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February 16, 2013

Here's a little piece from my novel, THE VIRTUAL LIFE OF FIZZY OCEANS:

"So maybe it’s just a matter of time… Until the lights go out for good and we’re sitting in the cold, cold darkness with our thumbs up our ass, and tears in our eyes, and wondering why we waited so long to see the ‘forest for the trees’. Christ, it’s not like the information we needed to save PL wasn’t out there. It was! All along! No, this cannot be part of some Grand Plan. Not this!

And have you heard about the black cloud that has now covered all of Florida and blocked out the sun? Sunshine State no more! They say it’s because the ocean is on fire—well, copy this, it’s not the ocean that’s on fire, it’s the oil slick on top of the water that’s burning!

But don’t cry for me Argentina. Before the water reaches my eyes, I will be gone, safe and sound in Virtual Life, maybe at Dirty Nellie’s, or at Quinn Town, or at my Van Gogh REP showing visitors Vincent’s paintings, or at Open Books helping Crystal publish Paradise Lost (because I know she’ll be in VL too). Or maybe I’ll be writing my own VL memoir (lol)—who knows? Amidst all the devastation, and all the chaos, and all the tragedy, and all the tears, and all the prayers, I do know this: it is now certain—and perhaps always was inevitable—that PL is kaput, doomed, done for, finished, history.


THE VIRTUAL LIFE OF FIZZY OCEANS is available in paperback as well as all eBook formats. I hope you get a copy and experience Fizzy's extraordinary world.
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August 9, 2012

THE VIRTUAL LIFE OF FIZZY OCEANS by David A. Ross has recently received two prestigious and important endorsements.

The first one comes from The Four Bridges Project who chose THE VIRTUAL LIFE OF FIZZY OCEANS as its premier Book Club selection.

The Four Bridges Project is a living, active, international community of individuals and organizations. As a community, they are committed to the four principles of human rights, social and economic justice, respect for nature, and a culture of peace. We share our resources: space, venues, media, technology, as well as knowledge and skills. Communities are living systems, and at Four Bridges, they are exploring new dimensions in community.

The second endorsement comes from Pop!Tech, a University of Maine sponsored symposium on "Resilience", who has added THE VIRTUAL LIFE OF FIZZY OCEANS to its 2012 syllabus.

For three days in October 2012, PopTech will bring together a visionary and eclectic network of renowned scientists, technologists, designers, educators, corporate leaders, social and ecological innovators, artists and others to explore these questions, their answers, and their implications. It promises to be a rich and powerful dialogue – one that might change how you see yourself, your organization and the world.

Special thanks to both Four Bridges and UMaine Pop!tech for embracing THE VIRTUAL LIFE OF FIZZY OCEANS! The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross
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January 9, 2012

The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross Last night I watched a documentary about physicists who are postulating about the existence of other dimensions beyond height, width and depth. String Theory is the root of their hypothesis. Using the Supercollider in Geneva, they are trying first to glimpse, then measure these other dimensions. I found this amusing since artists, meta-physicians, and even mathematicians have known about them for centuries. Since all matter is in constant motion, even the measurements we take in physical space are only approximations. Within the variance of these measurements we find the portals into other frames of reference. And yet, it is not a 'here or there' proposition; it is all going on simultaneously, and therein lies the wonder. Like many before her, Fizzy has simply found the portal and moves freely within these dimensional points of reference. In fact, we all do this constantly, whether or not we are conscious of the process. Time travelers? Yes! Multispacial beings? Yes! It's not black & white, folks; it's in Living Color! Fizzy is no guru; she's just an average girl who stumbles into the experience of a simultaneous, multidimensional universe. Instead of questioning her senses, she simply goes with the flow and experiences a multiplicity in her experience that those physicists are busy trying to quantify.

Fizzy Oceans has her very own blog. And it's really different. Come join the fun!
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December 19, 2011

Calico Pennants: A Novel, I'm happy to say, has delighted readers since it was first published in paperback in 1997 under the title The Trouble With Paradise. Reborn in 2009 (author's edition) as an eBook under the new title Calico Pennants, the book has reached an entirely new readership.

Recently divorced and made redundant from his job, Julian Crosby needs a break from reality. That’s why he’s gone to Hawaii…

If his personal circumstances had been different—if he were simply on a two-week vacation in Maui with his now former wife—then he surely would have laughed and said “no” to the outrageous offer from the funny-looking Hawaiian wearing a loud tropical shirt with an equally loud, not to mention obnoxious, blue and yellow parrot named Buenaventura perched upon his shoulder to buy a rundown boat called Scoundrel.

But that was then and this is now… Or is it?

Meanwhile, sixty years ago, Amelia Earhart is getting ready for her much publicized flight around the world. Is this daring adventure to be her final flight, her swan song? Or is she actually on a reconnaissance mission for President Roosevelt? And what does her ill-fated flight have to do with Julian, his innocent Hawaiian holiday and his newly-acquired boat? As Buenaventura reveals, “Only time will tell” as their two worlds unexpectedly and impossibly collide.

In this award-winning novel a weekend sailor shipwrecked on an uncharted atoll in the South Seas eventually discovers the island's only other human inhabitant—a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to 1930s lost flying ace Amelia Earhart.

Along with Open Books, I am happy to offer free review copies to my Goodreads friends. Give it a try; I think you might like it!

To receive your FREE review copy:
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December 8, 2011

The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. RossThe Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans (published January 6, 2011 by Open Books) is my sixth novel and my eighth book, and it is very different than my previous works. I also think it is my best work to date. In fact, it is the novel I have been trying to write my entire life!

