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May 22, 2013

This is a partial quote from the rewrite of Paths of Intimate Contentiom. It comes from Grephes, a philosopher of ancient Gratonin.

"Words are both the foundation of human society and the curse of human existence. They can both build and destroy. When they are used in love, they can heal wounds. When they are used in anger, they can cause mortal wounds. Words are both powerful and powerless. They can convey profound thoughts; they can be inadequate for the simplest thoughts. Words are either tools or weapons; they are either effective or useless; they either enslave or set free. Words are what they are depending on who uses them, the purpose for which they are used and the complexity of what they attempt to describe."

May the words I write as an author always be helpful and not hurtful.

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August 16, 2012

Check out the lastest thought wave message from the sixth world.
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August 7, 2012

Reports say that Contact has been made with the Sixth World of Men. Click on the link below to find out more.
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July 12, 2012

For all of you that like to follow the newsletter without subscribing, here's the link to the Spring, 2012 newsletter:
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For all of you that like to follow the newsletter without subscribing, here's the link to the Spring, 2012 newsletter:
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June 5, 2012

Though it might surprise folks, very few authors make their living solely upon their book deals and royalties. One has to be very fortunate to be able to name author as their profession on their income tax forms. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to take my fans and followers through a typical day in my life just so that you can understand a little bit more about the world of a part-time author.
I wake up though the alarm didn’t go off just yet. That is usual. My wife is still asleep beside me. A vague memory is in my mind about the dream that I just had. Part of the dream was about the book I am writing or planning, but the dream fades before I can fully remember anything but a vague feeling about the dream. My mind woke me up because it somehow knows that it is time to get up to get ready for work; it’s nearly five o’clock.
Wearily, I reach for the clock and turn off the alarm that I dutifully set, though I know that it’s most likely that the alarm will never be allowed to sound. A yawn and a need to stretch hit me simultaneously. I yawn and stretch, fumble in the darkness for the dresser, and open the top drawer to find a change of underwear.
With my whites in hand, I stumble toward the bathroom door and after closing the bathroom door, I flip on the light. Putting my whites on the counter of the sink, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Somehow, the glimpse of my image reminds me of a thought that I had for my current book project, so I shower while thinking upon that thought.
Once out of the shower, and still thinking upon the thought that came to me with my image, I shave the parts of my face that my beard doesn’t cover and then I go to the dark bedroom to get dressed. Out of habit, I know that my attire for the day is on the two hooks on the bedroom door closest to the wall. It’s my habit to put them there the night before. While getting dressed, I continue to think about the idea.
Once dressed, I go to the kitchen for a quick bite of breakfast. As soon as the abbreviated breakfast is on the table I get my briefcase from its place just outside my bedroom door and open it up on the table. Eating breakfast becomes a secondary activity as I take out a pad from the briefcase and jot down the essence of the morning’s idea.
The jotting and the eating finish around the same time, and I close my briefcase, take my lunch box out of the fridge, and put it by my briefcase. Then I’m off to brush my teeth and comb my hair and beard. Another idea hits me as I finish up so I make a beeline to my briefcase and quickly jot down the essence of that idea. Closing up the briefcase, I’m out the door with briefcase and lunchbox in hand.
The drive to work is a long one. My mind churns as it tries to develop the ideas. Sometimes, my mind gets so lost in thought that I arrive at work without remembering the trip. This is one of those commutes, but once my wheels hit the parking lot, I come back to my surroundings. However, my first urge is to make additional notes before anything else so after parking the car. I open my briefcase and record my thoughts on my pad.
Once I pull myself out of the car, I manage to focus on work, but the nature of my job gives me a few moments when I have nothing to do. I live for these moments. I use these moments to edit copy, to make more notes and sometimes I can even use these moments to write a few paragraphs. Each moment of downtime is used, nothing is wasted. Writing is in my blood and I’m driven to it when I have nothing else to do. On occasion, I’m disappointed when work comes my way, and I think it terrible that someone dare disturb my creative flow.
I find that I have to guard myself against this attitude, and remind myself that I’m being paid to do the work that comes my way. After all, I’m not being paid to write. My passion to write is hard to bridle and occasionally flares out of control within me. It’s all that I can do to contain it, but the passion is contained, and I begin to concentrate on the work once again. The work day flies by since I’m always busy with work or writing and soon I’m on my way home again.
The commute home is pretty much like the commute to work. My mind conjures ideas and I strain to form those ideas into usable thoughts. Once home, I hurry into the den and scramble to jot make entries into my note files on the computer. Some I transfer from work while others I transfer from my pad. This is when the true creative process for my writing takes place and I treasure it greatly.
My wife comes home and I take some time out to greet her and eat supper with her. I try really hard to make the time I spend with my wife and children time of good quality, but before long my passion draws me back into the den. Many times I stay in the den until my mind can no longer function. I then drag my body toward the bedroom.
After putting my clothes for the next day on the door hooks, I go to bed. Most times, I can’t get to sleep right away because my mind is still conjuring up ideas. Other times, my wife provides some diversion. When this is the case, I fall asleep much more quickly when it’s time to sleep. But nothing prevents me from dreaming of the story in my mind when sleep comes. The story is always with me.
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May 18, 2012

What happens if we value entertainment over everything else, even life? In Collins's world, we'll be obsessed with grooming, we'll speak strangely, making all our sentences will end with the same rise as questions. Moreover, we’ll think of humanity as nothing more than an image on a television screen. In Hunger Games, twenty-four “tributes” have their lives at risk while all who watch risk losing their very humanity.

