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I was nine years old when I wrote my first poem, Why Mama?

My mother had been buried earlier that day, and I had so many thoughts; so many feelings running rampant. Not knowing how to quiet the noise inside my head, I grabbed pen and paper and just started writing whatever came to mind.

I hadn't cried since I'd been told of Mama's accidental death, but that night, when I'd finished writing, one lonely tear fell onto the page. The sadness that I couldn't share with another soul had gone down in black and white, and only then did the voices inside my head become silent...

Why Mama?

Mama, why did you go away?
I wanted to be with you
I wanted to make the hurt go away.

He told me you were dead
Then one day, you were there.
You said you looked for me for six years
You said you wanted to take me home with you.
So, why did you go away?

I never had a home
Then one day you were there.
You said, "Let's go back to Texas
That is your home, you know."

I remember the red dress
I looked for holes burned through
But there were none to find.
You were so pretty Mama
Why did you go away?

— Sue Julsen

My life before Mama's death helped inspire me to write my story. In upcoming blogs I'll tell a little more about what happened in my early life that led up to the writing of my memoir.

I believe: IF I FOLLOW MY DREAMS and DON'T QUIT, I will succeed...
And I won't quit until my story is in the homes of all my readers.

NOTE: Poem is copyright protected and may not be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems - without written permission of the author.

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Published on September 24, 2011 15:30 • 96 views • Tags: death, dreams, memoir, poem, poetry, sadness, writing
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Published on January 11, 2012 18:22 • 90 views • Tags: bitter-memories, child-abuse, crime, fiction, memoir, survivor, trophy-murders
Have been working as much as time allows on the next book in this series.

Made it to the last chapter, but nearing the end, the story took on a life of its own. Although exciting, is was an unexpected turn.

However, I did finish that one last night, and am again trying to write the last chapter...see what happens this time...

Will it get finished? Or, will there be another surprise hidden inside my head?

Stay tuned...Cutter's Revenge is in the works!
I know it has been a long wait since I first said this next book would be out in a couple of months.

Well, we hit a bit of a snag with the cover art -- my artist went and got herself pregnant! Her and her hubby are very happy, as am I, but this has slowed things down just a bit.

If all goes as planned, the cover will be done within the next 5 weeks.....just before baby makes her arrival.

So, dear friends and fans, hang on just a while longer. It is a book worth the wait!

In the meantime, if you haven't read the first two books in this series, you have a little longer to get that done.

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Published on May 16, 2012 20:08 • 95 views • Tags: 5-stars, bitter-memories, book, crime, crime-fiction, fiction, memoir, revenge, series, trilogy, trophy-murders
Hey everyone!

My e-books: Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survivial; Trophy Murders and Cutter's Revenge can be found on amazon, or go to my website to learn more about all the books at:

You can follow the links on the site that will take you to each book on amazon.

My new book, From The Heart: A Collection of Poems and Stories, is also the first to be available on audio. You can listen to a sample on amazon, and it is awesome!

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Published on July 26, 2012 13:56 • 188 views • Tags: crime-fiction, e-book, memoir, memories, murder, sale, series, trophy-murders
I've lost a bunch of reviews on Amazon, all written by people who bought signed copies of my books from me instead of buying from Amazon.

I salvaged some before all got deleted, and these are now on my website.

For the ones who wrote a review and it has been removed, if you'd like to write another one, send it to me via Facebook or by email, I will gladly add it to my website.

If I can help it, Amazon is not going to stop me from posting what my readers share after reading my books!


Website to see the reviews, and all my books:

If you'd like to sign the petition to try and stop Amazon from removing honest reviews, follow this link:

Thank you to everyone who signs, and you can also share this link with your friends.

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Published on November 19, 2012 12:43 • 115 views • Tags: amazon, bitter-memories, crime, cutter-s-revenge, e-books, memoir, paperback, reviews, serial-killer, trophy-murders
Excerpt from Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival --

"My name is Sarah, a little girl kidnapped by her father, trying to survive in a world of abuse, hunger, neglect, and terror.
This is a gripping, unforgettable, emotional journey.
This was my life..."

