate it was inspirational. Definitely a young lady I would never forget.

In November of 2011 she died of a freak accident. And once again I was left alone.

Art is a captured emotion. When I say this I mean all artists, whether you are a photographer, a writer, or sculptor, you are trying to capture the way someone or something made you feel.

That honestly is all this book is to me. It’s all the emotions of my first semester in college captured in a novel: The suffering, the tears, the laughter, the fears, the moments of triumph and of failure, but most importantly the lesson of learning to let go.

God used this struggle to break me but also to unveil all the issues going on inside of my own mind and heart. I can gladly say that today I am a much stronger, more joyful and overall better person than I was back then.

Someone once told me that life wasn’t about the triumph but it was about the struggle. That at the end of my life it wouldn’t be important that I won but rather I had fought well.

Still I think that life is so much more than just the triumph or the struggle. I think that life is about truly enjoying everything we do, taking full advantages of the liberties God gave us, and learning to let go of the burdens that stop us from becoming who we are supposed to be.

My name is Tommy Tran.
I am the author Life, Liberty, & Letting Go Of Lelaina.
This is my story.
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