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July 21, 2014

The first eight volumes of Blood and Snow will be in a boxed set this November along with several other amazing vampire novels.

We're trying to pick a cover and need YOUR help. It's easy.

Click on the Facebook link HERE  to vote. Or you can vote on Goodreads and vote HERE and/or HERE

Thank you so much!


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July 11, 2014

Karen Amanda Hooper, author of The Kindrily series and The Sea Monster Memoirs , is releasing a new series, Virtual Arcana. Today, we’re helping her reveal the cover...

Karen says: “I love the cover because it represents the story so perfectly—a blend of old-fashioned and techy, romance and magic, reality and illusion, The Notebook meets The Matrix (with a sprinkling of The Giver). Some friends saw an early sneak peek and asked if the girl was real or a CGI (computer-generated image).  That put a huge smile on my face because that is the perfect question for this series.” *insert mischievous smile here*

Karen gives huge thanks to friend and talented cover designer, Steve Graham of  the INFINITY CREATIVE (www.TheInfinityCreative.com) for making her virtual reality-esque vision a beautiful reality.
Virtual Arcana will release this fall serial style, meaning short episodes (averaging 15-20k) will be published frequently (official schedule TBA), instead of waiting 6-12 months between each long book in a trilogy. Each episode will be named after one of the major arcana cards of a tarot deck.
Season 1- Episode List
0- The Fool1-The Magician
2-The High Priestess3-The Empress4-The Emperor5-The Hierophant6- The Lovers
Karen says: “It’s an experiment for me as an author and for my readers. If Virtual Arcana develops a good following I’ll continue with season 2 and 3. That would mean 22 total episodes, one for each of the 22 major arcana tarot cards.”

Summary of Virtual Arcana :
In a faraway future, Kelsey Zellar is starting her senior year at yet another school thanks to her twin sister’s troublesome obsession with outlawed virtual reality games.
Every school they’ve ever attended is pretty much the same: lunchroom drama, rich kids binging on enhancement candies, and classmates rallying for or against the government’s strict control over everything from entertainment privileges to caffeine consumption.
Unlike her sister, Kelsey follows the rules and keeps her nose out of trouble and politics while sniffing out her next flavored latte and favorite novel. But when Kelsey meets a charming book connoisseur, and accepts his offering of a tarot card, she takes the first step toward two new addictions: the guy of her dreams, and his illegal dealing of virtual escapes into her beloved storybooks.
Kelsey straddles the worlds of fiction and reality, but is she a fool for believing in her own happy ending? Add it on Goodreads

Karen says: “I realize some of my readers don’t/won’t care for episodic storytelling, so of course there will be the option to wait until the first season is complete and read all the episodes straight through as one full-length novel. But I wanted to offer my new series as a serial for those readers who dislike waiting so long to read more.”

To celebrate, Karen is giving away EIGHT ebooks of the first episode: The Fool. Open internationally. Enter using the Rafflecopter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Karen Hooper writes young adult paranormal and fantasy, and is the author of The Kindrily series and The Sea Monster Memoirs. She is currently sunning and splashing around Florida with her two beloved dogs. She’s addicted to coffee, chocolate, and complicated happily-ever-afters.
You can find her at www.KarenAmandaHooper.com .
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July 9, 2014

What if psychic warfare is real???

Christine Fonseca's latest action-packed, heart-pounding thriller COLLIDE, explores the world of psychic warfare with a new twist!

The most dangerous secrets are the ones that kill.
When a surprising mental breakdown draws too much attention from a secret government group call the Order, 17-year-old Dakota discovers that her so-called boring life isn’t so boring after all. Between the lies, secrets and assassins out to kill her family, Dakota discovers there’s more to paranormal activity than ghosts and cheap mind tricks. Now she must uncover the truth before a new breed of terrorism takes everything away – including her life.