You can also go to and read the first 3 chapters, and part of the forth for free.


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Published on November 21, 2012 14:54 • 135 views • Tags: abuse, bitter-memories, cutter-s-revenge, emotional, journey, kidnapping, life, memoir, memories, neglect, series, survival, terror, trophy-murders, unforgettable
BITTER MEMORIES: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival tells the story of events that changed my life forever. This is a story of extreme child abuse, but also about the will to survive.

My story exposes a life on the run after being kidnapped by my father——a life of hunger, fear and abuse. When the FBI finds me and I return home with my mother, I think my life is going to improve...but does it?

NOTE: Strong language and heartbreaking content in Bitter Memories is not suitable for children.

TROPHY MURDERS is the creative non-fiction/crime fiction sequel, and is an action-packed story about a sadistic gang of killers, and the life of the cop (my uncle/adoptive father) who tries to bring justice and solace back to his little town while struggling to keep his own family secrets hidden.

CUTTER'S REVENGE, although mostly fiction, completes the trilogy with another ruthless serial killer stalking our small town. But this time years of secrets and lies are finally revealed ... and an ending to die for...

While BITTER MEMORIES is the actual true story of my life, TROPHY MURDERS and CUTTER'S REVENGE have a little bit of everything a reader will want: action, suspense, drama, a love story or two, and so much more; both mixed with truth, making this a trilogy you will not want to miss.

After reading Bitter Memories you'll know truth from the fiction included in the sequels of this series.

Please visit my website for more about these books, my new poetry book (also in audio), as well as what will be coming out soon. Links to amazon are available on the site for your convenience.


Excerpt from Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival:
For once, I didn't care about food or anything else. I just wanted to sleep until the pain inside went away. I felt more sadness than I ever dreamed possible in my short three years, but I didn't know that was only the beginning of much more misery—and pain. NOTE: Strong language and heart-breaking content -- not suitable for children.

Excerpt from Trophy Murders, second in the bitter memories trilogy:
Henry lowered his voice, and stated, "Olivia, I'm dealing with murders all over town and I'm not coming home to this shit. I'm only going to tell you this once. If you ever beat Sarah like that again, I'll use that damn paddle on you. Do I make myself clear?"

Excerpt from Cutter's Revenge, the last in the trilogy:
He had to come home with new prey tonight to stop the racket; the persistent hammering in his head. He had to put an end, even temporarily, to the chatter, the laughter, and the nightmares that were driving him insane.

Visit my website to learn more about these books, and also my poetry book, From The Heart.

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Published on November 30, 2012 15:15 • 105 views • Tags: child-abuse, cutters-revenge, e-book, gifts, heartfelt, kindle, memoir, misery, multiple-personalities, nightmares, poetry, serial, serial-killer, trilogy, trophy-murders
Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival
True Story of a little girl (me) kidnapped by her father...

Still on the road, hungry and scared, I sleep very little. I pretend to be asleep, but I’m waiting for the chance to trick Daddy. And, in a very short time I became very good at tricking him…

Back home, when Mama came home from work, not finding me in my bed, she checked the house and the backyard. She couldn’t find me anywhere, and my grandparents also hadn’t seen me all morning. She became distraught and called her brother, Henry, a cop…

Please visit my website to learn more about the bitter memories trilogy, and my poetry book, From The Heart, also based on events in my life, that includes short stories that inspired the writing of each poem. From The Heart is also available in audio. You can listen to a preview at Amazon — it is awesome!

NOTE: This is not a cozy, feel-good book. It's a true story of extreme child abuse and the will to survive. Strong language, heart-wrenching content!
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Published on December 08, 2012 11:13 • 119 views • Tags: abduction, child-abuse, cutters-revenge, family-saga, gifts, hate, heartache, kidnapped, kindle, love, memoir, memories, poem, sadness, serial-killer, survival, terror, trilogy, trophy-murders