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S.C. Stephens is an independent author who enjoys spending every free moment she has creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance.

Her first attempt at a full-length novel was Thoughtless. She wrote the angst-filled love triangle in early 2009 and published it that summer on FictionPress. Amazed and surprised by the response, more stories were quick to follow.

Conversion, the first novel in a three story vampire series, was released in the fall. Collision Course, a tragic, yet hopeful tale of love and loss was released in early 2010. The second Conversion novel came out next, along with It’s All Relative, a different take on a one night stand story.

In addition to writing, Stephens enjoys reading other people’s fabulous...more

Would you like to read the first two chapters of Reckless before March? You can!! Here’s how: When my author page on Facebook reaches 20,000 likes, I’ll be releasing chapter one, all of the teasers, the Anna POV scene and more! At 25,000 likes I’ll be releasing chapter two of Reckless, the sexy Thoughtless outtake, and a brand-new, fan-chosen Kellan POV scene from the series (and it looks like... Read more of this blog post »
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Published on December 12, 2012 23:02 • 7,715 views
Average rating: 4.30 · 253,410 ratings · 18,446 reviews · 13 distinct works · Similar authors
Effortless (Thoughtless, #2)
4.41 of 5 stars 4.41 avg rating — 83,836 ratings — published 2011 — 26 editions
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Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1)
4.2 of 5 stars 4.20 avg rating — 90,269 ratings — published 2009 — 29 editions
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Reckless (Thoughtless, #3)
4.45 of 5 stars 4.45 avg rating — 51,757 ratings — published 2013 — 18 editions
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Collision Course
4.06 of 5 stars 4.06 avg rating — 10,715 ratings — published 2010 — 8 editions
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Conversion (Conversion, #1)
3.92 of 5 stars 3.92 avg rating — 5,133 ratings — published 2009 — 6 editions
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Bloodlines (Conversion, #2)
4.19 of 5 stars 4.19 avg rating — 3,335 ratings — published 2010 — 4 editions
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'Til Death (Conversion, #3)
4.21 of 5 stars 4.21 avg rating — 2,474 ratings — published 2010 — 4 editions
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It's All Relative
3.87 of 5 stars 3.87 avg rating — 1,742 ratings — published 2010
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Merry Christmas Kellan Kyle
4.33 of 5 stars 4.33 avg rating — 1,467 ratings — published 2013
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Untitled (Thoughtless, #0.5)
3.8 of 5 stars 3.80 avg rating — 943 ratings — expected publication 2015
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Thoughtless Thoughtful Effortless Reckless
Thoughtless (6 books)
4.329989066258474 of 5 stars 4.33 avg rating — 228,650 ratings

Conversion Bloodlines 'Til Death The Next Generation
Conversion (4 books)
4.075757575757576 of 5 stars 4.08 avg rating — 11,352 ratings

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“But, if for some reason we're not closer, if something has gotten between us, please, I'm begging you…don't give up on me. Stay. Stay with me. Work it out with me. Just don't leave me…please.”
S.C. Stephens, Effortless

“What if I don’t choose you, Kellan? What will you do?”
He looked away, a tear rolling down his cheek. “I’ll leave, Kiera. I’ll leave, and you and Denny can have your happily ever after.” He looked back at me. “You wouldn’t even need to tell him about me. Eventually, the two of you…” his voice broke and another tear fell on his cheek, “the two of you would get married, and have children, and have a great life.”
I fought back a sob. “And you? What happens to you in that scenario?”
“I…get by. And I miss you, every day,” he whispered.”
S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless

“Dude, he's Australian...not a pirate.”
S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless


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“I’d said it before and meant it: Alive or undead, the love of my life was a badass.”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

“To douchebags!" he said, gesturing to Brad. "And to girls that break your heart," he bowed his head to me. His eyes lost focus. "And to the absolute fucking horror of losing your best friend because you were stupid enough to fall in love with her.”
Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

“There are three questions every woman should be able to answer yes to before they commit to a man. If you answer no to any of the three questions, run like hell."
"Does he treat you with respect at all times? That's the first question. The second question is, if he is the exact same person twenty years from now that he is today, would you still want to marry him? And finally, does he inspire to be a better person? You find someone you can answer yes to all three, then you've found a good man.”
Colleen Hoover, Slammed

“God Layken. How do you do it? she says. She blows her nose and grabs another tissue out of the box. How do I do what? I sniff as I continue to wipe the tears from my eyes. How do you not fall in love with him? The tears begin flowing just as quickly as they had ceased. I grab yet another tissue. I don't not fall in love with him. I don't not fall in love with him a lot!”
Colleen Hoover, Slammed

