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"Lurid satirical riffs hold up a fun-house mirror to the world in this fantasia ..... a wicked caricature of New York scenesters, rage against environmental destruction, religious bigotry ..... a redneck Weimar cabaret ..... a stew of surrealism .... an alternative universe peopled by cartoonish characters who intermingle across dreamlike episodes that shatter the conventions of time, space and spelling. Bird's caustic levity, exuberant wordplay and arresting imagery make for a bracing read--though it's not for the faint of heart. This raucous avant-garde comedy will sweep you along with its vigor and originality."

-- Kirkus Reviews

" ..... difficult to categorize ..... distinctive, unconventional ..... eccentric style ..... playful and inventive with language ..... some chapters read as over-the-top satire, others appear closer to reality than they might at first seem ..... moments of raw poignancy and social commentary ..... stark and unexpected imagery ..... in-your-face confrontation, forcing the reader to either embrace it or push it away ..... bold, humorous, raunchy provocation ..... a love-it-or-hate-it affair ..... few will come away unaffected ....."

-- ForeWord Reviews

"Like the grass over a cesspool, it is vivid, vibrant and virulent, and deceptively so for having been nourished on sewage ..... Bird has no desire to be Joe Fiction Guy. This is a Harlequin Romance starring the actual Harlequin ..... a demented and cruel prankster."

-- Travalanche

"..... cleverly crafted, ironic short story with its cliché and satirical themes ..... truly remarkable and quite extraordinary! ..... Totally genius, clever ..... ingenious ..... spectacular ..... breathtaking ..... celebrity merged with the bizarre ..... peculiar and individualistic characters ..... a real treat for any reader [.....] seeking something [.....] quite out of the ordinary! Brimmed full of wit, sarcasm, realism and truth-drawing poignancy ..... thought-provoking, idiosyncratic ..... so absorbing that you will find it hard to put down ..... I felt like Alice in Wonderland who had been lured into a tantalizingly tempting trap that was so outlandish, eccentric and extraordinary that I did not want it to end ..... I can honestly say that this story is affecting ..... lingers upon ones mind for a long time afterwards. Prepare yourself for such chaotic confusion as to confound ..... combines a blend of fantasy, general fiction, humor, satire and adult themes [.....] which is totally astonishing!!

I am lost for words! This book is certainly targeted at a wide readership ..... will appeal to anyone and to those who have a vivid imagination ..... so enjoyable to read ..... embodied such lunacy and yet was so brilliant. The author’s visual, artistic vision is commendable ..... his dry sense of humor [.....] comes across through the writing ..... a strange book ..... doesn’t have a storyline (shock!) nor can it be slotted into a specific genre ..... totally unique, original ..... a stand-out book ..... ‘one of its kind’ ..... If you have an odd and often over-active imagination like myself, then I highly recommend it as a fantastic read!"

-- Lucinda, Goodreads

"This is a really well-titled book ..... Stephen C. Bird's work contains tragedy, for sure ..... built right into the architecture of language and identity ..... As to identity, there are multitudes ..... in this prequel to "Hideous Exuberance," he sucks the reader back into a kaleidoscope of the damaged, deranged, fat, angry, hapless, medieval, phonetically confusing, twitchily hilarious, despairing, and genuinely, searingly poetic. In the space of a paragraph, the various narrators can verge from the mythic landscapes of demented demigods, to the interior monologue of a Faulknerian adherent of a kind of Orwellian moral doublespeak. In Ebonic-Southern-redneck drawl ..... not easy stuff ..... by turns hilarious, brilliantly musical, and it's audacious as all hell. His writing is infectious .....

Maybe most refreshing is that Stephen Bird, as a writer, is willing (or compelled?) to navigate seemingly any avenue of Western culture, and trusts his reader to be able to see all the signposts. If you can't, then he gives you enough to chew on, look up, and ponder. And if you don't wanna do that either, read somebody else."

