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I have talked to readers who say that it was hard for them to read Celia's Journey—that it was so real to them because of their own experiences that they had to put the book down to breathe and then pick it up again. That means everything to me.
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Published on April 01, 2011 17:30 • 102 views • Tags: loss, mourning
I am so happy to announce that Celia's Journey will be rereleased in the coming months. This is the novel that started it all for me. Unfortunately, it has been tied up in a protracted battle over pricing. The good news? My publisher and I have finally parted ways, which means that Celia's Journey will soon be available at a much more affordable price!

Keep an eye out for release information to follow.... I feel a deal coming on!
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Published on April 06, 2012 15:09 • 183 views • Tags: family-drama, loss, mourning
Okay, so things have settled down some on the promo front around here... but there is still good news to share. First of all, APATHETIC is coming to Nook this week! I am so happy to be able to share this intense read with my Nook friends!

Also, CELIA'S JOURNEY is being released quicker than expected. This is a special rerelease after my publisher and I parted ways over pricing. In fact, it is already available for your Kindle at just $2.99, and additional formats will be available soon.

Check out the new cover:


And there is more to come!
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Published on April 15, 2012 07:49 • 123 views • Tags: abuse, death, divorce, grief, kindle, loss, mourning, neglect, nook, sociopath
Get your Kindle copy of CELIA'S JOURNEY for free at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Celias-Journey-...

This is only for a limited time, so get it now! Go ahead, feed your Kindle--you know you want to.
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Published on May 16, 2012 07:47 • 130 views • Tags: death, drama, familydrama, grief, inspiration, mourning, womensfiction
Five Finger Discount on Celia's Journey... Get your Kindle copy for FREE today! And you thought it was going to be just another Tuesday... ;)

Celia's Journey by Heather Muzik

Go ahead... feed the need. http://www.amazon.com/Celias-Journey-...

'Nuf said?
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Published on August 20, 2013 06:02 • 76 views • Tags: family, family-drama, freebie, grief, loss, mourning, tragedy, womens-fiction