Early Praise:

"Collide is a fast moving, suspenseful thriller full of twists and turns around every bend. An action packed read that will have your heart slamming in your chest and your mind racing until the end."
- Brooke DelVecchio, the Cover Contessa - blogger/reviewer
And here is a little teaser:

Get your copy of COLLIDE today! Only $2.99. 

Quick and Easy Tweets:

New Release! COLLIDE by chrstinef The most dangerous secrets are the ones that kill!!! #Thriller #Suspense #Paranormal #YA http://ow.ly/yOsw4

There's more to paranormal activity than cheap mind tricks in COLLIDE. #Newrelease by @chrstinef #YA #paranormal http://ow.ly/yOsIC

Christine Fonseca, exploring humanity one story at a time.
Critically acclaimed and award-winning author of YA novels and nonfiction, Christine is dedicated to helping people of all ages find their own unique voice in our noisy world. She crafts psychological thrillers, sweeping romances and self-help books that explore the darker aspects of humanity with hope and authenticity. A love lover of books, lattes, and family, Christine is passionate about the world and believes that all things are possible when we work together. Find out more about Christine, her books, and her passion for life at http://christinefonseca.com.


What's a party without a celebration, right? So, I have a little giveaway to celebrate. Check out the wonderful NEW releases from other Indie author buds of mine, as well as the SIGNED PAPERBACKS and a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card I'm giving away. I'll tell you, it is an extravaganza to be sure!

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July 7, 2014


Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul is the third book in The Minstrel Series 
(This is a connected book series - while each book can stand alone, they are best enjoyed in sequence.)


She's heartbroken. He's heartless.
Gabriele Baumann-Smith is deliriously in love with her young husband Lennon. Except, it turns out that Lennon Smith isn't his real name. In fact, he's full of secrets: a cottage on the southern British coast, an old girlfriend and... an identical twin  brother.
Callum Jones—not his real name—can't believe his brother's widow came to England. He'd warned Mick—Lennon—that a n inheritance could put the girl's life in danger, and he was right.
“Mrs. Smith” is the last thing Callum needs to worry about right now. She's beautiful, sure, takes his breath away at times. But when she looks at him, who does she see?
Gabriele's heart is battered and bruised. Can one brother fix what the other left behind? And will they live long enough to  find out?

BUZZ for Heart & Soul

"...this took a turn for the spy/thriller genre, which surprised me, but still carried the strong romantic flavor and wonderful accompanying music, like the first two books. I think this is a great series and would recommend it to contemporary romance fans." Denise Jaden, author of Foreign Exchange
"Another great book by Lee! This one had action, wit and a forbidden love! Love the characters and their interaction with each other! Can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!" Tressa Sager, Amazon reviewer
"I don't want to give away what the danger is, but suffice it to say, it's a real and plausible threat. Gabrielle is a good leading lady. She doesn't back down from anything or anyone in this book, but she's still vulnerable, making her well-rounded and likable." J Harrell, Amazon reviewer
AMAZON | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | itunes | Google Play

Heart & Soul in Print Createspace

The Music from The Minstrel Series Volume 3 Heart & Soul
Featuring the author's daughter, Tasia Strauss!

Lee Strauss' thoughts on The Minstrel Series and Heart & Soul:
"My musician husband and I just randomly started talking about the idea of working on a project together - wouldn't it be great if we could collaborate and merge our two artistic worlds? Writing and Music? That was the seed that started the muse talking, and soon afterward The Minstrel Series was born!
For Heart & Soul, I knew I wanted to move the series from Germany to England (next to Ireland and Boston!) and that I needed a small coastal town not far from London. I used Google Earth to examine the British coastline to search for the perfect town and found it in Emsworth. Living in Germany part-time has its advantages and one of them is its proximity to England. My husband and I did a quick five day research trip. (It also came in handy for the next book, a Christmas novella set in London - stay tuned!)
Because of the musical aspect of this series, I'm always on the prowl for songs and singers. My connection to the singer-songwriter world via my musical husband has been a big advantage. My husband's musical genes have also been down to our kids, so it's exciting to involve my daughter Tasia in the project to be the singing voice of Gabriele."
Click HERE to read the first chapter of Heart & Soul. 
**One of the entry options will ask a question from the above chapter.

