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January 14, 2017

It is my great honour this evening to present you with my interview of Morris Award finalist Calla Devlin, author of TELL ME SOMETHING REAL. Due to my ongoing residence in a pineapple under the sea, I hadn’t heard of this book until it was nominated, and it was just chance that it got assigned to me in the interviews process — but what a lucky chance it was! Here’s the blurb, via Goodreads:

Three sisters struggle with the bonds that hold their family together as they face a darkness settling...

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Published on January 14, 2017 18:33 • 77 views

Who’s been sick this week? *raises hand*

Is that the best excuse I’ve got for being disorganized? Yup, and I’m sticking to it.

Here are the two Morris interviews you missed while I was drowning in phlegm:

Blythe Woolston interviews M-E Girard, author of GIRL MANS UP

Isabel Quintero interviews Sonia Patel, author of RANI PATEL IN FULL EFFECT

My own interview with Calla Devlin will be going up shortly! After decongestants.

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Published on January 14, 2017 18:10 • 60 views

January 10, 2017

In today’s edition of the Morris Interviews, 2017: Stephanie Kuehn interviews Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, author of THE SMELL OF OTHER PEOPLE’S HOUSES.

I haven’t read the book, but am intrigued to note that it’s set in the 70s. The finalist I read was also set in the 70s, and I’m wondering whether that’s a little trend right now, or merely indicative of the fact that many YA writers and Morris judges originally come from the 70s. I was born there, myself, and have a brightly-coloured, little-kid me...

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Published on January 10, 2017 11:26 • 12 views

January 9, 2017

Hello, darlings! It’s Morris Award season again, and as per every year, we previous winners interview this year’s crop of finalists. And what an excellent crop it is this year (just like every year, who am I kidding).

First up, last year’s winner,Becky Albertalli, interviews Jeff Zentner, author of THE SERPENT KING. Tune in tomorrow for more Morris, and watch this space for my interview, which goes up Friday.

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Published on January 09, 2017 17:34 • 45 views

December 7, 2016

Fairy tale re-tellings are hit-or-miss for me; I’m seldom so in love with a fairy tale that I have much patience with hearing it again, and it’s rare that the re-telling provides surprises me with a take on the original that I hadn’t already considered.

SPINDLE, which just came out yesterday, is one of the latter — an old story made startlingly new. You can tell from the title that it’s Sleeping Beauty (or Briar Rose; this fairy tale is so ubiquitous that it has more than one name). I admit I...

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Published on December 07, 2016 09:09 • 112 views

November 24, 2016

It has come to my attention that my very first book — Seraphina, the one with all the good reviews and awards — relies on a trans-phobic trope. This is spoilery, but it can’t be helped: the villain is disguised as a person of another gender in order to fool people.

If you’ve read Seraphina and found this trope hurtful, my profound apologies to you. I love and value my trans readers, as I hope the better representation in Shadow Scale makes clear. I really did not understand that this trope co...

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Published on November 24, 2016 13:01 • 230 views

November 16, 2016

In death metal! Isn’t that the usual method?

Sorry for the silence. I had some notion I was going to start blogging more regularly in November, and then the US election happened and, well. It was like my usual November funk times ten thousand.

Anyway, to cheer me up, my husband took me out for our annual autumnal ear-splitting metal concert. There’s usually a good one in November. I don’t know what it is about Vancouver’s damp darkness that attracts– haha, just kidding, I know exactly.


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Published on November 16, 2016 17:35 • 118 views

November 2, 2016

The other song we’re learning at madrigals is “I Love, Alas, I Love Thee” by Thomas Morley. You may remember him from such other great Renaissance hits as “Now Is the Month of Maying” and “Those Dainty Daffadillies” (just kidding about the second one, which I’ve never heard of myself, but now I want to go looking for it).

Here’s the King’s Singers — my sisters’ teen idols, back in the day — giving it a whirl:

They’re taking it a fourth lower than we are, I understand, but they’ve got some in...

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Published on November 02, 2016 10:00 • 42 views

November 1, 2016

I wasn’t, very. To be fair,I do tend to get buried in my own head quite easily. I know you’re supposed to perish first and then be buried, but I’ve never held much truck with doing things in the correct order, apparently.

How am I? Why, y’know what? Pretty good, considering that it’s the first of November. November, you may remember, has historically been The Month That Kicks My Butt, and it got a head start this year with an unusually rainy October. Stupid November, you think you’re so devio...

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Published on November 01, 2016 13:04 • 104 views

July 15, 2016

All right, friends, TESS IN BOOTS is finished.

It really ate my brain. I’m sorry I get so completely immersed in fantasy-world problem solving that I don’t have enough extra brains for this space, but alas that’s how it goes.

I did find a small amount of spare imagination in a very dark corner of my head, and was able to write this short story, out today at the Hanging Garden Summer Fling: The New One. Content warning: this is horror, I’d say, and not my usual genre at all. You can’t tell fro...

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Published on July 15, 2016 13:30 • 213 views