Collin’s book is packed with action. It is so packed with so much action that it has time for little else. Many times, the book does not realize the allegorical potential that the plot has to offer. The author seems to value action over substance on these occasions.

There is a tangled romance that plays a part in the book. However, the characters are never really allowed to explore more than the surface of their feelings because the plot of the book takes precedence and every emotion felt is somehow linked to the games. No real sense of emotion is ever allowed to materialize because of the plot-driven nature of the story.

In summary, I give the entertainment value of the plot a B+. It was well-paced and has some really good action sequences. I give the lasting value of the work a C-. There were just too many opportunities to make a profound statement lost in this book. I do add a word of warning for parents. The book has a few somewhat explicit scenes. That’s unfortunate because the explicit nature of the scenes is unnecessary to the plot. Overall, I give The Hunger Games 3½ stars out of 5.
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March 25, 2012

The revised edition of A Beacon of Hopeis now available in eBook format. The publisher took some extra time to be sure that the book is formatting nicely for every major reading device. Enjoy!
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Published on March 25, 2012 11:11 • 102 views • Tags: christian-fiction, epic, epic-fantasy, fantasy, science-fiction

December 16, 2011

The revised version of A Beacon of Hope has been published ahead of schedule and is available now.
The first review of the revised editions of volumes one through three has been issued by Rebecca Unger. Below is an excerpt from that review.

"I don't generally review or even read fantasies, but after reading the revised editions of volumes one, two and three of The Sixth World of Men by Walter E. Mark, I found that I was absolutely absorbed in the story. The first book of this long epic series was quite good for a beginning volume, but the second and third volumes were what sold me on this series. I found myself intrigued and fascinated by the story, and the characters sprang off the pages. I can imagine that these characters will grow right before the readers’ eyes as the series progresses. I found myself rooting for the heroes and heroines and properly disdaining the villains while on the very next page I found myself laughing out loud at some droll comment by a character or a comical event or reaction. It is shaping up to by a truly wonderful series.
This book is different from many fantasies with which I am familiar because of the ease with which I was able to assimilate myself into the wonderful world that Walter E. Mark paints. It was very easy to become emotionally connected to each of the characters, empathizing with the characters through each turn in the story. It was inspiring to watch certain of them grow and change and become a whole new person. Yet, the characters never lost their identity through their metamorphosis. The character was still the same person, but definitely changed by his or her experiences.
The series has enough forks in the road to keep a reader guessing, but Mr. Mark doesn’t make events conveniently appear out of nowhere. Instead, Walter E. Mark uses brilliant foreshadowing that doesn’t tip his hand, but makes the events seem natural, even when they surprise you. This series has kept me guessing right up to the last page of the third volume and has left me hungry for more. I am greatly anticipating hearing more about these characters in the future books of the series as well as anticipating the arrival of other secondary characters that need their story told.
The plot is very strong, but the characters put true life into the pages of this series. The series that makes you feel laughter, sadness, anger and all of the other emotions it is that we feel in our lives. What more can be asked from a book?
If you love fantasies, you shouldn't miss this one. Even if you are not into fantasies, you should give this one a try. It might not change your mind about the fantasy genre, but perhaps, it will pleasnantly surprise you, as it did me."
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Published on December 16, 2011 19:02 • 102 views • Tags: christian-fiction, epic, epic-fantasy, fantasy, science-fiction

July 3, 2011

The deal with ASA Publishing has been finalized! ASA will be taking on The Sixth World of Men series in the fall. The deal includes the re-publishing of the first three volumes of the series. Author Walter E. Mark is taking advantage of the re-publishing by rewriting portions of the first three volumes to include some detail that had to be left out in the first publication of the volumes due to length restraints. The author believes that the rewrites will provide the readers of the series more depth.

A Beacon of Hope is currently being rewritten. The plan is to re-release the first three books along with volume four of the series sometime in the fall of 2011.

The new deal will mean the the releases of future books in the series will happen more frequently. If the author can keep up, new books in the series should be released every three months or so.

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Published on July 03, 2011 19:21 • 105 views • Tags: christian-fiction, epic, epic-fantasy, fantasy, science-fiction