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Well, Mumsie and I finally got to go see Eclipse today! I know, I know, a bit behind, at least as far as all the truly avid fans are concerned. But I prefer waiting a bit and going in the morning when all the crazy, screaming fan girls aren't out--especially since this is Eclipse and we would have had to deal with an entourage of Edward-haters vs. Jacob-haters bantering back and forth. I myself am a Team Switzerland. That is, I always chose Edward for Bella reading the books because I understand about him being her first love and the strong bond they share. However, I would not have been opposed to and actually would have been interested in seeing how Meyers would have pulled off Bella ending up with Jacob. He was a great best friend. But the movies really portrayed him in a way that made me even more Team Switzerland--that is, even less opposed to her ending up with Bella.

In the books, Jacob is loyal, a best friend, very open and honest, someone who will always tell it straight and lets you do the same. He is all these things in the movie, but in the film New Moon, I also found him less annoying and immature than I saw him in the books. I felt as though I was really able to connect with Jacob's character on a different level. Somehow, Taylor Lautner really brings out the struggling emotions, the deep passions that Taylor feels alongside all of his other admiral qualities. In the films, I saw Lautner as more of a possible love interest for Bella; I really felt his love for her even more than before.

So, since I really "bonded" with Jacob in the New Moon movie, I was really looking forward to this one. That and the fact that behind it was the same director from Thirty Days of Night. That was a freaky movie, and I felt this director would be perfect to insert the darker aspects of the story, and I was right--he delivered brilliantly! I think another reason I was looking forward to the movie, interestingly enough, was because it was my least favorite of the books. Yes, many people's favorite was my least favorite--though it did have some of my favorite scenes, like Edward's proposal and Bella's talk with Jacob at the end--so sad! Mumsie cried. I would be interested though to go back and reread the book. I might find I like it much better than the first time around. When I first read it, it just seemed too long, like I really just wanted to move on to the final book to find out if Bella changes, and see the wedding, etc. To me, she was just taking too long to choose!

But the movie looked really good, and since I didn't remember everything that happened in the book, this was a plus because some stuff was partly new.

I will say though that even if the movie had sucked, it would have been well worth going to see again--which I intend to--for the sake of watching the previews. Five words:

Voayge of the Dawn Treader

Coming to theatres around Christmas, this is the third installment in The Chronicles of Narnia series.


Words cannot describe. I seriously felt so overwhelmed by the beauty of the previews that I wanted to cry. One of my favorite books in the series, it is truly saturated with symbolism. The lilies, showing Christ as the Lily of the Valley. The lion and the lamb. All of the character traits, like Lucy's struggle with vanity. Eustace's salvation. Devoid of all the battles of its predecessors, it is simply a journey, a quest, kind of like island-hopping and exploring in "The Wind Waker". But it is also an extraordinary journey of faith, a portrayal which Christians like myself will thoroughly appreciate.

Well, all that excitement released, all I have left to say is this:

Kudos to Taylor Lautner, and bring on the Dawn Treader.
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