-- Sarah, Goodreads

"It starts with an unnamed adult switching between childhood and present realities via dreaming and waking, and ends with a suicide. You will meet a teenage prostitute, and the neglected schoolmate who envies her ..... and a poet who refuses to resort to conventional means to further his career. You will spend time in the bottom-rung of the underground comedy scene ..... You will laugh out loud and feel at times like you are reading a novela-length version of a pamphlet handed to you by a crazy person on the street. You will experience your own strange dreams as a result of reading it, and will probably try re-reading it when you are finished so that you don't miss anything or to clear up things you didn't understand. I definitely reccomend it as an antidote to the Twilight series."

-- Brian, Goodreads

" ..... not for the faint [of heart] ..... encompasses every stereotype known to man ..... stretches through time and space hitting 'Amurycka Profunda', 'West Whoreville' all the way to 'Doucheyland' in this continual diatribe against [...] everyone ..... creates the illusion of a utopian 'Welt' by illustrating the truly opposite ..... satirically foreshadowing the possible apocalyptic future on the world’s present condition ..... author orchestrates a 'mélange à trios' between the language he uses, his humor and the subject matter ..... refreshing to read a book that genuinely challenges the mind ..... its creativity and uniqueness make it an unusual read that breaks up the monotony of a true daily dilemma between vampires and werewolves."

-- Lindsay, Goodreads

"..... Douglas Adams meets the Unibomber's manifesto. Charlie Gordon ('Flowers for Algernon') falls into Cyberpunk. Monty Python rescripted via "A Clockwork Orange". '1984' and 'Catch-22' mixed in a blender and poured into a broken goblet. At times, the characters seem to be railing against the elite. Other times, it seems to be a slam against the middle class, saying their existence is meaningless ....."

"This book is for adults only ..... graphic depictions ..... chaotic ..... mal-interpretive approach ..... I fear that the niche for this novella would be similar to the group that attempts to sync up [']The Wizard of Oz['] with Pink Floyd's [']Dark Side of the Moon[']."

-- Sean, Goodreads

"..... push [through] for the golden lines! …. 'Be still with your waxing hysteria' ..... 'Everything is going to be different once I acquire a wardrobe of rubber fetish gear' ..... 'They were the neighborhoods new hot couple' ..... 'At [Pal-Anon] she would share how she got into another toxic relationship' ( I am laughing hard right now) ..... 'her “fellow co depedents would trash her at fellowship' ..... 'I have shattered the props of your wasted, meaningless lives of indolence: what were formally objects of luxury now represent the deformed ugliness of your grotesque hypocrisy.' ”

-- Jeff, Goodreads

"I found the slightly longer chapters towards the end to be the most interesting ..... these chapters contained the most interesting internal monologue which suited the tone of the writing ..... I would recommend this book if you like Kurt Vonnegut, stream of [consciousness] writing or dark alternative realities / alternative futures .... This book is really intriguing, each segment is different, most of them are humourous and disturbing."

-- Susan, Goodreads

"Bird definitely gets props for pushing some boundaries and satirizing satire. The point of humor is, sometimes, to offend the audience. Ultimately, there are messages in the book that are worth thinking over: (a)theism, the nature of God, capitalism, prejudice, language (oh god. There is so much to ponder about language here), and the disconnection between an image and a word."

-- Dina, Goodreads

"There’s just so much information and emotion packed in one small book. The way it’s written is different than anything I’ve ever read before ..... Each short story left me more unsettled and confused than the previous story, but I couldn’t stop reading ..... It was quite magical in a way ..... There is something for everyone [in this book]. Everyone. Trust me."

-- Cher, Goodreads

" ..... so different from books out there, it was worth reading. Although there is really no obvious storyline or genre it in someway can be related to poetry in the way that it has a deeper meaning at certain times ..... The book really demonstrates how creative Stephen C. Bird is ..... It was beautifully crafted in the way that pictures were involved within the writing."

-- Nathan, Goodreads

"This book is extremely well written ..... bizarre ..... in a good way. Several of them [the jokes] had [me] laughing out loud and meant I had to stop reading to fully appreciate them. There's a lot of bleakness in this book and some very insightful, skillfully disguised social comment. Read this -- It's definitely worth your time."