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message 78: by Lexie

Lexie  photo Thoughtlessunboxing_zps1e93595a.jpg

I don't think any of us will ever be able to express the depth of our gratitude for the "Thoughtless" series. I was fortunate enough to receive amazing paperbacks on top of the ebooks I already own as a gift from a friend. These covers are absolutely stunning. As is the content therein. ;)

message 76: by Sheila (last edited Sep 26, 2013 08:24PM)

Sheila Hi Ms. Stephens! I loved your thoughtless series although to be honest, I was a bit uncomfortable with the plot. (view spoiler) but, yep, it was a guilty pleasure for me. I was wondering though if by chance, you'll make a some sort of novella for Denny's POV in Thoughtless...well, it's not really by chance, eh? Yeah, yeah, maybe I'm part of the minority who's not that enamored with Kellan...but, maybe I just need some kind of peace of mind with what happened on the first book or something? I have a feeling that this sort of fan request has a slim to none probability...still, it's worth a try, I guess?

Thank you for making a wonderful series and I am looking forward to read your future books! :)

message 75: by Dianne

Dianne Hi Ms. Stephens! I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of yours. I also have a question about Conversion. Will it be exactly like the original or did you change some things? Just very curious! Thanks so much!


message 74: by Mara

Mara tom hardy photo tumblr_inline_mnseszEDNb1qz4rgp_zps7c7d8d2e.gif
Question would their be MORE book for Conversion I just want to read more about the generation wht happen.

Gretchen Thank you so much for adding me. I am totally immersed in Thoughtless right now... cannot put it down! :-)

message 72: by Jen

Jen Just read all three Thoughtless books in the last two weeks. Couldn't put them down. LOVE Kellan and Kiera. I'm sad I've finished them!!! Kellan is the hottest book boyfriend EVER!

Patricia Thanks for accepting me! I really love your books! :)

Marlaine Witbooi Thank you for accepting my friend request. Thoughtless is by far my favourite series for 2013...i really hope to see a book of Anna and Griffin...

message 69: by Dianne

Dianne Thank you for being my friend. Thoughtless has to be my absolute favorite book ever. You are such an amazing author!

Mariℓina Thank you for accepting my invite. I finished Thoughtless this morning, haven't slept all night reading it, not even a little bit, but i loved every second.

Sheyenne Thanks for accepting my friendvite. Reckless was perfect it was the best ending to the series!!!!

Veronica Omg Omg Omg Reckless the best book ever. So many emotions and feelings. It was happy, and so funny smh griffin my my my that griffin lol and i even cried. I just loved every bit of it!

message 65: by Shamika

Shamika Thank you for the biggest book hangover EVER! Finished Reckless a few days ago and I still have not been able to moved on. This series is just perfection.

message 64: by Colette (last edited Mar 09, 2013 05:25AM)

Colette ...you, my dear new friend, just about drove me insane with Thoughtless. I know I am behind the curve, everyone is reading Reckless but I have just started reading this series. Denny and Kellan were so well written. I was a "wreck" most of the book, which for me is the sign of a masterful writer. It takes a talented writer to pull me in so deeply that reality and fiction started to blurr. The empathy I felt toward these two men felt so real. Entertainment at its finest....thank you, I am looking forward to devouring Effortless and Reckless.

Elizabeth Just finished Reckless and I have to say you are truly a master. The whole series is just so beautifully done. Thank you for sharing.

message 62: by Cosima

Cosima Reckless was the perfect end to an absolutely breathtaking story. Thanks!
Can't wait for more books.

Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️ Reckless was PERFECT!!!!! Thanks for making everything, everybody great!! I must tell you that the way that you wrote Kellan's love for Kiera was exquisite. You could really feel it deep in your soul and it was such a joy to read. I loved how you let Kiera grow through all 3 books into a strong, independent woman who could finally accept that she was worthy of Kellan's love. You have written a trilogy that will be forever remembered as a wonderful love story with a freaking fabulous HEA!!!!!

PS-ALL the other character are wonderful as well!!!!!!

message 60: by Tammy

Tammy Bland Reckless was AMAZING !!! I think the books just kept getting better and better !!!

Thank You for sharing this wonderful story !!!

message 59: by Kelli C

Kelli C Just hours away for RECKLESS!!!!!!!

romance enthusiast i love thoughtless!!!!

message 57: by Amanda

Amanda Bookaholic:) Just read my first book from you Titled Thoughtless. What a Great read that took me no time to get through. Ready for Effortless thank you for you writing and stories!!!

message 56: by Amy

Amy Armstrong Hi SC! Thanks so much for accepting my friend request. Hope you're having a fab day. I just recently discovered your books(reading thoughtless now and love it.) I'm looking forward to reading more.

message 55: by LaLae

LaLae Thanks SC for the friend request!
i love Thoughless series!
Kellan & keira's my favorite story.
RECKLESS Can't wait!
More Power :)

