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Hi everyone,
I write a great deal of novels, and what I realized is that our children in America is reading far less than any other country,why is that??

I love books and maybe that just me,but I notice that my nieces and nephews don't read like I did when I was their age, all they want to do is watch the televison and play on the nitendo,which there is nothing wrong with that, but as the year goes on an average child never read a book during the year.

As authors I think that we need to experiment on ways to get children to read,then as they become an adult they will already like to read.I give a lot of credit to JK Rowling she did what many try for years to do, and that is to get children all over the world reading.As an Author I will like to know what do you think we need to do? because when I was younger it did not take a lot to inspired me to read,now that technology is here it is taking most of our childrens time..Thank you all in advance for your ideas.
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Published on March 14, 2009 17:36 • 189 views • Tags: adult, authors, book, books, carrot-top, children, harry-potter, lovers, network, peter, reading, social, teens, young