-- Rose, Goodreads

"A very distinct work, not for people who are looking for the usual written stories that have a plot, characters, beginning and end. Very bizarre, very twisted, very interesting! ..... I gave it 5 stars because it was amazing, I'm just still not sure if its a good amazing, or a bad amazing! ..... an extremely twisted, unconventional book."

-- [Another] Susan, Goodreads

"Reading this book was like watching a [Quinten] Tarantino film. It's obvious that the creator is talented and puts out a very good product ..... I don't recommend this book for the faint of heart but if you're looking for a book that will cause you to continue to think about it for days ..... after you've finished it [.....] this is your book."

-- Peter, Goodreads

"I can't say it didn't leave any impact because I do keep thinking about parts of the book in some manner. Some things were shocking and I couldn't beli[e]ve I was actually reading some of the content. I did like some of the total crazy randoms thrown in. This book is not for everyone. You must have an open mind and not get offended easy."

-- Sally, Goodreads

"When I squinted hard enough I could make out arguments about religion, the Middle East, the environment, capitalism, racism, homophobia, feminism, and much more ..... [The author is a German transvestite! ..... He's the new Dr.Seuss!] ..... the bizarreness could make my family laugh ..... It was certainly a different experience ....."

-- Nikki, Goodreads

"..... sheds light on the blunt honesty of some human beings in their true sadistic thoughts. Parts of the novel were humorous ..... becomes easier to read and understand after the first few chapters when things begin to come together ..... not the type of book I would typically read but it has its inventiveness and appeal."

-- Heather, Goodreads

"You may start out saying, what the hell?! Keep reading. The mangled spelling, the wordplay, the outlandish characters and situations are all crafted with the purpose of puncturing what for most of us is a bourgeois and ordinary existence. Steve Bird is anything but ordinary. He's also very mordantly funny."

-- Andrea, Goodreads

"This book is disturbing. Very disturbing. I wouldn't recommend it to the faint of heart ..... I constantly wondered if the author was trying to make some kind of statement about life ..... Somehow, it still managed to keep me turning pages. I can't explain the charm of this book."

-- Benjamin, Goodreads

"We found ourselves laughing out loud at the sometimes brilliant, funny, and definitely strange ramblings! ..... we were completely entertained by it. In the end, I am happy that I received this book and would recommend it to a select group of people. Fun night!"

-- Marie, Goodreads

"..... for those with a more eclectic reading base, this book is very interesting. I feel this book will do well in certain niche markets ..... The author definitely creates a new spin on phonics! ..... This is a unique book to say the least."

-- Phoenix, Goodreads

"This is one imagination you can't fuck with ..... surrealistic, dark humor ..... disturbing events .....
There technically is no plot and that did not bother me ..... Overall its a very interesting read for a traveling mind."

-- Donald, Goodreads

" ..... probably the strangest book I have ever read. Don't get me wrong though, that is a very good thing! The writing style is so unique; I flew through it! I highly recommend it ..... don't expect a "normal" book, because it is far from it! ....."

-- Amanda, Goodreads

"It certainly was different. 'Bizarre' is definitely the word. Took a few stories for me to get the feel for it, then it managed to get a few chuckles out of me. I did at least like the feeling that it made sense in its own universe, even if I didn't get it."

-- Jennifer, Goodreads

"Different. Quirky. Weird. Funky. Strange. Funny. Odd. Bizarre. Choice. Out of my comfort zone for reading, but glad for the experience because it's good to walk on the wild side once in a while. I'd read it again."

-- [Yet Another] Susan, Goodreads

"Like a Greek or Roman God looking down on Earth and chuckling at what humanity is up to ..... A light read. A quick read. A conundrum ..... Entertaining ..... a shotgun approach to stories and subjects."

-- Fred, Goodreads

"This book was truly silly ..... It was obviously created by someone who had a rather trenchant wit and active imagination ..... I really am not sure how it got published ..... to publish something like this is beyond me."

