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July 14, 2014

Sorry to be absent lately. Demands of the day job have nearly wiped out my creative energies to finish writing my new novel, so blogging about writing is not high on the to-do list.

However, I am making progress, and will be announcing a cover reveal soon. I will have a better handle on the release date for "Pilate's Blood" in a few more weeks.

Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned.
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January 5, 2014

There's an interview with yours truly in the new book "Indie Authors Naked" by Loren Kleinman. Very honored to have an intro to my interview by Eden Baylee. Check it out!

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August 9, 2013

My new horror short story A Debt of Fire is now available, exclusively on Amazon.

I hope you'll check it out. The idea came to me when I read that the late actor Sir Richard Harris once hired a burglar to "test" the security of a house he was thinking of buying.

Here's the blurb:

Redger is a professional thief with debts to pay. Hired to break in to a creepy old mansion under cover of night, he soon learns that getting in was the easy part. Escaping the grip of the mansion and paying his debts is a different matter altogether…
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June 25, 2013

Link to other links: http://new.pr/16eCnp8

Fans of unenthusiastic sleuth John Pilate and his imaginary sidekick Simon may not believe their ears: the first book in the award-nominated series is now an Audible.com audiobook.

Book one in the John Pilate Mystery Series;Pilate's Cross (2010 Caroline Street Press) was inspired by a true-life murder at a small college in the American Midwest. Nominated for several Global Ebook Awards, the book's success and the popularity of its two sequels led author J. Alexander Greenwood to create an audiobook version.

"I've had numerous people tell me over the years that they just don't like to read," Greenwood said. "But they do like to listen, so I'm creating audiobook versions of each book in the series."

Pilate's Cross is read by veteran voice-over artist John Edmondson. "John does a great job bringing my quirky mystery story to life," Greenwood said.

This is Greenwood's second audiobook. His first, the non-fiction crowdfunding title Kickstarter Success Secrets, was released in early 2013.

Coming up later this year, Greenwood will offer an audio version of book two, Pilate's Key (2012 Caroline Street Press). It was named a semi-finalist for Best Mystery/Thriller in the Kindle Book Review Awards. Shelf Unbound Magazine named it a 2012 "Pageturner."

Pilate’s Ghost, the third book in the series, will also get the audio treatment in late 2013 or early 2014. This volume joins John Pilate a few weeks after the events of Pilate's Key.

A fourth book in the series, Pilate's Blood, is slated for a fall 2013 release for the ebook version, with an audiobook release in mid-2014.

Pilate's Cross retail price for Audiobook: $7.49 with Audible membership ($19.95 for non-members); ebook: $1.99; paperback: $11.69.

To order the John Pilate mystery series books in ebook or paperback, visit PilatesCross.com or Amazon.com. Join the John Pilate Facebook community at www.facebook.com/John.Pilate.Mysteries.

Praise for J. Alexander Greenwood:

"Greenwood offers a fresh take on the mystery thriller with his John Pilate Series. His novels are populated with flawed and neurotic—yet instantly likable—characters who find themselves thrown into maddeningly entertaining situations. Greenwood writes fun, accessible fiction that leaves readers asking for more.”

--Jason McIntyre, top-selling suspense author of On The Gathering Storm and Thalo Blue

“I recommend (Pilate’s Key) for all readers who want to be entertained and held captive until the mystery is solved.”

— Confessions of a Reader Book Review Blog

“This story (Obsidian) impressed us with its originality, evocation of eeriness, and overall suspense. It stood out as a well-crafted piece of short fiction. The story will run in the December issue of Shelf Unbound.”

— Margaret Brown, Publisher, Shelf Unbound Magazine

About J. Alexander Greenwood

J. Alexander Greenwood won the 2011 Shelf Unbound Short Story competition for his popular story Obsidian (available on Amazon.com). His debut novel Pilate's Cross was nominated for several Global eBook Awards. His second book, Pilate's Key was a semi-finalist for the Kindle Book Review's Best Mystery/Thriller of 2012. Book three, Pilate's Ghost, is currently in contention for several indie novel awards. Greenwood is the author of the bestselling non-fiction crowdfunding book, Kickstarter Success Secrets (2012 Caroline Street Press).

He is a former actor, director, TV executive and radio show host. Greenwood has been interviewed by countless blogs in the United States and Canada, and appeared on radio and TV talking about the books and the burgeoning e-publishing movement. Greenwood is the grandson of acclaimed historical fiction novelist Robert E. Trevathan (Ballanger, Red River Angel). He resides in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife and daughter.

About Narrator John Edmondson

Narrator John Edmondson started his career as a professional voice-over artist at age 15, becoming the youngest on-air personality in his hometown of Bloomington, IL.

