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December 5, 2010

The dress combines pneumatic technology with open-source hardware and human temperament to provide you with a freshly made White Russian cocktail.

From: Anouk Wipprecht, Jane Tingley and Marius Kintel. Special thanks to V2_Labs for their assistance.

Looks a little "saleswarrior" to me.

From Roboexotica

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October 22, 2010

Armstrong's stand-alone prequel to his 2007 debut, Grey, is set in the same superficial, dystopic near-future ruled by fashion and consumerism. Cities like Seattlehama are towering bastions of "sex and shopping" where "saleswarriors" and "salessoldiers" battle for customers. Most people live in the sprawling agricultural areas called slubs. Tane Cedar, one of the world's top fashion designers, is confounded when his former lover Vada, a fugitive revolutionary, inexplicably appears near death in his showroom and asks him to complete the impossible task of finding illegal yarn and making a coat of it in just one day. Tane's quest confronts him with the tyranny and hopelessness of the world outside of the cities while answering his questions about his nightmarish childhood and enigmatic father. Armstrong's stylized tale is a profoundly moving fusion of visionary images and compelling social commentary.


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September 11, 2010

Lianna Sheppard sculpts bold and beautiful sculptural forms anchored around the human body. In her recent project for her MA at Kingston University, she created origami-inspired costumes that fold, pleat and illuminate. The lighting projections add a poetic and ephemeral dimension to an otherwise minimal and severely architectural silhouette.

VIA: Fashioning Technology

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September 1, 2010

Don't know Flurb? Flurb is a webzine of Astonishing Tales edited and produced by Rudy Rucker (mathematician, computer scientist, science fiction author of The Ware Tetralogy among many other books).

This issue contains writing by: Bruce Sterling, Ian Watson, Rudy Rucker, and Kathleen Ann Goonan, among many others.

The chapter from Yarn is A Peculiar Fashion Business.

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August 31, 2010

Wigs by Kate Cushack

Lady Gaga and Marie Antoinette eat your hearts out.

Actually, eat just half your hearts, wrap the rest, and store it in your chill chests because your wigs are… wait for it… made of Saran Wrap!

Artist, creative thinker, jewelery maker Kate Cusack has created completely sustainable and environmentally… hmm. Strike that. Clever, beautiful and oh, so wrong wigs of plastic wrap! You'll never look at leftovers the same.

There is an exciting "a-ha" moment when someone realizes that there is more to the design they are looking at–from sponges to saran-wrap to zippers.

Link: Kate Cushack

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August 27, 2010

It fuses traditional arts, digital electronics, interactivity, and data scraping with contemporary art. It is a new media canvas, woven from information, using fiber optic thread to carry information and data from the internet in the form of light.

Our inspiration came from the idea that the Jacquard loom was the first computer using punch cards. We wanted to expand on this to marry traditional hand-woven crafts with information technologies. The element of the hand is a critical factor through all stages of this project: from weaving on a loom, to the way the electronics are integrated with the fiber optic threads.

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