-- Melinda, Goodreads

"Definitely a weird book, but there's something to it. It's funny. It's kind of like The Rocky Horror Show; at first you're weirded out but then you get the hang of it and it makes you laugh."

-- Sam, Goodreads

"This is for the reader who can let go and be pulled in to where he takes you. Read some passages out loud and read some in a darkened room with a torch ....."

-- Patricia, Goodreads

"This book was a simple masterpiece! Took a while to get into it but once I did, it has quickly become one of my favorites! Good job, Mr. Bird!! :)"

-- Jessica, Goodreads

"..... very very weird. A timely cultural satire a la Naked Lunch. Overall I liked it and ..... I think that the author might be insane."

-- Tasha, Goodreads

"..... entertaining ..... loud and over the top ..... filled with thoughts that everyone has had but few are willing to admit."

-- (Another) Nathan, Goodreads

" ..... bizarre, odd, weird ..... still not entirely sure what I think of it. It’s a challenge; it’s clever and it’s certainly unique."

-- Jo, Goodreads

"..... [I]'m just way too confused right now as to whether this book is amazing or absolutely horrible."

-- Beck, Goodreads

"A book different from anything you've ever read before. Quite original with bold and daring style."

-- Carrie, Goodreads

"Let me say, this book has balls. Huge, testosterone filled nuts."

-- Johnathan, Goodreads

"Chilling - Mesmerizing - Essential reading!"

-- Daryl, Goodreads

"I highly recommend this book for anyone."

-- Kristina, Goodreads

" ..... it reminded me of Naked Lunch ....."

-- Jamie, Goodreads

"Cutting, insightful and funny".

-- Viveca, Goodreads

"Mid-America punk."

-- Alan, Goodreads
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Published on May 12, 2012 23:49 • 167 views • Tags: adult, experimental, fantasy, fiction, humor, satire, short-story
"A collection of 12 highly impressionistic, hyperenergetic, scatological, stream-of-consciousness short stories ..... stories range from the frantic Harry Potter parody of 'Szczmawgwhore(ts): A Pornographick Bitch-Story' to the sardonic true-crime parody of 'Bobby Chushingura' ..... fierce send-up of small-town Middle America ..... also notable are the almost incoherent psychedelic ramblings of the linked stories 'Gothra Schvulkopf and the Daily Grind' and 'Gothra Schvulkopf and Her Pumpkin Trolls' which even at their most disconnected ..... are saved by Bird’s skilled pacing and surprisingly lovely turns of phrase ..... copious amounts of profanity ..... the narrative swagger Bird brings to stories like 'The Travails of Ginger Bocey' gives them a welcome, raunchy life all their own ..... fast-paced ..... lewd ..... extremely unconventional short stories ..... may appeal to fans of Mark Danielewski and David Foster Wallace."

-- Kirkus Reviews

"Bird’s 'Hideous Exuberance' is a bird of a different color ..... the universe of 'Hideous Exuberance' is one of demented imagination and verve ..... lies somewhere between Harry Potter burlesque and Tolkien satire ..... doses of hill-country buffoonery and pop-culture mockery ..... a psychosexual storm of non sequitur ..... decidedly adult ..... unpredictable and varied ..... frenetic looping language ..... a fascinating trip through a crazed postmodern world ..... countless alternative spellings ..... puns within puns ..... allusions ..... tangents ..... wordplay ..... uses creative punctuation and multiple subclauses to enrich narratives ..... plays fast and loose with point of view ..... developed and polished to appeal to mature audiences with a taste for the peculiar."

