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R. Michael Phillips Rook, Rhyme & Sinker is the 2nd book in his East London Adventures Club Series, and it is every bit as good as the first. Ernie, Nigel, Lily and Patterson involve us in another mystery, this time centering around a rare chess piece rumored to belong to a set carved centuries ago and very valuable.

Along with the gang and a few others from Along Came A Fifer, Mr. Phillips introduces us to some unique characters, one of which is Ernies's best friend from his boyhood years. The story opens with what is believed to be Simon's death and takes off from there. The more the gang tries to unravel how Simon came into possession of the chess piece, if the piece is indeed part of a missing set, and who will profit most from the sale of the piece, the more twists and turns this story takes. From London's back streets, to train rides, to breaking into a chapel, this book will keep you turning the pages, all leading to a clever and detailed ending. One that is sure to make you think.

I look forward to Mr. Phillips third book in the series. He really knows how to write 'em and keep the reader involved and guessing. Rook, Rhyme & Sinker by R. Michael Phillips
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