I began writing stories at the age of eight. I just turned fifty-eight a couple of days ago, so that means I have been writing for fifty years now. The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans took three and a half years to write, but in truth it is a novel fifty years in the making. Why? Because it documents all I know and all I believe, which makes it a truly honest work of fiction.

So, who exactly is Fizzy Oceans? Fizzy is the alter ego of Amy Birkenstock, a pretty average. down-on-her-luck young woman in Seattle, Washington. But she is also my alter ego. Because she not only lives in the physical world where we all interact each and every day, but in an alternate world - another dimension, if you will - where the dead are very much alive, where dreams and aspirations are manifest at will, and where the future is only a mouse-click away. Fizzy is forever curious, engaging, and prone to outrageous speculations (which she finds she can actualize at will). Yet she is an unlikely heroine, too. She has no super powers (other than her own mind), and in fact, she is very much like you and me. What does distinguish her is her ability to think inside out. And living her (physical) life during a time when the environment is failing and social constructions are falling apart, that ability is her saving grace. And ours, too!

Just before writing this author's introduction, I came across a Facebook page where, apparently, the persona is a fictional character in a popular Hollywood movie. It also refers prolifically to other characters in the movie, as if they were real people with whom I was invited to interact. I have always been fascinated with the idea of changelings - you know, people who appear totally different depending on their mood or when one might encounter them - so the page intrigued me. To be honest, the page was full of very recognizable movie stars, who on the FB page appeared as the characters in the film. This idea suggests to me an alternate reality in which I might participate - a make-believe world, so to speak. Of course Fizzy Oceans knows all about alternate universes, because even as her alter ego, Amy Birkenstock, is more or less ineffectual in the physical universe, Fizzy shines brightly in an alternate one. When we stop to think about it, we all live in multiple universes, even if we do not realize it or acknowledge it. For each of us, our mental (and perhaps spiritual) world is wholly our own. But are the lines between what we call 'real' and what we call fantasy really so finely drawn? Not anymore, I think. Each person who engages in social media like Facebook, or like Second Life, or Farmville or others, exists, for a time at least, in an alternative universe - one where we make up many of the rules and where superhuman activities are possible and easily actualized. And anyone who is even remotely knowledgeable about computer technology realizes that such things as holographic images are not far in our everyday future. How long will it be, for instance, before we can have our favorite fictional character over for dinner? Or how long before we can take a virtual vacation? In some respects all this already exists; it's only a question of quality. Analog life is finished; digital reality is the house of mirrors, the portal into multidimensional living, and we are all invited to the party.

Now, back to Fizzy... The novel, I believe, is a challenge to all who read it to move beyond their personal boundaries. After all, such boundaries are the ones that we ourselves set. It invites all who read it to suspend their allegiance to the literal world and begin thinking in terms of metaphors and symbols, and it further suggests that that world is even more 'real' than the literal one. After all, the literal world seems to be collapsing all around us (environmental degeneration, religious strife, wars, monetary collapse, social chaos - you name it!). Fizzy has discovered a portal, a door into a new way of seeing and interacting, and her 'virtual' life seems more 'real' to her than her physical (literal) life. I know many who read this essay will identify with that concept, because the transition in 'real' life is already well underway. Just consider how many hours per day you spend in the virtual world already. Might it not take over your concept of 'reality' at some point? Maybe it already has to one degree or another. But Fizzy's journey does not end with the virtual world. It moves even beyond that, because through her experiences in virtual life she discovers yet other dimensions in which she (and all of us) live simultaneously: NL (Natural Life); PL (Physical Life); VL (Virtual Life); FL (Future Life) and ML (Meta Life). Still, it is not a one-or-the-other concept; these are worlds (or dimensions) that exist simultaneously for everyone - worlds within worlds, shadow images, reflections of reflections of reflections. I do not take credit for this concept, because I believe it is one that has always existed right in front of our eyes. Only our self-imposed limitations prevent us from living effectively in a multidimensional existence. Fizzy leads us through the haze, not as some sort of guru but as an everyday person drawn to save herself and her friends (and everybody with eyes to see and ears to hear) from a stifling existence and even from extinction as a race.

I know that The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans will not be every reader's cup of tea. The novel asks its readers to think outside boundaries that are often well established. And it can be a little frightening to 'literally' give up the ground you stand on. But for those willing to enter Fizzy's world, the payoff is a perspective that is both expansive and circular in nature. It is also timely as we enter an era when the physical and virtual worlds merge and definitions about what is real and what is fantasy become forever blurred. It is a world predicated on the concept of possibility, and upon 'instant' actualization of ones visions and aspirations. It is the future, except the future is now for those willing to move from literal perception to a metaphorical frame of reference.

I hope you will give this novel a chance. And I hope Fizzy will work her charming way into your consciousness. I hope you will make her your friend, have 'virtual' discussions with her, see through her unique perspective from time to time. That is my hope as her creator, her advocate, and as her 'friend'.

See you all in VL!
David A. Ross

Author of The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans


All formats from Open Books Direct: http://open-bks.com/library/open-libr...
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February 8, 2011

Today, February 8, at 1:00 PM EST I will be talking with Cyrus Webb on his blog talk radio show Conversations Live about my latest novel, The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans.

Please join us for the discussion, or catch the podcast later at Conversations Live.
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December 26, 2010

The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross Dear friends,

Help me celebrate the worldwide eBook release of my newest novel The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans on January 6, 2011!

Beginning now until the date of publication, my publisher is offering free advanced review copies to my friends at Goodreads.

To learn more about The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans, click here.

To request a free review copy, click here.

Thank you in advance for helping to spread the word about my latest novel!

David Ross
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