Katerina Thanks for the add! Love Kellan! Can't wait for Reckless :)

Charmaine Stephens Thanks for the add! Im reading "Thoughtless" right now. And i cannot put it down! Great book. I'll start Book 2 next.

message 52: by Kelli C

Kelli C Is the Conversion series going to be available anytime soon! Im patiently waiting for Reckless, already pre-ordered, but im dying to get ahold of theses...i have seen some of the reviews, but cannot find them anywhere!!!! HELP!!!!

message 51: by Karli

Karli I absolutely loved thougtless and I'm currently enjoying reading effortless. Your writing is great :)

Swilliams305 LOVED, loved, loved the preview of chapter one. I hate myself for reading it because I now wanted the entire book right this minute. If its that hot from the beginning, can't wait to get my hands on the rest. Awesome job!

Marypaulinesamson Hi I'm planning to pre-order your book Reckless but it's not available here in the Philippines, please make it available :(.Happy New Year!

message 48: by Manda

Manda B WOW is all i can say ! Loving Kellan and cannot wait for Reckless.

Thanks for the friend accept :)

message 47: by Cara

Cara i am sooooo obsessed with the thoughtless series and the conversion series ! i totally can't wait for the next books to come out for both series !!!!!

message 46: by Ruby

Ruby Black Thanks for accepting the friend add. Cheers!

message 45: by Robin

Robin What is the release date for Reckless? I'm jonesin for Kellan. :)

message 44: by Trichia

Trichia So this is what I'm thinking...come Christmas time you release a blog that says "Merry Christmas wonderful fans of mine! Here is Reckless just for you! Early release for the Holidays!" It can happen right?! I'm anxious anxious anxious!

message 43: by Korey

Korey This is the song that pop in my head while reading Effortless http://youtu.be/mzX0rhF8buo

message 42: by Korey

Korey Thanks for the accept!!! Loved the "Thoughtless" series cant wait for more and I am patiently waiting to find out what happens with everyone around Kellan & Kiera.

message 41: by Erica

Erica E Hi S.C! thanks so much for accepting my friend request. I can't wait to read more Kellan. Looking forward to reading Reckless :)

message 40: by Cherijazzy (last edited Sep 23, 2012 08:33AM)

Cherijazzy Maddox Im reading the first book of conversion my very first vampire book. I love LOVE the Thoughtless series cant wait for reckless to come out. So now let me read another series from SC Stephens. I know you wont let me down! =)

message 39: by Tiffany

Tiffany I am such a big fan of your work! Thank you so much for sharing Kellan and Kiera's story! I absolutely love it and I can't wait for Reckless!!!

message 38: by Kris

Kris Thank you for accepting my friend request. I love the Thoughtless Series. I can't wait for MORE KELLAN!!!!

message 37: by Rachael

Rachael I just wanted to say that I freaking LOVE your books!

message 36: by Amy

Amy Hey SC
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT kill off any characters. You have scared me with the name, I would prefer another surprise pregnancy instead, K?
Thanks :)

Catherine thank you for accepting my friend request, the thoughtless series is the best books ever and i cant wait for reckless, in fact i am reading them all over again for the 4th time i just love them so much. just one question why cant i get any other of your books on amazon apart from collision course? i really want to read what else you have written.. please help i really want to read conversion and all the others.

message 34: by Sumara

Sumara Shaikh Thank You so much for accepting my friend request I just wanted to let you know how much I love the thoughtless series both books are amazing and I can't wait for Reckless. I know you probably have heard everyone say this hopefully K&K stay together and I feel the same way please make them stay together I think they are amazing. I do have a couple of questions... First is the reckless going to be the last book in this series and second is there going to be a second book for Collision Course.

Thanks again

message 33: by Chryssa

Chryssa Thank you for accepting my friend request! I have recently discovered Thoughtless and Effortless and I cant wait to read them! :o)

Kimberly Lofgren I loved Thoughtless and Effortless!!! I came across It's All Relative a few days back and LOVED it as well. I can't wait to check out the rest of your books. You have a talent for making forbidden love, oh so right :)

message 31: by Merita

Merita I CANNOT wait to read Reckless. I am so excited that i have no words for it. I loved Thoughtless and Effortless and the wait is killing me aarrgghhhh. Thank you so much for these books, I loved every page and will definantly read your other books. Thank you :)

message 30: by Stacy

Stacy Just wondering If you had a certain someone in mind when you created Kai? I know sometime a picture inspire and author. Loved It's All Relative just finished it yesterday. I have read most of your books Not a Chance is next. Dyeing to read Reckless, can't wait!!!

Stephanie OMG, just watched the movie trailer....I so can't wait for this book. I'm dying here. I have butterflies in my stomach :)!

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