-- Foreword Reviews

"..... Picture "Winesburg, Ohio" as if it had been written by an inmate in a criminal insane asylum. The book is structured as a chain of bizarre character portraits of surreal specimens ..... The opening sections read like revenge salvoes against a gallery of grotesques ..... As the work progresses it gets at once erudite and increasingly less coherent, as though the author had consumed the works of Hieronymus Bosch, John Waters, Richard Wagner, Mark Leyner, Kurt Vonnegut, the Marquis de Sade, Rabelais, William S. Burroughs, Alfred Jarry, both Sedarises, and the Bards who sang "Beowulf" ..... Scatology is an important quiver in Bird's arsenal ..... And, as in the work of Mark Leyner, it [is by means of] the level of the phrase or the sentence that "Hideous Exuberance soars ..... The work is rife with Joycean coinages all Bird's own -- and he sticks to them like the obsessive-compulsive that he obviously is ..... The Feast of Fools meets Armageddon ..... What emerges is a damning portrait of humanity in all it's hypocritical splendor: venal, weak and ingenious in its depravity. I therefore judge it as a highly moral work, a fiction of singular realism ....."

[Author's Note: The above quotes were taken from a review of the 2009 edition of "Hideous Exuberance (Vox Pop Publishing).]

-- Trav SD, Goodreads
[from "Travalanche"]

"Wow!!! This book was quite the read. With character names Gregarious Egregious, Maya Hiyuh Powuh, and Botoxia Bubblebutt I knew at the very least this book would be fun. From the presentations of haute cuisine, to the Ignatius-esque rants, diatribes, and soapbox standing, to the sexual liberation among the characters in a post-post modern world. This book had no bounds .....

..... One of the first satirical pieces of literature I ever read was Voltaire's Candide and while engrossed in the material I kept thinking to myself, why I am laughing at the tortures of so many? Then I realized that that was precisely the point. Events of a serious nature do not always have to be presented by the author or taken by the reader so seriously; unless it is categorized as "too soon" and then you have to wait until you're dead before you receive any acclaim. I am merely mentioning this due to both books tragic comedy styles, as well as the destruction of derrieres, I am not comparing the two:).....

..... Personally I am not familiar with Harry Potter, but after saying Szczmawgwhore(ts) and Whoremoania a few times I started to realize the path where we were heading ..... This book has a lot of moments both good and bad, but the most important thing to remember is that it had MoMeNtS. If you want or need a brief escape from the mundane this book may be for you I just hope you're not easily offended and enjoy various perspectives."

-- Trevor, Goodreads

"..... Mr. Bird creates grotesque caricatures of popular culture in order to highlight anti-intellectualism, egoism and other pitfalls of the modern human condition by exposing them in ways that utterly disgust the reader ..... The first chapter ..... succeeds in disgusting the reader ..... The good news is, the book gets MUCH better if you continue reading. For those who stopped reading after the first chapter or two, it's well worth the struggle to get to the good parts ..... among the chaos [Mr. Bird] manages to very subtly and thoughtfully scare you, make you laugh, and make you think in more familiar ways. There is a lot of valuable insight and wonderful sarcasm in this book and it turns out to be a very good read.

My only wish is that Mr. Bird would spend a little less having fun pushing the envelope with his over the top vulgarity and more time sharing his (obviously very intelligent) insights about the flaws he sees in society ..... Overall a very interesting and quick read, a worthwhile couple of hours and a wonderful piece of work from Mr. Bird. I will read it again (as I'm sure I missed a lot of the good parts) and look forward to reading anything else Mr. Bird may publish in the future. I would NOT, however, recommend this book to the easily offended ..... I do hope that in his next effort he will dial back the absurdity just a hair. Writing inaccessible and challenging books is what pushes literature to new realms, but when you have such clearly valuable insights as are shared in this book, it's worth spending more words actually sharing them. Great satire, but next time I hope for a little less discomfort and a little more subtlety, as he's obviously very good at it."

-- Michael, Goodreads

"Firstly, I would have to warn those faint of heart this may not be the book for you. If you are looking for pg-13 I'd steer clear ..... a collection of at times intersecting short stories, or continuations of previous short stories. There are times when you question the placement or just some things in general but no doubt this is intentional. Mr. Bird deserves credit for at many times making me laugh out loud. Much of his humor is very sudden with little to no lead up and with just the right amount of shock value. The New York counties and other geographical quips were very accurate. I also enjoyed the opening, a hilarious parody which had me shaking my head the entire time ..... Some of the characters, as well as their situations (though dramatized), seem to have a scary real life quality about them. The only real downside to such a strange set of names was at times I had to re-read a section just to make sure I was following along properly. Overall, I enjoyed Hideous Exuberance and enough to make me curious about the "sequel prequel" Catastrophically Consequential. If you are looking for a new type of storytelling then I would suggest this book to you. Go in with an open mind, be ready for some crude text, but know you won't leave disappointed."

