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June 19, 2017

Warrior of Fire by Shona Husk Warrior of Fire is out today!

WoF is book 2 in the Blood and Silver series (but it does stand alone). If you like lost civilizations, magic, assassins and vampires check it out :)
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Published on June 19, 2017 19:33 • 3 views • Tags: elf, magic, paranormal, romance, suspence, vampire

May 13, 2017

I have 10 copies of Warrior of Fire to give away. If you'd like a copy to read and review let me know :)

Is theirs a love match?
For Leira Venn, her future is a given foretold by the oracle of the Albah, the ancient people she was born to. Which is why she knows from the moment she meets Dr. Julian Ryder that he is fated to be hers. But nothing else about the prophecy feels right. For the handsome doctor is shrouded by darkness, and intimately involved with a woman who seems intent on killing Leira . . .

Or a death wish?
Sorrow has shadowed Julian Ryder for as long as he can remember. But from the moment he meets lovely Leira, his heart is filled with hope for the future—a future that is as combustible as the powerful attraction between them. For Leira is marked for death by the very forces who killed his mother. The very darkness that stole everything he held most dear. Only this time, Julian is stronger, more in control of his powers than ever. But will it be enough to save Leira from those who would destroy her?
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Published on May 13, 2017 19:38 • 27 views • Tags: elf, magic, paranormal, romance, suspence, vampire

May 10, 2017

Diving into Trouble by Shona Husk I have a new contemporary release in July. If you like military romance and are looking for something different check out my Australian set submariner romance.

A submarine, a one-night-stand, and a forbidden workplace romance...
Kurt Garland is at a crossroads: sign for another two years as a submariner or leave and rejoin civilian life. With only weeks to make up his mind, he’s torn between the financial stability and mateship of life in the Navy, and the freedom and balance outside of the military. With big life decisions on the line, Kurt needs space to think, so a one-night-stand with a sexy stranger is all he can commit to. Until his sexy stranger shows up on his submarine...
Getting accepted into the Submarine Corps was an enormous career goal for Rainy Miller, and she has no intention of screwing it up. A Marine Technician for the last eight years in the surface fleet, Rainy craves the new challenges of a submariner. With her training complete, she’s about to join a boat for the first time, and her career relies on a good impression. When her one night stand shows up in the galley, she has to shut it down, walk away, pretend it never happened. But all submariners know that secrets don’t stay secret for long on a sub.
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Published on May 10, 2017 22:13 • 8 views • Tags: contemporary-romance, military-romance

May 3, 2017

Warrior of Fire by Shona HuskWarrior of Fire is up on Netgalley if you want to review it :)
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Published on May 03, 2017 03:30 • 5 views • Tags: elf, magic, paranormal, romance, suspence, vampire

February 23, 2017

Character interview with Dale from Lady of Silver

Lady of Silver (Blood and Silver, #1) by Shona HuskYou’ve recently discovered the existence of magic…did you ever think it might be real? Your mother was a believer.

I never thought it might be real. Tarot cards and crystals seemed like a waste of money. I think they still are. Real magic doesn’t work that way.

You don’t think people are trying to tap into an ancient knowledge of magic?

Maybe…but humans don’t have magic. And most don’t know where to look.

As a police officer how has learning about the Albah and the existence of magic and vampires changed the way you look at crime?

You get one case involving a vampire and that’s all everyone wants to talk about. Very few crimes have a magical cause. I don’t think the Albah are more or less likely to commit a crime than anyone else. The vampire in question set himself up as a cult leader so that he could enjoy the power trip—he really thought he was better than most people. After looking through his life before he became undead I think he’d had that attitude for a while. The Albah didn’t create vampires for power, they were created to be teachers. That said there’s always going to be a few people who misuse any power they have. That is something humans and the Albah have in common.

If you could, would you go back to not knowing about magic?

No. Why would I want to be ignorant? I don’t get a lot of what Saba does or talks about, but that doesn’t mean I want to stick my head in the sand and ignore it.

You tried to at first.

Most people try to ignore things that challenge their world view. However ignoring something doesn’t make it go away.

How has Saba’s magic changed your life?

If not for her I’d probably be dead. I didn’t know it, well maybe I did but I just didn’t want to acknowledge it, but my life was becoming rather desolate. Believing in magic opened my eyes to love. I wouldn’t change a thing about that. Does she do magic around the house? Yes. I’m still getting used to that one.
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Published on February 23, 2017 20:10 • 35 views • Tags: blood-and-silver, cop, elf, magic, paranormal, romance, suspence, vampire

January 17, 2017

When Lady of Silver is on 30 to read shelves, I'll do a character interview.
Who would you like interviewed? Saba or Dale? And what would you ask them?
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Published on January 17, 2017 23:35 • 56 views • Tags: blood-and-silver, cop, elf, magic, paranormal, romance, suspence, vampire

January 12, 2017

Lady of Silver is out next month (Feb 21)!
Please add it to your Goodreads shelf and let me know what you think! Here's an excerpt...

Lady of Silver (Blood and Silver, #1) by Shona Husk Saba should let Detective Morgan walk out and take his pent up hostility with him. Her workspace would need cleansing before her next client came in, but the red-lipped girl’s sad face stayed with her, begging for help. She may not be able to help Desiree, but she could find her killer and help bring him to justice. “Wait.”