About The Minstrel Series:
The Minstrel Series is a collection of contemporary romance novels set in the singer/songwriter world. The books are companion novels, with shared settings and characters, but each is a complete stand-alone story with a HEA (happily ever after) and no cliffhangers!
The books include MP3 links to original music by talented Indie Artists, so you can hear the characters sing!
#1     Sun & Moon#2     Flesh & Bone #3     Heart & Soul #3.5  Peace & Goodwill (Christmas Novella coming Fall 2014)

It also has its own FACEBOOK (link) page and its own BANDCAMP (link) page where you can listen to the original music associated with the books. Albums are also available on AMAZON.

About Lee Strauss:
Lee Strauss is the author of The Minstrel Series (contemporary romance), The Perception Series (young adult dystopian) and young adult historical fiction. She is the married mother of four grown children, three boys and a girl, and divides her time between British Columbia, Canada and Dresden, Germany. When she's not writing or reading she likes to cycle, hike and do yoga. She enjoys traveling (but not jet lag & :0), soy lattes, red wine and dark chocolate.


New Release! HEART & SOUL, bk3 in a connected series by @leestrauss #Romance #Thriller #suspense #music #musicians http://www.amazon.com/Heart-Soul-cont...
Love #Romance and #Suspense? #Music? HEART & SOUL, bk3 in a connected series by @leestraussbooks 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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July 1, 2014

I resisted setting up a street team, worried mine would fail, but taking the plunge has been one of my best career decisions. 
What is a street team? A group of readers who are your biggest fans. They are your cheerleaders. Those who want to shout from the cyber rooftops that your books rock. 
How do you set one up? You can get as fancy or elaborate as you want. For me, I set up a closed group on Facebook and then invited those on my author page who were interested to join. 
How is it beneficial? That depends on what you believe you need as an author. This is what mine is for: Members of RaShelle's street team will receive advanced reader copies of her books in order to post reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, etc, and help spread the news of new releases...
It's really simple to do. I've only had mine set up a few months and have already reaped the benefits. 
Do you have a street team?

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June 21, 2014

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be a part of this awesome blog hop. It's a scavenger hunt, so be sure to find the highlighted word in this post, so you can enter the grand prize contest (which has AMAZING prizes!).

Thank you so much RaShelle for having me today!

My name is Tracy Banghart, and I'm the author of three young adult novels: Moon Child, By Blood, and Shattered Veil. My newest, Shattered Veil, is a YA/crossover scifi adventure featuring Aris, a talented wingjet pilot who joins the war effort in secret and discovers love isn't the only thing worth fighting for. ;-)

Here's the official description:
When everything that defines you is stripped away, who do you become?

War has invaded Atalanta’s quiet villages and lush woodlands, igniting whispered worries in its glittering capitol. Far from the front lines, 18-year-old Aris Haan, a talented wingjet flyer, has little cause for concern. Until her beloved Calix is thrust into the fray, and a stranger makes her an impossible offer: the chance to join a secret army of women embedded within the all-male military.

Aris’s choice to follow Calix to war will do more than put her in physical danger; it will make her question everything she believes about herself. When she and her enigmatic commander uncover a deadly conspiracy, her expert flying may be the only hope for her dominion’s survival…and her own.

