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November 25, 2015

As I was hanging my latest art purchase--a dragon print by Stanley Morrison, purchased while at the Necronomicon last month--I realized my house is slowly being taken over. I've always, always, always loved dragons, and I've had my share of them in many forms over the years, such as t-shirts and candles. I have neither of those anymore (unless you count my Ender's Game Dragon Army tee), but I do have dragons lurking in every room of my house. Today I thought I'd share them with you.

This one h...
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Published on November 25, 2015 13:59

October 27, 2015

I tend to focus most of my writing posts on my YA fantasy series. But from nearly the beginning, back when I first wrote Finding Angel , I was writing short horror stories as well.

They were published in a variety of magazines and anthologies, but over the years the rights reverted back to me, and I've posted them on Wattpad.

In honor of Halloween, I've posted a list of them here so you can have some bites of my dark writing.

In other words, you can read them for FREE by clicking the titles below...
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Published on October 27, 2015 07:56 • 5 views

October 19, 2015

Well, snap. I really didn't realize it'd been THIS long since writing my last blog post. September was apparently sucked into some sort of time vortex. In truth, it was eaten away by birthdays, homeschooling, and writing.
Giving out awards!
Yeah, that last one--working on Toch Island 3.

October's a little different. It's been eaten away by conferences. I spent the first week of October prepping for the Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat. Being on the planning committee, I had to help set up t...
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Published on October 19, 2015 20:40 • 3 views

September 14, 2015

OK, folks, I'm running another giveaway on Goodreads! Please enter, and share the link to this post!

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Published on September 14, 2015 06:50 • 9 views

September 3, 2015

When you have been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as many times as I have, you come home with only about four new pictures on your camera. My last trip--which will literally be my last for a while because our passes are expiring and we're switching to Busch Gardens--ended a few days ago, and I realized I dragged my camera around needlessly. Oh well, fun was had.

So, instead of sharing images of my trip (although I'll include a few) I'm going to give you some tips:

1-- Ride the train bot...
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Published on September 03, 2015 07:34 • 8 views

August 19, 2015

My fellow spec-fic author, homeschooler, and Realm Makers attendee, Aaron DeMott asked in the Realm Makers Alumni Facebook group (sorry, RM alumni only), "So, out of curiosity, how many of us either were homeschooled, or homeschool our kids?"

I expected quite a few to answer "ME!" but I was actually a little overwhelmed by the response.

My last count was 41 group members either homeschool(ed) their kids, were homeschoooled themselves, or both. To put this in perspective: the group has 144 membe...
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Published on August 19, 2015 06:35 • 10 views

August 10, 2015

I woke up this morning after finally getting a real night's sleep. Realm Makers was awesome, so I stayed awake far too late every night and woke up far too early every day, which meant I was basically a zombie coming home yesterday. I think I may have enough brain power to post about my adventure now.

Some of my fellow Realm Makers attendees have already posted on their blogs--lovely recaps and great photos. I think I'm going to take a bit of a different twist....

This is going to be sort of a...
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Published on August 10, 2015 11:08 • 5 views

August 4, 2015

In two days, I'll be heading to St. Louis for the Realm Makers writers conference. This is my third year attending, and I'm just as excited this year as I was the previous two.

Actually a bit more so, as there's bigger names than every before, and I'm getting to meet a slew of people I've been friends with online for ages. Not to mention I'll get to find out who'll win the short story contest in which I have an entry.

This year is different in other ways. For one, I won't be dressing in costume...
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Published on August 04, 2015 06:16 • 19 views

July 20, 2015

*This is my table buddy, Rick, and Beastie 2 with me
at the Christmas in July Craft Fair.No, I'm not giving advice on where to get bargains on books. I'm talking about this from the perspective of an author who is trying to sell her own books, and what makes a sale "good" for me.

As an indie author, I admit that a lot of my sales are to people I know personally. Friends and family, fellow homeschoolers, former coworkers...other things that start with F ;). (Sorry, alliteration is amusing!) Thes...
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Published on July 20, 2015 05:54 • 9 views

July 14, 2015

Well, it seems that after a long, quite stretch on this blog, I've suddenly got all these things to post about--mostly releases of very cool stuff. First there was Darkness Brutal by Rachel Marks, then my short story in The Common Oddities Speculative Fiction Sideshow. Yesterday, I did a cover reveal for H.A. Titus's Forged Steel.

And today....

Two more bits of news on short stories of mine!

First, I have a short story in the new Medieval Mars anthology, the brainchild of Travis Perry. First, th...
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Published on July 14, 2015 09:06 • 3 views