-- Justin, Goodreads

"Supremely satirical hilarity cleverly combining irony and dry wit, this uniquely eccentric and quite peculiar book is truly exceptional! ..... colorful stories that are cleverly inspired and totally genius ..... bizarre and individualistic characters add such vibrancy to the multi-linear plots and oddly, truth-drawing realism that is hidden within ..... extraordinarily unusual in the extreme ..... astonishingly incredible book which exceeded and surpassed all expectations by being totally brilliant! As outlandish as ‘the mad hatter’ and yet containing such truthful sincerity within as any great work of literature ..... bewildering and inconceivable that I praise the author highly for producing something so ambitious. Controversial and bold, I would recommend this book to all philanthropists, whose perspective on life may be altered and bibliophiles who seek something ‘out of the ordinary’. Fresh and funny I enjoyed reading this immensely, and like any good book took pleasure from the chaotic confusion and total baffling frivolity. You may think that it is quite nonsensical but it also strikes a chord within, ringing true to life. "

-- Lucinda, Goodreads

".... This book is hilarious!! God bless Steve for taking the time to write it. He is an original artist and a craftman –in a sea of facebook fanatics and texters, who should mostly, like me, be reading NOT writing ..... he is a marvelous anachronism. 50 years ago bird would be famous ..... don’t be thrown off by the presentation or language, delve in and take a ride with the genius that is Steve Bird. If nothing else you will learn wonderful little frazes ..... I am envi[ou]s of [Bird's] ablity to turn a Fraze ..... [such as] “Whoremoania soothed her barbecued buttocks in an aluminum washtub filled with chilled Vaseline” ..... “a House known for it’s delinquent , yet effeminate, population” ..... A vey fun, very well written satire ..... mind blowingly refreshing. When you finally catch on to what cel[e]bs Bird is (relentlessly bashing) talking about; you really start to laugh. It is not [necessarily] easy reading ..... [But] boy is it good ..... This book deserves an audience."

[Author's Note: The above quotes were taken from reviews of both the 2009 edition of "Hideous Exuberance (Vox Pop Publishing) & the 2013 edition of "Hideous Exuberance" (Hysterical Dementia).]

-- Jeff, Goodreads

"..... a confusing and exhilarating plunge into a funhouse/madhouse. Take Harry Potter, Finnegan's Wake, Thomas Pynchon, and Judy Blume, and run them through a Czech blender ..... maybe also a pinch of Douglas Adams. And for you old-time loners, that wonderful experience when you discover you've dropped a coin in the wrong booth and are now in for some German shit-porn. Bird uses lots of deliberate misspellings to create character, mood, and the sense for his readers that he's taking you into a world outside of your wildest imagination. A couple seeming rules through much of the book: Never use a "c" when a "ck" will do. Never use an "sh" or "sch" when an "szcz" will do. America is "Amurycka Profunda", Earth is the "Blue Green Planet", God is "Maya-hiyuh-powuh". Bird seems to delight in the freedom that comes with the ability to create your own universe, in your own way, with just words. He fairly wallows in said freedom."

-- Jim, Goodreads

"Bird is a demiurgic lexicographer with a penchant for tying the reader into a Gordian knot and shocking him with his mind-twisting prose and dialectic pyrotechnics. He does it with a certain relish as he mixes the downright dirty with the thought-provoking, but the narrative does occasionally spiral off into a territory beyond the kingdom of the absurd; webbing storylines whose meanings depend entirely on the perspective from which they are viewed. At other times meaning is dispensed with altogether. Generally, however, “Hideous Exuberance” is frivolous and funny, without compromising its sub-textual rigor or the weighty point it makes about the universe and its inevitable unravelling ..... Every element in the book serves as a prop to illustrate the folly of mankind and every element is executed expertly, making this impudent, sprightly, little novella a wicked, good read."

