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We are 17 days away from one of the most important launches of my career as an author. THE FIRST CONFESSOR is an unprecedented title for a number of reasons. First, I am publishing it myself. There will be three versions; an ebook (available on all platforms, English, and simultaneously world-wide), a Limited Collector's Edition with a hardcover printing inside, and an audio book. Second, it is a foundational novel that explores the origins of key pieces of SWORD OF TRUTH lore. Many of my readers oldest questions will be answered here. And third, we decided to up the stakes considerably by creating the Collector's Edition and the audio book -- two projects that we have spent untold hours hiring, designing, proofing, assembling, and preparing for release.

Thank you for your interest in this novel. We're confident you are going to find a truly exceptional story inside and we're glad to have the opportunity to share a little bit about the road we've taken to get here.

More posts again soon.
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Published on June 15, 2012 18:33 • 14,435 views • Tags: magda-searus, sword-of-truth, terry-goodkind, the-first-confessor
The book launched July-2nd and already we're in the top lists on Amazon and the reviews feedback has been incredibly positive. This is a strange place for a well-published author to be. 14 previously printed novels and for the first time, it's just readers and us.

We'd like to know; how much of this experience, from our perspective, do you want to hear about? Are you interested just in only the 'final product' (the stories) or are you curious about the process and what this road has entailed?

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Published on July 04, 2012 02:50 • 1,905 views • Tags: legend-of-magda-searus, magda-searus, sword-of-truth, terry-goodkind, the-first-confessor