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Urgh! I feel yucky and will certainly not be writing much today. I only had just over an hours sleep last night. I got into one of those vicious circles of worrying about not sleeping so getting more tense. And you know you're doomed when you start to hear the dawn chorus! All my concentration is on entertaining my daughter who is off school today but with as little brain power as possible. That's reserved for a minimal amount of driving - in the rain. This incessant downpour is just adding to my gloom!
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Published on June 11, 2012 05:05 • 36 views • Tags: concentration, insomnia

The ramblings of Annette Hart

Annette V. Hart
I am having trouble uploading a decent photo of myself. I've found this is partly because I make sure I'm usually the person holding the camera!
In the meantime, I have added a lovely view of the field
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