"It’s Mulan meets Battlestar Galactica, with a heroine who is strong enough to save a nation…but only if she’s willing to sacrifice everything, even the one promise she swore she’d never break." Winner, 2nd Place, Fiction: 2014 IndieReader Discovery Awards

Today I'm going to share with you a deleted scene from the novel. It's from early in the story, before Aris's boyfriend Calix is sent to war. Aris is obviously having a hard time letting him go - she begins the book quite dependent on him and doesn't know what to do or who she'll be without him. You also get a little sense of the larger political situation in this excerpt, which might not make a whole lot of sense out of context. ;-) I ended up cutting this scene because I wanted to put Aris on her path of transformation a little quicker, and I felt that her longing for Calix was better served elsewhere. However, if you read Shattered Veil, you might find that a few lines sound familiar - I stole bits and pieces from this scene and repurposed them. :-) Well, here we go! I hope you enjoy!
~~Only eight days until Calix left, and no one said a word about it.
Aris sat wedged between the wall and his side in a dark, smoky corner of the Toad. Their friends were gathered around the table with them – Phaedra and Rakk, Echo, Akantha. Aris tried to pay attention to their conversation, but all she could think about was eight days. One hundred ninety two hours. How that was nothing, when she wanted all the hours of her life to be with him.
“Everyone’s saying the Ward of Ruslana fainted in the middle of the World Council,” Echo was saying, “But I’m not sure I believe it. She always wears those elaborate dresses – they’re gorgeous, all spangles and bright purples and reds – and she never even wobbles, even though I bet they’re incredibly heavy. Why would she just pass out, while they were sitting around some old table talking? I mean, I don’t get it.“ Echo paused to draw a breath.
Rakk leaned forward. “I heard she’s in quarantine for some rare bacterium.” The dim light played against the ridged burn scars on his face and neck. Without meaning to, Aris glanced at his ear; most of it had been melted away by a firebomb. He’d only been back six months, and he still didn’t talk much about the war.
Would Calix be that way? So serious, his eyes full of shadows he couldn’t hide? What if he was injured? Just because he was going as a Field Mender didn’t mean he would be safe.
You could save lives. Who knows, maybe even Calix’s.
Tress’s words burst into her head out of nowhere. She took a deep breath.
“Are you okay?” Calix whispered against her ear, drawing her closer into his warmth.
She put her hand on his knee and forced a smile as she looked up at him. “Of course.” Then, turning to the others, she said tentatively, “Father says if we gave Safara access to Fex River it could end the fighting…”
Rakk shook his head. “Sorry, but I don’t believe it. I think Ward Nekkos is right; Safara is just using the river as an excuse. They don’t want to renegotiate trade. They want to occupy Atalanta.”
“I don’t know.” Calix’s words were slow, measured. “Ward Balias keeps talking about his people dying of starvation and water-borne illnesses. If Safara is really that bad off, maybe they do just need more resources.”
Rakk dropped his eyes to his drink and Phaedra moved closer to him, threading her arm through his. “But do you really think Ruslana would have imposed sanctions if that was all that was going on?” she asked, glancing from Rakk to Calix.
Before anyone could respond, the band erupted into a quick, clanging dance beat.
“Oh, let’s dance, can’t we? All this political talk is depressing.” Akantha stood and stretched, her long, lithe body shimmering in a thin-strapped golden dress. Heads turned to watch from all around the bar. Aris sighed in envy, not at the looks Akantha got, but at the way she moved: smooth and liquid as the lines of paint in the art she sold to galleries all over Atalanta. Being around Akantha made her feel even more clumsy and awkward. But, she reminded herself, Akantha was a terrible flyer. Aris could pilot a wingjet just as gracefully as Akantha could move. Maybe even better than she could paint.
“Do you feel up to dancing?” Calix asked. Everyone was standing, moving toward the dance floor, the music soaring and swirling, the thump of the beat shaking the drinks on their table.
“Sure. Don’t you?” Aris asked, following him out of the booth.
“You’re not too tired?” He kept his arm on her waist to steady her.
“Oh, no. I’m fine. Thanks.” She smiled, ignoring Akantha’s eye roll. She knew Calix’s protectiveness annoyed her friend, but Aris liked it. Akantha had only moved to Lux a couple of years ago; she didn’t know how sick Aris had been, how the headaches and leg tremblors had lasted for years, long after she’d started walking again.
Aris wasn’t a very good dancer, so she and Calix just rocked in time with the beat, their arms tight around each other, out of the way of the other dancers.
“I can’t stop thinking about it,” she said, wishing he would hold her tighter.
“Me leaving?” He wove a hand into her long hair, pulling gently until she tipped her head back to meet his eyes.
She nodded and he let her go, so she could press her cheek against his chest. “No one talks about it. No one asks you how you feel or if you’re packed, or…I don’t know. I just…they act like it’s not even happening.”
“What would they say? It’s my job, just like it was Rakk’s. I know they’re sad I’m leaving. I don’t need them to tell me all the time.”
“Because you have me for that, right?” she said, the bitterness in her voice making the joke fall flat.