Detective Morgan turned. His face was impassive as he took up too much space with his bad attitude. His green eyes assessed her. Not the brilliant green that spoke of Mediterranean ancestry. This green was dirty, like they’d been stained by everything he saw. Now he wore them as camouflage. His whole appearance was weathered, but not beaten. He knew how to fight. Whatever had tempered him had sharpened him. This was not a man she wanted to cross.

Yet she had the uneasy, grating sensation her existence was a prosecutable offense. Words tumbled out, offering an excuse for detaining him. “I can’t talk to the dead.” This job was not going to be a simple case of finding the killer. There was more to it Detective Morgan wasn’t sharing. But silver , she had to do something. “However, I might be able to see her last few hours.”

In the bowl, the black ink deepened, bleeding to crimson, revealing what she already knew she would need.

Blood magic.

She fixed her gaze on Detective Morgan and tried to sound surer of what she was asking than she felt. “I’ll need to see her body.”

He nodded once, short and sharp. “That can be arranged.”

Her stomach tightened. It had been a long time since she’d used blood magic, but it was the only way she could help. All magic required sacrifice, blood and hair being the most common. The trouble with doing magic for someone else was they also had to put in some blood, and when the bloods mixed, a bond was created.

What harm could come from having a bond with someone who was already dead?
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Published on January 12, 2017 17:53 • 86 views • Tags: cop, elf, magic, paranormal, romance, suspence, vampire

December 10, 2016

Hungry Touch is out today!

Hungry Touch by Shona HuskThe Complex Book Series.
A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.
The small population of Incubi in the Complex is clinging to old traditions and shunning contact with other species. Each year, the Incubi fight for the privilege to lead and mate. Only one can win. Kearn Layk never planned on winning, only doing better than last year’s previous dismal result that left him at the bottom of the pack. A year’s worth of secretly training more than paid off. He shocks everyone and wins. In the process, he makes an enemy of the man who was leader. Now filled with the burning desire to find a mate, he goes in search of a woman.
Phoebe Evans came to the Complex to reinvent herself. Being surrounded by the Metas is as strange as it is fascinating, but she hasn’t had the courage to date one yet. Then she meets Kearn. He’s smart and interesting and most definitely not Human.
Incubi traditions and Humans desires clash, and as new ideas are tested, old enemies rise up and threaten lives. Not everyone wants to see the Complex succeed.
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Published on December 10, 2016 18:25 • 32 views • Tags: incubus, romance, sci-fi

November 3, 2015

Desire to Fall by Shona Husk Desire to Fall is out today! If you like your sci-fi sexy and dangerous check it out :) Here's an excerpt.
By the time Tref got home, the sky was darkening, and he still had no idea what to tell Dru about Kya. Not because he didn’t want to tell, but because everything he thought of exposed his fear, and he really didn’t want that argument with Dru. The one where he got told to face it and defeat it instead of looking over his shoulder. Getting out of Industrial 13 was something to be proud of, according to Dru.

Most people didn’t think that way. They heard 13 and thought criminal, or clipper or sniffer, and then excused themselves as fast as they could. He’d almost made himself sick with nerves when he’d told Dru. He couldn’t date a cop without telling him where he’d grown up. He’d done it the night before Dru had gone on rotation in 13, which probably hadn’t been the best timing, but he’d been worried Dru wouldn’t come back.

When Tref had seen Kya’s plans for the area, he wanted to believe it would change, but the darkness ran deep there, and he was scared that it was also in him.

He walked over an aerial bridge and pressed his palm to the scanner by the apartment door. He could have never walked home as dusk was folding around the city in 13. People who wanted to live got home early and locked up as best they could—even the men. Everything and everyone was for sale. Tref suppressed the shudder and wished it were as simple to press down on the memories. Nearly fifteen years and there were still nights when he woke up expecting a razor at his throat.

The palm scanner flashed, and he went in, expecting to be the first one home. But thudding music was on, and something spicy was cooking. Dru was never home early, and he only ever played music by the Longing when he was thinking about something bad.


Something was going on, or about to happen, and Dru would be involved. Tref dropped his satchel by the door and kicked off his shoes. They almost made it onto the shoe rack, and he almost cared.
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Published on November 03, 2015 15:41 • 96 views • Tags: menage, new-release, sfr

September 27, 2015

Out Of Time by Shona Husk Out of Time is out now! This is third of my Australian set rock star books, and it's Mike's book. I hope it makes a few people cry (I cried while writing it).

Out of Time
The fabulous New Adult series from Shona Husk continues: he wants to shut out the world; she wants to invite it in…

Mike Peterson has learned the hard way that the good really do die young. He and his mum only have each other, and now she’s losing her second battle with cancer. He wants to stay with her; she wants him to keep following his dreams. He doesn’t have long to decide and the rest of the band is waiting on him. Whatever choice he makes, he will lose.

Living at home has become impossible for Ava Brand. Her very religious, very traditional grandmother would like to see her married off to a nice Indian boy. But Ava wants to make her own choices. Meeting Mike gives her a chance to rebel.

What starts off as easy rapidly becomes complicated, as their problems expand and emotions bubble to the surface. Neither has time for complicated, as Ava’s family discovers her extra-curricular activities and Mike has to make incredibly hard choices. But love never waits for the perfect time, and Mike and Ava are going to have to decide if they’re playing for fun, or playing for keeps.

Buy Links:
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Published on September 27, 2015 17:58 • 57 views • Tags: new-adult, rock-star, romance