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People who read Stranger with My Face often ask me if I believe in astral projection. I do today, because I have experienced it. Out-of-body experiences are most likely to occur during times of extreme physical or emotional trauma. People who undergo emergency surgery sometimes describe "rising to the ceiling" and looking down with interest as medics work on their bodies. In my own case, the trauma was emotional. In 1989, my youngest daughter, Kaitlyn, 18, was murdered. Overwhelmed by grief, I cried myself to sleep, and shortly before dawn I awoke to the strange sensation of heavy vibrations starting in my feet and moving slowly up through my body to center in my chest. Then I experienced the sensation of being manually lifted, as if I were in a hospital bed with a back that could be raised mechanically.
A moment later, without having moved a muscle, I found myself in an upright position. I looked down at the bed and saw my body lying there. The instant my eyes caught sight of it, I was snapped back into it as if I were attached to it by an overstretched rubber band.
That same thing happened on several occasions. I was never able to induce such events or control where they took me, as my character Lia could in my fictional novel. They happened on their own and have become less frequent with the years. They seldom happen now.
It should be noted that those experiences occurred years after I wrote Stranger with My Face in 1981. They did not inspire the novel. When I wrote it, I thought I was writing fantasy.
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