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The Great Gatsby has an average reviewer rating of 3.7 stars here on Goodreads, which means while most people liked it, they were a few constellations shy of really liking it. That's based on the following system: 1 star – didn’t like it; 2 stars – it was OK; 3 stars – liked it; 4 stars – really liked it and 5 stars – it was amazing. Much to my shock, some readers actually slammed the book and gave it only one star. Huh? This is one of the Great American novels and was named the second best English-language novel of the 20th Century by the Modern Library. One star?

While Fitzgerald isn’t around to weigh in on his reviews, I am. Well, not on his, but on mine. I do admit, I was initially disheartened by some of the tepid reviews here on Goodreads about "Lighthouse Keeper's daughter," a re-release of my first commercially published book. (Average rating 2.8ish)

While I would like to think my skin has toughened and my heart hardened over years of putting my writing out there for public consumption (and possible regurgitation), I admit I still suffer from the lingering effects of a childhood malady known as people pleasing. I was initially tempted to jump to Keeper’s defense or at the very least whine and gnash my teeth. All manner of reaction ran through my mind, from the simpering "Let me explain..." to the hammer-headed, "Oh, yeah! You try writing a book." But I thought better of it and asked myself, ‘What would F. Scott do?’ He'd probably have gotten drunk. And then sat down and written another book. Which is what I did. Not gotten drunk, but written more books.

At the end of the day, Keeper is a biography and if those who read it learn something about this amazing woman who'd have been lost to history if not for its publication, then I feel more than content. After all, it is her story, not mine.

As for poor reviews, while I am certainly no F. Scott Fitzgerald, it's nice to know I'm in good company. Down the hatch, old sport!

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