Calix kissed her forehead. “It’s going to be fine, I promise. We’re going to make it through this.”
She tilted her head back, so his lips would find hers. Sliding her arms up around him and pressing closer, she felt his hands tighten reflexively on her waist. The music pounded all around them, fast and wild. She wanted him, and he’d said he wanted her. There was so little time left, so few days and hours and minutes to be together. She wanted this promise at least, the promise of his body against hers, the promise of skin against skin in the dark. Tonight, perhaps, after they’d said goodnight to their friends, they could slip down to the beach, to their special place, a cave they’d found years ago in their wanderings. It was quiet, private…
Her tongue snuck between his lips and she leaned up on her toes, her dress sliding against the smooth fabric of his tunic.
He pulled away.
“Aris,” he whispered disapprovingly, his eyes darting to the dancers twirling around the room. He kept swaying to the music, his arms around her, but there was distance now between them.
Eight more days and he’d be gone. If only he’d let them Promise. Then they could have—
The agony and the heat seethed uselessly in her veins, and suddenly she couldn’t stand being so close to him. She yanked herself from his arms and stumbled through the crowd to the door.
Outside, she leaned against the curving wall of the bar, breath heaving in her lungs. She couldn’t do it. Couldn’t pretend everything was okay the way the rest of them did. She leaned forward, bracing her hands on her knees.
“Aris!” Calix pushed through the door and rushed to her side. “Are you okay?”
He tried to pull her against his chest, but she pushed at his arms. “Stop asking me that! Of course I’m not okay! Nothing is okay, and you know it. Stop acting like I should be fine!”
“I’m sorry. I just wanted—”
“It’s all about you, isn’t it? What you think is right. What you want. What about me?” She took a deep breath, trying to calm down. What she was saying—it wasn’t fair. But she couldn’t help it. She felt so blighting powerless. “Rakk and Phae Promised before he left. Why was it okay for them but not for us? I don’t understand, Calix. I can’t stand this!”
Calix reached for her hand, but she wouldn’t let him touch her. “Don’t you remember?” he said. “They Promised before Rakk got reassigned. They didn’t know he’d be going away.”
Aris sniffed and swiped at her face. “So? It worked out anyway, didn’t it? They’re getting married in a few months.” She turned and met his gaze, her eyes pleading. “We could still Promise. We have a few more days.”
“Why isn’t this enough for you?” he burst out. “Can’t you see I’m trying to do what’s best for us? Why do you keep pushing?”
Her lips snapped shut. He never yelled at her. They never fought like this. What was happening to them?
“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “It’s just—I don’t want you to go. Being Promised—” her voice cracked. “—it’s something to hold on to. When you’re far away and I can’t reach you. I’d still have something.” Holy, she was crying again.
“Leaving you isn’t a choice. You can’t keep blaming me for this.”
“How can you say that? I don’t blame you—”
“I know. I’m sorry.” His face softened. “But, Aris, not Promising…it isn’t the end of us. You can’t keep acting like it is. I’m trying to do what’s right so we can have a future.”
Aris put her hand on his chest. “I know you are. I just can’t help wanting our future to start now.”
“I love you too much to risk it,” he said, his voice rough, “I don’t want to make any mistakes.” He pulled her into his arms.
She closed her eyes and leaned into him. It made sense, what he said. She knew she had to stop pushing. On some level, she did understand his reasoning. That didn’t make the waiting – the wanting – easier. But she could do it. For him, she’d wait forever.
“You can’t make a mistake. Not with us.”
Well, there you have it! I hope you like what you read and that you'll check out Shattered Veil. Only $2.99 for a Kindle copy! Click here to download now! Also, I will have some VERY exciting news to share next month, so if you'd like to be one of the first to know, sign up for my newsletter (I send out emails once a month and usually give away stuff. No spamming!) About the Author Army wife and new mom Tracy Banghart has an MA in Publishing and an unhealthy affection for cupcakes. Her quiet childhood led to a reading addiction, writing obsession, and several serious book boyfriends. Shattered Veil is her third novel.  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Here's the schedule for the rest of the blog hop, and don't forget to join us today for the all-day, awesomesauce Facebook party, with even MORE prizes! Here's the link!
EuphorYA Scavenger Hunt Blog Stops
Here's the schedule for the EuphorYA Scavenger Hunt. Each blog stop features exclusive content from one of our authors as well as a giveaway. Collect the blue / red / pink colored words to make the daily secret phrases. Then enter for your chance to win the Grand Prize Giveaway--$75 Amazon / Nook gift card (first prize only), books and swag (first, second and third prizes).
Day One Stops, Friday ,June 20 –  Blue Phrase Anna Silver Chloe Jacob’s World | Elana Johnson | Books By Intisar | Ali CrossDay Two Stops, Saturday, June 21 –  Red Phrase Elisabeth Wheatley | T.L. Shreffler | RaShelle Workman | Kelly Walker | Hannah L. Clark | Christy DorrityDay Three Stops, Sunday, June 22 –  Pink Phrase Rhiannon Hart | Natasha Hanova | Tracy E. Banghart Kaitlyn Deann | Jadie JonesIn addition to the grand prize (rafflecopter form below), I'm giving away a $10 Amazon giftcard! You'll find the rafflecopter below.

GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAYa Rafflecopter giveaway

$10 AMAZON GIFTCARDa Rafflecopter giveaway
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June 16, 2014

Writers can be solitary people. Me personally? I tend to be solitary and socially awkward. But when VR Christensen, author of Cry of the Peacock asked me to participate in a blog hop I decided what the heck. So throwing social awkwardness to the wind, here I go. 
Each author is supposed to answer four questions and then pass those questions on to another author or several. 
Here are the questions and my answers: 
1) What am I working on now?
I'm finishing up A Beauty so Beastly . It's a fractured fairytale about a beauty who is also the beast. After that, I'm thinking I'm going to write another book about vampires... or not. Decisions. Decisions. 
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
With my fractured fairy tales, I took a well known character ~ Snow White ~ and made her something wholly different ~ like a vampire and I put her in a modern world full of hot guys, high school, and technology. 
3) Why do I write what I do?
The easy answer is that I love it. Digging a little deeper, right now I write what I do for the fun of it. I enjoy losing myself in the stories. It's entertainment for myself and hopefully for my readers. Serious story ideas are ready to be written, but I'm not ready to go there. Yet. 
4) How does my writing process work?
I start with an idea. Let it stew. Write up a synopsis. Let the ideas marry a while. Write another synopsis. Then write another book. Come back to the idea. Write another synopsis. Write the story. 
Once I've done that, I can usually get the story out within a couple of weeks. If I get stuck, I like to use the book SAVE THE CAT by Blake Snyder to get me on the right track. I'll also brainstorm with an author friend (like Ali Cross).  
And that's it!!!
What's your writing process? 
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May 29, 2014

In honor of my newest fractured fairy tale, I'm doing a pre release party for A BEAUTY SO BEASTLY. It'll run until release day, which is July 3rd. 
The pre release price is only .99 cents!!!
(The cover will be revealed on June 5th, so stay tuned.)AND I'll be giving away more prizes over the next month on my Facebook page. Be Sure to enter Below.(U.S. entries only.)

