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March 8, 2015

The Expanse season one had it’s wrap party last night.  It was wonderful and exhausting and long and filled to the rafters with talented, dedicated, genuinely great people.  The presidents of Alcon TV and Syfy were both on hand, and a bunch of folks from the cast and crew.  I am now exhausted and delighted and ready to be home for a few days.

The Powers are still working out the premier date, so apart from 2015, I’ve got nothing new on that front, but I did get to hear a couple details about the promotion effort coming up that delight me.  That part should be fun too.

Also, and unrelated, for those who follow such things, our Star Wars novel is not [EDIT: Now.  Not not, now.  Jeez, typos…] out in mass market.

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January 28, 2015

Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck are in Toronto, Canada working non-stop on THE EXPANSE TV SERIES.

On February 11, 2015 they will take an evening off from work to talk with fans about the upcoming TV show and sign books at BAKKA PHOENIX BOOKS.

Please join them, and be the first to get all the inside news and stories about the TV series, at 7pm on February 11, 2015 at Bakka Phoenix Books, 84 Harbord Street, Toronto, Canada. http://www.bakkaphoenixbooks.com/

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January 15, 2015

So you want to see something cool?

A bunch the series regulars — Holden, Avasarala, Naomi, Amos, Alex — are in here, and (if you really pay attention) the first glimpse of the Rocinante in all her glory.

So. What did you think?

EDIT: Also check the OFFICIAL SYFY PAGE and follow ‘em on Twitter @ExpanseSyfy

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January 14, 2015

So here I am on the set of The Expanse in my nifty little chair with my name on it (actually, that’s not true — Ty’s in my chair, I’m in the chair of a fella at a much higher pay grade than mine, but he’s good with it).  It is, I feel comfortable saying, much cooler than I’d expected.  And I thought it’d be pretty cool.

We just had a comment on another thread complaining that Naomi Nagata has been cut from the show.  Now I’m assuming that comes from someone looking at the IMDB entry and seeing Dominique Tipper is only listed as being in one episode.  This is, of course, an error in IMDB and will eventually update to show that Miss Tipper will be with us throughout the season.  There are also some fan sites coming out that are being mistaken for official outlets to some confusion.

But with that in mind, I wanted to drop a note about how information about the show is coming out.

If we say it here on the blog, it’s probably true.  If Syfy says it, it’s pretty much certainly true. Anything you get from anyplace else, don’t sniff it.  You don’t know where it’s been.

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December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

Pat here. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to an amazing 2015!

James S.A. Corey is starting 2015 off in fine form at The Bluegrass Writers Studio in Lexington, Kentucky, Saturday January 3, 2015. The Bluegrass Writers Studio, in association with Eastern Kentucky University, is hosting  several writing workshops for students in which Daniel and Ty are participating.

In conjunction with this event: James S.A. Corey will be doing a reading, which is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, on Saturday, January 3, 2015 at 5:30 pm in the Hilton Triple Crown Room located in The Downtown Lexington Hilton. 369 West Vine Street, Lexington, KY 40507. The web address is www.lexingtondowntownhotel.com. The Triple Crown Room is on the second floor, just to the left of the top of the escalator.

Please help James S.A. Corey start 2015 off right and join “him” on January 3rd at 5:30pm for this reading!

Hope to see you there!

All the best,

Pat Rogers
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December 16, 2014

So you know when a bad thing happens to a dear friend, and you have to be very solemn inside even though the way it came down actually makes your own life WAY WAY better?

So, a little after the fact, I need to offer my condolences to everyone over at George RR Martin’s office for the unfortunate loss of his minion, Pat.

And TOTALLY UNRELATED, I’d like to introduce James SA Corey’s new minion, Pat!

Y’all will be seeing more of her around in the weeks and years to come.  Please join me in a welcoming round of applause.   And no, she won’t tell you who ends up on the Iron Throne.  EVEN THOUGH SHE PROBABLY KNOWS.

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November 4, 2014

Goodreads Cibola Burn, the fourth book in the expanding Expanse series was nominated in the first round of the reader’s choice poll.  If the urge strikes you, you should go vote for your favorite books of the year.  There are some great choices in every category.



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November 1, 2014


So this happened.

Which means we need to have a chat about casting choices.

We’ve been waiting for this.

The news has finally been released about the cast for The Expanse. The first thing we want to say is that we’re freaking delighted by all of them. We’ve seen a lot of actors trying out for these roles, and we’re very grateful to all of them. There’s nothing like enthusiasm for a project, and we were incredibly lucky to have the interest in The Expanse that we did. For every role we were trying to cast, there were a lot of amazingly talented, hard-working actors who tried out and didn’t get in. That was the worst part of the process by far. The best part: getting the team we got.

