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Yesterday I received my first air mail: a copy of Ethereal Tales' eighth edition. They publish this nifty little fantasy magazine, it's a really nice little publication. Anyways, I think Mum was enamored with the envelope and huge, overseas stamp while I was enamored with the pin they sent me matching the magazine cover and declaring I was published in Ethereal Tales. Needless to say, no one cared much about the actual magazine. ^_^

No, but really, I'm excited to add them to my now-growing list of publishing credits and look forward to submitting in the future, especially to get that nifty little pin.

My story is entitled "Autumn Falls", one I published a while back in Calliope, as a finalist in their annual fiction contest. A longer version is published in Bloodmaiden: a fantasy anthology, and the same version will also be published in The Chronicles of the Mira, scheduled to be released as an ebook with Writers-Exchange E-publishing.

If you'd like to check Ethereal Tales out and support them by getting a nifty copy yourself, go here:

Happy reading, God bless, and enjoy!

~Christine E. Schulze
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