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I wrote this book after I had worked in an IVF unit.

Every time a women or a couple came for treatment we'd all hold our breath, desperately hoping for the right outcome for everyone.

My heroine, Robina has her own fertility problems and when she's asked to make a documentary about fertility she's not at all sure if she can cope.

She also has the problem of her own failing marriage to deal with and it doesn't make it easier when the doctor in charge of the fertility unit is her husband, Dr Niall Ferguson.

I return to Africa in the book,but this time it's Cape Town. (Her Very Special Boss was set in Gauteng.)

It was tricky balancing the reality of IVF, while keeping the story positive and giving as many couples as possible their happy ever after. I hope readers think I achieved this!

The Doctor's Lost-and Found Bride: AND Miracle - Marriage Reunited
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Published on August 22, 2011 06:53 • 319 views • Tags: doctor, ivf, medical, romance, tv