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Check out the feature interview in Beautifully Said Magazine. I love what these two women are doing! They are doing a lot more than putting out a magazine; they are connecting with movers and shakers in media, entertainment, business, politics, sports and education!

Click on the link directly below to read my feature interview in Beautifully Said! Thanks!
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Tywebbin Creations does a wonderful job developing the "Love Pour Over Me" short film. This complicated, engaging and page-turning entertaining read has got to go on your bookshelf. Don't miss the chance to dive into the heart of this love story that's replete with mystery, friendship, championship duels and splendor!

You're going to fall in love with these characters! Watch the short film at -
Denise Turney is a professional writer who brings more than 34 years of book, newspaper, magazine, radio and business writing to a project. She is the author of the books Portia, Love Has Many Faces,Spiral, Rosetta’s Great Adventure, Long Walk Up and Love Pour Over Me. Denise Turney is the host of Off The Shelf radio; she is also an internationally celebrated author who is listed in various entertainment and business directories, including industry leaders such as Who’s Who, 100 Most Admired African-American Women and Crosswalk . Denise Turney’s works have appeared in Parade, Essence, Ebony, Madame Noire, Halogen TV, The Pittsburgh Quarterly and Obsidian II. Denise would love you to visit her online at:

Turney’s latest book is entitled Love Pour Over Me. This novel is about a young man named Raymond who was abandoned by his mother at 2 yrs old, and left to the hands of his abusive & alcoholic father. He was later accepted to Pemberton University in Philadelphia, PA on a scholarship awarded to him for his track & field talents. Just when Raymond thought he’d escaped his dysfunctional home life with his father, he’s pulled back in with a murder being the reason. As if life couldn’t get any more confusing Raymond is also caught up in an intimate relationship with a woman who he has fell love with.

Click on this link to view a short film about the book and to preview the first chapter of Turney’s book Love Pour Over Me. You can also purchase Turney’s book from Amazon or Barenes & Nobel . For more information on the author and her other works visit You can also tune into her radio show Off the Shelf on To be up to date on Turney’s latest moves follow her on Twitter @DTWriters.