John majored in Oral Interpretation at Arizona State University. He was a volunteer reader of books and magazines at Sun Sounds of Arizona, as well as narrator for corporate video and audio sound tracks such as Beware, Know Your AirStair; and Hazmat, Be Alert to Its Danger!

After a successful intermission into corporate life focusing on international business, transportation, technology, and sales, John re-launched his voice-over career in 2013. His reemergence took off quickly with five audio books under his belt in very short order, along with supporting clients with their corporate voice-over needs in telephony, presentations, training, commercials and more.

Fellow congregants in his church call him "The Voice of God." Other, more mundane roles have included the voice of America West Airlines and voice of Western Pacific Airlines.

John knows how to deliver the written word to the right audience in the right way. Visit his website at www.voicesoftheoffice.com.
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June 14, 2013

Ever get stuck? Hit high center? You can't make a decision, so you remain paralyzed?

Nah. me neither. (Kidding.)

It happens to me every now and then. I get into a funk because my results aren't so great, or my creativity seems to have taken a vacation without me and I end up paying the airfare anyway. So, I remain frozen, making no decision. Inertia takes over. I just stand there, numerous paths ahead of me, unable to make a move.

Whether it's making a decision about expanding my business, knuckling down to write a new chapter of my next book or making a decision about client strategy--I've been there, standing at the crossroads.

Seth Godin says (I'm paraphrasing) you're no good to anybody if you can't make a decision. If you can't commit to ship (his word for getting work done and turned in--in effect, being decisive.):

You – everyone in fact – have all it takes to be a brilliant designer, creator, or author. All that’s holding you back is the lizard. It’s that little voice in the back of your head, the “but” or the “what if” that speaks up at the crucial moment and defeats the joy and insight you brought to the project in the first place. It’s the lizard that ruins your career, stunts your projects, and hinders your organization.

He elaborates about "tricks" you can use to get past this state of inertia. Read his book if you want to know more.

However, free of charge, I'll offer you my solution. The minimum.

If you're stuck--can't make a decision, paralyzed, frozen...here's what I recommend: make a deal with yourself the night before your next day at work.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself

"Tomorrow all you have to do are these three things..."

What those things are doesn't matter. It could be "I'll walk/jog/run two miles," or "I'll do the dishes" or "I'll write one hundred words then I can quit" or "I'll make one cold call." Whatever the three things are--no matter how small--I guarantee you'll be amazed at your productivity once you realize you can, indeed, achieve something.

My third novel Pilate's Ghost was like that. I was stuck after writing the first three chapters. I waited a few weeks and became more and more frustrated. Finally, I quit putting it off and told myself I would write a minimum of 100 words a day. Well, once I hit 1oo words on most days I kept on writing. I soon averaged 1000 to 1500. The draft was finished in a month.

So try it. Baby steps. Achieve those small things, and you may just find the big things take care of themselves.
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June 3, 2013

A prominent business publication flattered me a few months ago by asking for an interview about my bestselling ebook (and now audiobook) Kickstarter Success Secrets and seminar on how to succeed at crowdfunding.

The reporter wanted to do an email interview--she sent questions, I sent back answers. Well, I guess my answers weren't all that interesting, as the interview never made it to print or online. But you, dear reader, can read it and decide for yourself...

