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It's Time to Join 2012 Twisted Tales Reading Challenge!

I'm a total nutbar and I really like reading about other nutbars. I've decided to open a 2012 Twisted Tales Reading Challenge to spread awareness about the deranged, comical and mostly absurd sub-culture lurking in the bizarre minds of lesser known authors. Okay, some are famous authors. However, most aren't, but should be recognized for their sicko plots and weird thoughts. Twisted Tales covers a wide range and often is a sub-genre or appendage of a larger category (horror, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, ect.) which will allow for cross-over challenge goodness. Yep, that's even more of an incentive to join. If I get you to read at least one bizarre book in 2012 I will do a glorious dance and appease the reading Gods with my influential greatness.

Everyone and anyone at all levels of reading and involvement are welcome! Newbies encouraged :)

Click here to see MORE and JOIN: BITSY BLING BOOKS
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Published on December 04, 2011 11:52 • 204 views • Tags: 2012-reading-challenge, absurdism, bizarro, dark-comedy, humor, reading-challenge, satire, twisted-tales