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February 13, 2014

Now through Monday (Feb. 17th) the Dark Hall Press Cosmic Horror Anthology - featuring my short story 'The Unknown' - will be available free for Kindle through Amazon.

Dark Hall Press is proud to present our Cosmic Horror Anthology, ten tales of nameless terror from some of the most exciting voices in the field.

It’s all here, from stories of subtle, invasive menace to tales of full-fledged cyclopean horrors; from alien worlds to the yawning holes in perception where strange forces lurk; where nature takes on a terrifying sentience and one is not safe even in dreams.

We at Dark Hall invite you to join us in celebration of the modern weird tale, to cast off the veil of reason and see the universe for what it truly is – frightening and uncontrollable.
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Published on February 13, 2014 08:26 • 15 views • Tags: horror, short-stories, space, weird

January 31, 2014

I've stared 2014 with a little flurry of acceptances. Firstly, my short story 'The Unknown' was accepted for the Cosmic Horror Anthology from Dark Hall Press, due for release in early February. Dark Hall Press bill themselves as 'publishing superior works of horror fiction' so I'm pleased that my story has been chosen for inclusion.

Also due in February is the anthology Monster Hunter: Doomsday from Emby Press which will feature a short I wrote about three experienced hunters and their prey, 'Besta Preto'.

Kicking things off though should be Fear's Accomplice from Noodle Doodle Publications, in which my story 'One Remaining Wish' with its profane/blasphemous first line opens the book, much to my childish amusement.

I'd like to thank the editors William Renehan, Miles Booth, and Tim Mclean for believing in these stories.
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Published on January 31, 2014 06:23 • 12 views