[Author's Note: The above quotes were taken from a review of the 2009 edition of "Hideous Exuberance (Vox Pop Publishing).]

-- Dolly, Goodreads,
[© Dolly Delightly 2011]

"Well I did manage to ingurgitate over 60 pages of this before it started spilling out my ears in the form of gooey yellow-brownish fecal matter ..... but then what would you expêct from swallowing such non-sensicalistic penned-down vocabularaly? I had to cease eye-balling these farted out wordlings before a frontal lobotamisation occured in my groins. Had this been read in a mid-19th century smoke-filled café and recited by the beatnik du jour, perhaps I would have been able to absorb more of it ..... and the wafting smoke of burnt oochy-coochy humorous tobakeestan would have made it somewhat palatable. As it is I had to share it with my schizophrenic aliases so as not to be alone while munching down on the faux-mots and paroles-grossières, because ..... one is never alone when one is a schizophrenic. Let this be my jazz-hands induced finale!"

-- Paul, Goodreads

"At times challenging to read, not particularly because of the content, but rather the manner in which is was presented. Cause and effect are divorced in this book, as is a progressive story line, character development is out to lunch, sense and sensibility is neither, up may be up; on the other hand it may be yellow. The author appears to have had a fun time developing his stories in the "blender" fashion. This is when you throw all the characters, the plot line, your sanity, the english language, and common sense into a blender and hit MAX on the dial. Whatever comes out, comes out. It is a delightful trip without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Recommended for a time when life just seems to be too regulated and ordered. This book will certainly shake that perspective up, or yellow; like I said earlier."

-- Fred, Goodreads

"Hideous Exuberance was not the style of fantasy I usually read however, I found it quite entertaining and witty if not some what smutty. Your teenage boy style humour. The fact that it was parodies of other novels made it all the more hillarious. Some of them I didn't get the connection and I think I would have got a lot more out of the stories if I knew who they were sending up. I liked the characters, they were all a little bit demented, but you could get a feel for them. Lots of laugh out loud moments throughout the book. The more I read the more I got into the story. A real send up of fantasy novels. A great read for those that don't take their fantasy too seriously."

-- Veronicka, Goodreads

"This is a very very weird, beautiful book. Very difficult to put into a category or a genre. Psychedelic and flamboyant and experimental ..... great work on the language, great beauty of images, references and situations. English is not my first language, so it was not easy at all at the beginning, to enter in this proto-slang written mingling Saramago, Pynchon, Leary and Middle America's Vernacular, but when you're in, is a real trip into sacred intelligent zaniness. Bored to read the same old re-heated shit? Try this."

[Author's Note: The above quotes were taken from a review of the 2009 edition of "Hideous Exuberance (Vox Pop Publishing).]

-- Alberto, Goodreads

"If Wassily Kandinsky and Francis Bacon had written a book ..... Bird has an anomalous approach as an author that requires more than a few mental double-takes and pauses for reflection. He's obviously in the possession of an artfulness and arsenal of more-or-less latent brilliance. This is often evident throughout ..... My favorite analogy of all-time came early in the book: 'his inauthenticitie was comparable to that of a slumming New England aristocrat passing for the prep school gardener.' ..... I think this book was firing on all cylinders and accomplished exactly what it wanted to."

-- Matt, Goodreads

"..... honestly as soon as i saw the title i was like this is book is going to be interesting and man was i right, at the start i was like what the hell is this i had never read book with this kind of writing style before. It was a hilarious book and a real page turner. i just could not put it down. i loved the way it was all set out. all in all i found the book one of the best books i have read in a long time and i recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh. It was like nothing i have ever read before.
Mr bird you have talent."

