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February 24, 2017

So it’s been awhile, huh? Actually, if you follow me on Twitter it probably doesn’t seem like it at all, as I can’t seem to stay AWAY from that medium, despite what it does to my blood pressure these days. But here on the blog, as well as my Facebook page—where I swore the publicity and marketing people at Penguin I would start posting more and I MEANT IT I SWEAR—I’ve been kind of scarce. What can I say? Busy fall. Election results were rough for me. (Maybe not for you, which is fine, but for...

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January 24, 2017

It’s called the Margaret Edwards Award and is given by the American Library Association. According to its website, it “annually recognizes an author and ‘a specific body of his or her work, for significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature’.” I was SO shocked and flattered to be chosen for this, you guys. It’s a huge honor and I’m really, really honored.

edwards award

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Published on January 24, 2017 15:39 • 717 views

October 25, 2016

Want details on my new novel, due in June 2017?

Check out an excerpt here!

Can’t WAIT for you all to read it!


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Published on October 25, 2016 17:17 • 1,010 views

August 20, 2016

You guys.

I have had to keep this news secret for SO long. I am thrilled to finally share that my 13th novel (lucky, right?), ONCE AND FOR ALL, with be out in summer 2017. I can’t wait for you guys to read it!

Read the official announcement in PW here:

I know I’ve been MIA from this blog and, well, everything for awhile. I was working HARD writing this book from January to...

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August 3, 2016

You guys, I am so excited to share the new cover for the paperback of The Truth About Forever! It makes me think of Wes, which is never a bad thing.


Hope to have more fun stuff to share SOON. Stay tuned!

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Published on August 03, 2016 16:03 • 812 views

May 20, 2016

SO excited to announce my first public event in, well, ages. (I’ve been writing! So I have a good excuse!) Come see me in at the Barnes and Noble at Clifton Commons in Clifton, NJ! I’ll be the one talking WAAY too much because I haven’t been out in public in awhile. Hope to see you there!


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Published on May 20, 2016 04:04 • 307 views

May 19, 2016

Saint Anything

Excited to announce that SAINT ANYTHING will be released in paperback on May 31st, just in time for summer reading! Hoping to have some fun stuff to announced along with it. Stay tuned….

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Published on May 19, 2016 05:39 • 245 views

September 17, 2015

At the end of August, I decided it was time to start my next book. It had been a few months since Saint Anything came out, and the promotion side of things was winding down. Moreover, it had been a year and a half since I finished writing that book. Normally, I would have started a new project somewhere in that 18 months, worked myself into a fit when it wasn’t working, and abandon it. I know my history and my cycles. So I decided I would Wait Until I Was Ready.But then, my kid went back to...
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Published on September 17, 2015 10:29 • 2,871 views

August 24, 2015

I’ll be there on Saturday, September 4th. My first trip and I am so excited! More info ishere.Come say hello!

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Published on August 24, 2015 15:13 • 408 views

July 29, 2015 that you don’t want to admit that you did, or assume it, even if you know it’s true. Like doing so will put them at risk again, because who the hell are you?

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This time two days ago, I was on vacation in Cape Cod with my extended family. My parents have a house outside Falmouth and I’ve gone pretty much every summer of my life, first as a kid, now with my own family. It was our last day, our last afternoon, and my daughter really wanted to go for a final s...

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Published on July 29, 2015 13:40 • 806 views