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Who am I?

I am a survivor of child abuse…

I am the author of Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival. Although my story is heart-wrenching, it’s also a story of my fight for survival in a world of hunger, abuse and fear while on the run from the police and my family left behind after I was kidnapped by my father in the middle of the night. I was only three years old.

My story is an unnervingly gripping account of the extremes of neglect and mistreatment a child can undergo — and still survive. However, I didn’t do this alone. I had wonderful guardian angels to help me. I was so terrified from the abuse that I split into multiple personalities just to survive.

My book tells all. I didn’t hold back any feelings whatsoever, using “colorful” language that went right along with these feelings. Bitter Memories took 40+ years to write because the pain of remembering was so powerful, so overwhelming, I had to change my name in the book, like I was writing about someone else, not me, just so I could write my life story. Names of everyone involved were changed to protect the innocent—and the guilty.

My story was told to help other child abuse survivors know they are not alone. There are others who understand and won’t look down on them. By sharing my life story, other survivors can come forward and find a path toward healing their pain.

My dream is to help rid the world of child abuse. By survivors telling our stories, the horrors of this national epidemic can be changed. Together we can help protect our children and keep them safe.

Who am I?

I am a survivor with a dream…

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Published on September 24, 2011 16:27 • 111 views • Tags: abuse, child-abuse, children, fear, feelings, guardian-angels, memories, multiple-personalities, sadness, survival, writing
The blog has been slow in coming, but I've been busy with my next book that is now available. More on this at the end of today's blog.

The farther down the road we traveled, the more comfortable Daddy became. I had no idea where we were. I'd watched night turn to day and back to night several times before I saw Daddy smile.

Seeing his smile, I began to feel more at ease and not as afraid, but still, I would not mention Judy again. I didn't want Daddy getting mad again, and like it or not, I had to accept the fact that Judy, my best friend in the whole world, was gone.

I'd been sleeping off and on for several days, Each time I'd awaken I'd tell Daddy I was hungry, and each time he'd tell me we hadn't gotten to a town yet and to go back to sleep.

Curling up on the backseat, I thought I'd starve if we didn't get to a town soon...

For more info on my next book, Trophy Murders, the fictionalized sequel to Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival please visit my website:
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Published on November 02, 2011 15:56 • 132 views • Tags: anger, child-abuse, fear, hunger, kidnapped, memories, survival, travel
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Published on January 11, 2012 18:22 • 118 views • Tags: bitter-memories, child-abuse, crime, fiction, memoir, survivor, trophy-murders
Have been working as much as time allows on the next book in this series.

Made it to the last chapter, but nearing the end, the story took on a life of its own. Although exciting, is was an unexpected turn.

However, I did finish that one last night, and am again trying to write the last chapter...see what happens this time...

Will it get finished? Or, will there be another surprise hidden inside my head?

Stay tuned...Cutter's Revenge is in the works!
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For the month of April 2012, order directly from me autographed copies of my books, Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival and its sequel, Trophy Murders and save 10% off the order. Both books must be ordered at the same time for discount.

Email me for more info and to order:

Book 3 of the series will be out in a few months, so now's the chance to save on the first two before the next one is available.

Visit my website for more info:

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Published on April 15, 2012 14:26 • 114 views • Tags: abuse, april, books, child-abuse, discount, memories, murder, save, serial-killers, series, survival, trilogy, trophies
If you missed Bill Murray's blog radio show last night where I was the guest, here’s the replay link. Enjoy!


Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 298 -- special guest Sue Julsen

Tonight's special guest is Sue Julsen from Nevada, a survivor and thriver and author of "Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival." Largely autobiographical, Ms Julsen has chosen to use fictional names so as to protect some of those in the story from the horrors that actually occurred. Abducted by her father when she was three, the book's main character, Sarah, found herself in a world of criminal neglect and unfathomable oppression as her father and stepmother perpetrated more and more horrible acts of verbal, mental and sexual abuse on the innocent girl. So continually terrified was Sarah, that she began to form separate personalities so that she herself did not have to face the hideous reality of her day to day life. Only through the nightmare pictures that the other personalities sometimes presented to her while she slept did Sarah have any hint about the horrific abuse she was being subjected to. The personalities would block out time for Sarah and bear the horror of the experiences themselves so that their dear Sarah would not have to. This tale of the author’s early life, a life on the run, featuring starvation, fear and molestation, is a truly unnerving and gripping account of the extremes of neglect and mistreatment a child can undergo. "Bitter Memories" is dedicated to all adult survivors of abuse and is written with the hope that exposing these horrors will help to prevent them from happening to others. "Trophy Murders" is the fictionalized sequel to her first book, and she is currently working on the third book in this series that will be out later this year.
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Coming to on Kindle.

Publication date expected 9/15/12.

The bitter memories series:

* Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival

* Trophy Murders

* Cutter's Revenge
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All my books in the bitter memories series are now available at Amazon on Kindle!

1) Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival
2) Trophy Murders
3) Cutter's Revenge

Each priced at an amazingly low $2.99!!


Also, just added to Kindle is my newest book FROM THE HEART. Also only $2.99!!

It's a collection of poems from over the years, but this isn't your typical book of poetry. My book includes the stories behind what inspired the writing of each poem, exposing feelings never shared before...


And...check out my new website where you will find all my books available now with the link to amazon. And...also you'll find out what's new coming to Kindle soon!

There's also a "like" button on my website, so be sure and click on it while you're looking around the pages.
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I hope you can join me with Dane Ladwig on his radio show, and feel free to invite your friends to listen in.
It's going to be a great show!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2:00pm in CST
12:00 noon PST

Join Author Sue Julsen as she shares her plight of confronting her past and the horrors of kidnapping at the hands of a friend. How did Sue Julsen turn her turmoil into a tool to help people who have had the same or similar tragedies? She wrote about her experiences in her novels. Join us Wednesday at 2:00 PM CST at View From My Loft for this exclusive glimpse into every parent, child and persons most feared nightmare.

Visit my website to learn more about my books that we'll be talking about.
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The Bitterest Taste in Your Mouth, November 20, 2012
By Amelia - This review is from: BITTER MEMORIES: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival (Kindle Edition)

If anyone ever had any doubt about the possible ugliness in the world, they need only read "Bitter Memories" to look into the cruelty that is capable of beating in the hearts of people.

There is no rise and fall of bad events for Sarah's life. Nothing gets better; the little girl's life merely continues to spiral with a hurricane of grief, abuse, and a loveless life. On a journey with her abusive Daddy, who she can't help but love and trust, Sarah is constantly meeting new friends and relatives of her father who only add to her misery. Starvation, beatings, molestation - it seems nearly everyone Sarah meets wants to abuse her somehow.

With no one to turn to, what else is a little girl to do but make up her own heroes in her head? Readers may interpret the people Sarah sees as imaginary friends, multiple personalities, or guardian angels. Either way, the only escape afforded to the little girl are friends that no one else can see. In times when she can't take anymore, her other personalities take to take, acting as a shield for Sarah. What may seem as a side-effect of Sarah's torment may actually be what saves the pure girl.

Though there is no upside to the story of an abused child, reading a book like this will at least motivate more people to become more aware of child abuse. It is nearly impossible to ignore that inner mama bear, or papa bear, that roars against injustice for helpless children.

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