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm
Dior 'Addict' Lip Gloss
Bobbi Brown 'beach' Eau de Parfum
Autographed copy of A BEAUTY SO BEASTLY
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here's the summary:
“For your vanity, your cruelty, and your cold unfeeling heart, a curse I leave upon you . . .” 

What happens if the beauty is also the beast? 

The stunning Beatrice Cavanaugh is considered American royalty. She has everything except the ability to love. Cursed on her eighteenth birthday, she becomes more beastly than ever, having a newfound craving for raw meat, and an undeniable yearning for the night. Bitterness is her only companion. 

After accusing a maid of stealing, a disgustingly kind and exquisitely handsome guy named Adam shows up asking Beatrice to drop the charges against his mother. 

Infuriated by his goodness, Beatrice vows to break him. Destroy him. Make him hurt the way she hurts. So she agrees. On one condition: Adam must take his mother’s place as a servant in the mansion. 

Because Beatrice won’t stop until he’s more beastly than she is. 
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May 28, 2014

     This is the only place I feel like I belong, the only place that feels right. Like home. Even though I don’t know why it does. Of course, I don’t know what home really feels like, either.
     I’ve watched enough TV in the ‘kid bunkers’ I was raised in to know what a home should be full of—smiling kids and kitchens with Thanksgiving dinners—but this place doesn’t have any of that. All it has is a lot of commuters so focused on what happens in the next ten minutes that they forget to look up and see the stars, they forget to see the world around them. They just move forward like cattle as the trains roar and their shoes squeak on marble.
     I know that home isn’t supposed to be like this.
Even from what I have been able to glean from the hoards of homes the state has shuffled me through, I know home is more than turkeys and fights over television remotes. All those homes had the weekend board games and the fake parents who did their best to plaster fake smiles on their faces, but they didn’t feel the same as this place does. They didn’t feel like it filled up the hole in my gut that had been there since the day they first found me.
     I’m not making much sense, am I?
     I guess that’s to be expected. No one understands me. At least, that’s what they keep saying…
     I come here far more than someone in my situation should. I come here and stand in the same spot, the same place they found me in all those years ago.
     Right here.
     Right where it all began. Where I lost my memory and my past.
     Where I lost my family.
     I guess that’s why this place feels so much like home.
     Maybe it is home, just like River said.
     Maybe that’s why I come here… I’m just waiting for it to start again.






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May 14, 2014

Discover amazing audio books and enter to win FREE audio book coupons!The AudaVoxx Email Newsletter brings together listeners, authors and narrators of audio books. Audio book listeners need quick, reliable sources for discovering audio books. Authors and narrators need a way toiPod Earbuds share news of their audio books and a platform to give away their promotional coupons. AudaVoxx serves both needs at once.Listeners sign up to receive email newsletters based on the genres they like to listen to and authors and narrators now have an opportunity to reach their listeners in a way they never had before.Why AudaVoxx?Discover high-quality audio books available in genres you love. We vet the audio books we share, so you don't have to!Enter giveaway contests every week for FREE audio books!Also learn about the accompanying e-book versions for some audio books. If you purchase the audio book you'll often receive a discount for the e-book and vice versa. And with Whispersync technology, you can switch seamlessly between the e-book and audio book for an immersive experience.Learn more about the producers who narrate these great audio books with our Narrator Spotlights.You may not currently be an audio book listener or maybe you haven’t jumped into listening since the olden days, back when we used to buy audio books on tapes and CDs. It’s a whole new world out there now! Nowadays, we can listen to audio books on our smart phones while out for a jog, commuting to work, or washing the dishes. Amazing, huh? AudibleWith companies like Audible.com at the forefront of a popular trend, we can now listen to audio books anywhere on any device. There’s no better time to check out audio books!Authors and Narrators: Learn more about AudaVoxx HERE.Listeners: Sign up for the AudaVoxx Newsletter HERE. Happy listening!
You can find Sleeping Roses on the site May 30th. 

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