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More than 20 good readers so far here on Goodreads, all perfect strangers to me before I joined this site, have read my book and posted thoughtful (and positive!) reviews in the last month or so. I just have to pause and give a big thanks to you all!

To Caren, thank you for being a champion of the ordinary American and for fighting to keep our stories alive in history classes. To Oldroses, thank you for declaring that “history becomes relevant” through the stories of the lives of ordinary people. (You and Caren are leaders of the people yourselves!).

To Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your very encouraging words with the Chautauqua Literary & Scientific Circle. To Trinity (who is no longer a Goodreads member but who has also spread the word to her friends), thank you for saying something I never honestly thought anybody would ever say about this book: “I wish it were longer.”

To Carol, thank you for celebrating the music, which was one of the funnest parts of writing the book. To Brandy, thank you for evoking the crickets and frogs--and the music of the land. To Danie, thanks for giving everyone a good laugh with your own rendition of the “Beer Barrel Polka.”

To Wanda, Dolly, Stuart, Dree, and Shelley, thank you for seeing the connections to your own lives and to the lives of your grandparents, parents, siblings, and children. That is perhaps the highest purpose of this book. To Kate and Rick, thank you for recognizing the immigrant experience as our own.

To Laura, Sherilyn, and Donna, thank you for pointing out the ton of research that went into this effort. To Sissy, thank you for appreciating what I went through with all those transitions. And to Christi, Lynn, and Alice, thank you for accentuating the beautiful.

To everyone at Goodreads, thank you for making this community so vibrant!
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