Exactly when did you run your Kickstarter campaign?My campaign "Give My PaperBack a Ghost of A Chance" ran July 5-26, 2012.
What was the financial goal of the campaign and what were you raising money for? I wanted $1500 to help cover costs for a paperback version of the third book of my John Pilate mystery series, Pilate's Ghost. Any excess funds would be earmarked for an audiobook version of the first book in my series, Pilate's Cross.
How much money did you raise? I raised $1600 from 38 backers. That's 106% of my goal, raised in three weeks--about one week shy of the recommended length of time for a Kickstarter campaign. Pilate's Ghost was published on Halloween 2012, and the Pilate's Cross audiobook will be released later this spring.
What creative perks did you offer your backers? Perks included autographed copies of Pilate's Ghost and the other two books in the series, downloads of the ebook versions of the series and my award-winning short story Obsidian. I also placed the backer's name on the book series website and acknowledgements page of the book. The most interesting perk was $150; I named a character in the book after the backer or the person of their choice (with proper permissions, of course). I had two takers for that. One backer had a character named after his daughter, another after his wife. These weren't major characters, but they were pivotal to the story in their own way. That was fun.
When you say “top-selling ebook,” what does that mean? How many copies have you sold? Kickstarter Success Secrets, a memoir of my crowdfunding experience, was ranked #1 in sales on the Kindle Store Shopping & Commerce sales chart; it also peaked at #3 on the Kindle Store E-Commerce chart. It has also sold on Barnes and Noble.com and iBookstore.
What is the biggest mistake people make with Kickstarter campaigns? People often enter into crowdfunding impulsively. By its very nature, Kickstarter is geared towards helping creative people get funding for projects. However, I've found that creative people often don't have an objective view of their work's marketability, and frequently don't think strategically about managing their Kickstarter campaign from start to finish. Therefore, they end up either overestimating the support their project will garner, or they have a good project but haven't planned a means of communication that will reach the niche that may fund it. One big problem is lacking a solid network of people willing to help you spread the word--the vast majority of my funds were raised through my social media channels. If you don't have a good Facebook or Twitter presence--or at least a killer email list--you better get one before you even think of crowdfunding.
What types of businesses/business campaigns benefit the most from crowdfunding efforts through Kickstarter and why? A flawed stereotype assumes only "artsy" types benefit from crowdfunding. I've seen brilliant ideas for everything from an ingenious minefield-clearing device to films to books along with loads of innovative Smartphone accessories. Manufacturers of "tech eye-candy" devices can do well, just as many writers, artists and musicians do. However, it's not always about product; I've also participated in a crowd-fundraiser to help a fellow author pay for his son's cancer treatment.
What types don’t? Crowdfunding is probably not a great platform for businesses that don't offer a tangible final product. I also can't see it being much of a help to a business that can't explain its product, service or mission in 140 characters or less.
What are some specific ways a business can convey it is credible on Kickstarter? Be transparent and authentic. Make a contract with your backers. To those ends, I created a humorous video. It was amateurish and corny, but it showed I'm an earnest, real guy who probably wasn't going to take backer cash and flee to Costa Rica. I also provided links to my Facebook page, the Amazon pages for previous books in my series and a positive review of one of my books. I posted a "date certain" when the book would be delivered. People saw proof that I'm a serious writer and that they would get a book out of me. If you're vague about who you are or how and when you'll deliver your product, you create doubt. That doubt can make the difference between new backers or people taking a pass.
What are some key bullet points entrepreneurs should include in the timelines you’re recommending they keep?
• Start with a solid platform of engaged social media followers. It doesn’t have to be thousands, but it should be populated with people who believe in you and feel that you're part of their tribe. I Tweeted, Facebooked and emailed hundreds of people for three weeks; ultimately, it was 38 generous backers who funded 106% of my goal.
• Establish good perks. Offer some fun, "sexy" things. If you're a writer, offer to name a character in your book for high-paying backers. If you're selling an iPhone accessory that will eventually go into mass production, make sure you offer a "Kickstarter-only" model exclusive to backers. People want to feel special--part of an elite group--and they deserve to be treated that way if they're there for you on the "ground floor."
• Give your campaign the proper amount of time. I raised my goal 25 hours shy of three weeks. My campaign ended just as "victory lap" backers started contributing; nothing breeds success like success. Unfortunately, I turned off the campaign just as word was spreading that my project would make it. In retrospect, I wish I had given it 28 days; I might have made more "bonus" money for my project.
• Communicate. Before, during and after the campaign, let prospective and pledged backers know what's going on. If you succeed in getting funded, update backers frequently on production and delivery dates. If you're running late, let backers know. Consider also padding your delivery date by a week or so. Trust me on that one, especially if you're depending on printers, manufacturers or shipping services.
• Deliver. Most crowdfunding is "buyer beware." There are successful projects out there that failed to ship. The project creators kept the money and that's that. If you succeed but get in the weeds and don't think you can fulfill your promises, refund as much money as you can. Once ruined, you can't buy back a good reputation.
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March 17, 2013

Hello all! Just a quick note as I take a break from writing the fourth installment of the John Pilate Mysteries (can you believe it?) to talk audio.

Audiobooks, to be exact.

I recall first being asked about audiobook versions in 2010, a few weeks after Pilate's Cross was published. At the time, I was mystified as to how I could do that--especially handling cost, voice talent and recording spaces, etc.

However, on the heels of my successful Kickstarter campaign for a paperback version of Pilate's Ghost, I've found it's not so daunting. In fact, things have come a long way in the past three years.

So, I'm happy to report my first audiobook will be out in a matter of a week or so. It's my first audiobook, but my latest published work, the non-fiction crowdfunding memoir Kickstarter Success Secrets. It's read by VO artist Rye Taylor and will be available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Watch this space for actual release dates and links.

John Pilate fans will be interested to learn that Book 1: Pilate's Cross will be an audiobook by May or June (fingers crossed). I signed a professional narrator, John Edmondson, who has done national-level work. I'll share more specifics as soon as production is completed.

I have a special place in my heart for Book 2: Pilate's Key, and I may try to read that one myself, depending on budget. Don't get me wrong--I love all the books, but PK was the most fun for me to write and I think I'd have a blast reading it and doing the characters for you as I "hear" them in my own little pointy head. I'd love to have it released by end of summer.

