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Reviewer01 08/19/10

The Awakening is the first book in M.L. Lacy’s Chrysalis saga; it follows 32 years old Bree Campbell who learns the truth about her past and the prophecy about her future. As she is the last Chosen one, who is predicted to either die or fulfil her destiny.
It has a riveting plot line, that has both well thought out and original. The plot line has so many fascinating and surprising twists that are unforeseeable, that this book is impossible to stop reading.
The Awakening has well developed characters that have flaws making them, both realistic and interesting. M.L. lacy has effortlessly blended an entire world of Magicals, such as vampires, werewolves and demons in ordinary society. Often with books that have vampires in them, authors try to combine as many myths and legends as possible, whereas M.L. Lacy as dismissed the myths that would diminish the storyline and instead adds original ideas to make the fascinating and complex Magicals.
One of the many interesting components of this novel would be how some Magicals have the ability to telepathically move items around and to ‘fold space’. It is impossible to think of any flaws in this addictive book, which leaves readers wanting to know what happens next.
In conclusion, The Awakening is a delight to read with well developed characters, plotlines and world. It is both an original and extremely addictive novel that is one of the best recent debut novels.
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Published on August 20, 2010 07:58 • 170 views • Tags: mortals, mystery, paranormal, romance, vampires, witches