We’ve started filming already, and things are looking good. When it does finally roll out where all y’all can see it, we think you’ll be pleased too.

That said, we wanted to sit down a minute and talk about one of the decisions that we made about the Belters. Specifically: Not All Belters Are Tall. There’s reasons for this.

Going into this, we all talked a lot about how to approach translating Belters from prose into a visual medium. In the books, we make a point of how the bodies of people who’ve grown up in microgravity are changed by it. Taller frames, larger heads. Discomfort in high g. We floated ideas like using Lord of the Rings-esque special effects or having the Belter actors on stands and stilts. Or – and why I wanted to talk about it now – only hiring tall, skinny actors for those parts.

When you’re casting something like this, you want the best actors, but packed into that are a bunch of implicit obstacles: The best actor who is available. The best actor who is enthusiastic about the role. The best actor you can afford. Otherwise, Meryl Streep would be in everything. Those obstacles are unavoidable.

Then there’s another tier of obstacles. The ones that you might be able to bend on. The best actor who looks the way you had in mind. The best actor with the kind of accent you wanted. The best actor who’s name is already in the public consciousness. The best actor who has a real chemistry with the other actors you’ve already cast. The best actor who’s the same ethnicity as the character you had in mind. The best actor who’s tall.

If everything’s a priority, then nothing is.

We were involved in the decision to not require that every Belter be tall and skinny. It was the right choice. The pool of actors – especially of women – over 6’2″ is really quite small, and by having a wider group to select from, we got to prioritize things like chemistry and charisma, acting chops and similarity of personality to the character from the book. And race. Let me just tale a minute here to say that both Alcon and Syfy were staunch in their commitment to not whitewash the project, and I appreciate that decision more than I can say.

The other thing is this: people vary. One of the things we tacked against hard in The Expanse was the idea of giving all our Klingons bumpy foreheads. Belters are supposed to be diverse in their language, their culture, their politics, their modes of dress. And yeah, in their bodies. Which is to say, Belters are supposed to be people.

We’re still leaning toward examples on the far ends of the spectrum where we can. You’ll see tall, thin folks over-represented in the Belter population. But you’ll see other things – cultural signifiers, accents (at varying thicknesses), modes of dress – that also go with the Belt.

This isn’t a choice that Syfy made. This is a decision that we, the authors of the books and writers of the show, made and the other players involved backed us on.

And because of it, we’ve got a hell of good cast. And more than anything else, that’s what we wanted. We’re paraphrasing one of our producers when we say, “Height doesn’t act.” This became a truism for our show. If we get a great actor, people will quickly forget that they’re not quite as tall as their book counterpart. If we get a bad actor, no amount of height will save the performance.

So join us in welcoming this stellar group of people to the world of The Expanse. Give them a chance to blow you away with what they’re bringing to the roles. We think you’ll be happy you did.

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October 18, 2014

If any of y’all are in Denver this coming weekend, James SA Corey (meaning both me *and* Ty) are among the guest of honor at this year’s Mile Hi Con along with the fairly gorgeous slate of Michael Swanwick, and Phil & Kaja Foglio.  Jeanne Stein will be Toastmaster.

Our schedule looks like this:


3:00 – 3:50: Science Fiction in the Solar System: Keeping It Realisitic

7:15 – 7:45: Opening Ceremonies

8:00 – 9:00 Autograph Alley

10:00 – God Knows: Artemis Bridge Simulation


11:00 – 12:00: Spaceships WeHave Loved

2:00 – 3:00: Autographing


11:00 – 12:30:  Guest of Honor Remarks & Awards

3:00 – 4:00 An Hour with James SA Corey

5:00 – 6:00 Closing Ceremonies

Come play if you’re of a mind.

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September 20, 2014

So I’m still in the middle of a bunch of Really Cool Work, but there were a few things I wanted to pop on the Internet and mention.  Many of these are also cool.

1) The Long Price Quartet is finally going to be on audio.  A Shadow in Summer is already up for preorder.

2) I did an interview with my friend Cameron Goble that has been made available online.

3) Things are going well with the TV show.  There has been some more casting done with which I am *very* pleased.  There’s no official announcement yet, but I imagine it’ll start leaking out one place & another.

Also, if anyone’s waiting to hear back from me on Facebook or Twitter, you’re still better off dropping a comment here on the blog for the next couple months.

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