In an ideal world, Pilate's Ghost would be an audiobook released on Halloween, a year to the day the paperback hit the shelves. I've learned never to count on deadlines working out in this business, but we'll see.

Anyway, that's the word on audiobooks for now. Be sure to "listen in" here for more info in the near future.

As always, thanks for reading my books. It's a privilege to entertain you.
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March 4, 2013

Through March 9, 2013, it's Read an Ebook Week–an international celebration of ebooks in which thousands of authors, publishers and retailers feature free and discounted ebooks to help promote the joys of e-reading to the world’s readers. This means discounted and free Kindle ebooks, Nookbooks and iBookstore compatible books!

Each year, Smashwords authors are the most active participants, and the easy to use, no hassle Smashwords store features the largest selection of participating titles.

Caroline Street Press is offering a sweet deal on its top-selling ebooks–all in any format including free Kindle ebooks, Nookbooks or iBookstore. If you like mystery/thrillers with a touch of quirky humor, interesting locales and a wee bit of snark, then click over to Smashwords and get them for FREE or 50% off! Smashwords offers books in ANY ebook format, so no matter what your ereader, these books will work just fine.


Inspired by a true story, “Pilate’s Cross” follows John Pilate, his sardonic imaginary pal Simon and lovely new friend Kate as they investigate the cold case mystery of a murdered college president. In too deep to wash his hands of the mystery, Pilate risks his life to uncover the truth of what happened in 1963 and why it’s just as deadly today. REVISED 2012 EDITION. Only available here as free Kindle ebooks, Nookbooks or iBookstore. This special price is not valid anywhere else but at Smashwords.

Pilate’s Key –Only 99 cents with Code: REW50

This Kindle Book Review 2012 Mystery/Thriller Semi-Finalist is the second book in the John Pilate series. “Pilate’s Key” picks up weeks after “Pilate’s Cross” ends. On the mend from a near-death experience in the snowy Midwest, John Pilate is taking it easy on the beaches of Key West. Of course, Pilate has a way of getting into trouble–and the only way out is to find the key…Pilate’s Key. Also named a “Page Turner” by Shelf Unbound literary magazine. Only available here as a discounted or free Kindle ebooks, Nookbooks or iBookstore. This special price is not valid anywhere else but at Smashwords.

Pilate’s Ghost — Only $1.50 with Code: REW50
When a shadowy enemy rises from the dead, and the heavy hand of a guilty past weighs on his marriage, John Pilate must master his own fear and marshal his resources to defend his family and his life. Soon he discovers he isn’t the only one fighting a desperate battle, and that not all ghosts from his past are hostile…

Only available here as a discounted or free Kindle ebooks, Nookbooks or iBookstore. This special price is not valid anywhere else but at Smashwords.

Also, Kickstarter Success Secrets is only 99 cents–no code required!

Want to try your hand at crowdfunding your creative project through Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Learn valuable secrets to success in this brief book by a first-time Kickstarter who successfully raised 106% of his funding goal! This brief book gives you easy-to-understand tips, do’s and don’t’s ready to be put to use on your crowdfunding campaign. Check out this interview with the author on Audio Dust Jacket!

Free Kindle ebooks, free Nookbooks, free iPad-compatible ebooks–they’re all available during National Read an Ebook Week. Check it out!
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December 23, 2012

Get or give a new ereader for Christmas? You'll surely want to add some fun thrillers to your e-library, right?

I hope you’ll check out my work for some thrills, humor and escape. Below is a link to a list of my books/ebooks in just about every outlet worldwide. Thanks for perusing!


P.S. My bestselling non-fiction ebook "Kickstarter Success Secrets" will be FREE on Amazon on Dec. 25 & 26:

Also, Book 3 in the John Pilate Mystery Series,
Pilate's Ghost will be offered for FREE on Amazon on Dec. 26 & 27:

This is the LAST TIME either book will be offered free on Amazon. com.

Happy Holidays!
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December 6, 2012

Get the mystery/thriller lover in your life some great holiday gifts, personalized by the author.

Order Your Autographed Copies Direct from the Author and Save Up to 20% over Amazon's Low Price!

I will sign each copy to your specifications and mail them for arrival before Christmas.


Pilate's Cross

$11.49 + $2.50 S&H* per book

Pilate's Key

$12 + $2.50 S&H* per book

Pilate's Ghost

$13.49 + $2.50 S&H per book*

* Until Dec. 16. Then, First Class Shipping & Handling charge of $4.49 per book applies to ensure pre-holiday delivery. Book club and bulk order discounts also available--just email me!

This offer good until Dec. 21, 2012--limited quantities--once they're gone, that's it!

Email Author(at)Pilatescross.com or Alex(at)AlexgPR.com to order. Don't wait!

Credit Cards Accepted through Paypal or Square. Checks also accepted, but hurry!
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