-- Gautirya, Goodreads

"..... at first I thought 'what the hell am I reading' then I found myself in hysterics, this is definitely a writing style I hadn't come across before. The wording threw me off sometimes but I soon got used to it. The only way I can describe it is writing graffiti. It is no holds barred and the author has done what he likes not what convention would prefer him to do. I really liked the first one, hopefully my opinion will stay the same throughout ..... very enjoyable ....."

-- Laura, Goodreads

"Hideous Exuberance is a portal into the mind of Stephen C Bird. He possesses a fractious world view. His creations are filled with carnal cravings and self loathing for possessing them. He skewers the high and mighty and the beloved with equally withering, bellicose, lurid excreta that will send the genteel reader into shock. For those less genteel, Bird's wordplay and insights and acerbic humor will make the journey worthwhile."

-- Andrea, Goodreads

"Reading "Hideous Exuberance" is like getting really drunk and having the time of your life while remembering everything and having no headache the next day. There are many lucid moments throughout this wonder journey that leave you feeling like you just had a brain car wash. I can't help but feel like Mr. Bird's next book will be called, 'The Expressionist's Guide to Hilarious Depression'."

[Author's Note: The above quotes were taken from a review of the 2009 edition of "Hideous Exuberance (Vox Pop Publishing).]

-- Patrick, Goodreads

"A brilliantly clever read ..... bright and very original with some great and not so great characters ..... a very eclectic collection ..... The dream sequences left me baffled on many an occasion ..... inner monologues quite unsettling but for some reason the stories kept drawing me into them making giving up on the book an impossibility. All in all an extremely original and creative work ....."

-- Mick, Goodreads

"This book was a very difficult read due to the style of writing, with misspelled words and crazy sentences, you definitely have to get a feel for it. This is without a doubt an imaginative, twisted, humourous read that will bend your mind. This book will certainly appeal to those who wish to deviate from the norm, but not recommended for the faint of heart."

-- Denise, Goodreads

"This book is quite different than anything I have read before in a really good way! A humorous yet sarcastic look at society with several intertwined stories. It can get a bit hard to follow because of poetic license so I do want to read it again to fully understand and make sure I didn't miss anything. Recommended for all those looking for new perspectives!"

-- Kattie, Goodreads

"..... repulsive ..... disgusting ..... highly appalling short stories ..... the incoherent ramblings of a demented mind ..... numerous alternative spellings ..... incomprehensible allusions to other fantasy books ..... copious amounts of profanity ..... lewd and extremely unconventional ..... may appeal to fans of Alfred E. Neuman and ..... Mad magazine ....."

-- Scott, Goodreads

"Though the collection of tales does not follow many conventions readers are comfortable with, the collection succeeds at creating a comedic, enjoyable, and satiric piece. The conventions followed alone polarize the opinions of the work, but truly contribute to the comedy that it features to such an extent."

-- Jake, Goodreads

"Readers will either hate this book or they will love it. I must admit that Stephen is a genius writer -- almost reminds me of the "Alice in Wonderland" author. The world that Stephen created was ..... so we say, 'trippy'."

-- Tien, Goodreads

"..... Witty ..... Irritating ..... It was fun figuring out the plays on words ..... Perhaps I spent too much time thinking about the meanings and not enough just enjoying. Overall I liked what it offered ....."

-- Jett, Goodreads

"..... one of the most difficult books I have ever read in my entire life ..... deserves 3 stars because ..... I do like a challenge and this book was the challenge that I was looking for!!!"

-- Alexandra, Goodreads

"I can't quite shelve this book or classify it in a particular genre, but I highly enjoyed it. Very witty, and very unique in style."

-- Amanda, Goodreads

"May I rehash: it is indeed a flam-boyant portrait of hideous venal humanity, with love. And I have gratitude for its very existence."

[Author's Note: The above quotes were taken from a review of the 2009 edition of "Hideous Exuberance (Vox Pop Publishing).]

-- Michellee, Goodreads

"This seems to be one of those [books] that people either love or hate".

"Were not all books this good, we justify."

[Author's Note: The above quotes were taken from a review of the 2009 edition of "Hideous Exuberance (Vox Pop Publishing).]

-- Faux Maux, Goodreads
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