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Because so many people have been asking "what is it like to have your novel coming out?" I thought I would keep a daily blog for at least the next thirty-two days...maybe longer, we'll see.

Don't expect much in literary merit in these quick, and very frank updates. But do expect to get a realistic picture of what is it is like to be a debut novelist.

So today, Saturday.

I ran early morning, as sun was rising. I saw deers. I came home and then updated my web site for the next FOUR hours. (I am still in the learning curve.) I tried to find a way to get a pdf of a great interview that appeared in the Library publication McNaughton Adult Fiction. I received a copy of the publication yesterday and was pleased to see that The Crying Tree is listed as one of just TWO novels that are "Not to be missed." The other is SO HAPPY TOGETHER by Maryann McFadden.

After this I cleaned up the yard from the terrific storm we had on Thursday. And now, finally, I will close the computer, take a shower and make food for a party this evening.
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Published on June 06, 2009 14:55 • 206 views • Tags: book, crying, debut, launch, tree
Two days ago I received an overnight package. It was my book. Hardback edition, signed, sealed and delivered.

It was a surreal experience, mostly because it felt so quiet. No fanfare, no adrenaline rush. Just a package I'd been expecting and, yes, there it was, and didn't it look nice? And look there is my name on my book, my baby, my child.

My nine year old son was home, so was a friend of his. Together we opened the envelope. We each handled the book. Touched its cover, opened it. Closed it. Someone sniffed it. Maybe it was the dog. But really it should have been me. Instead, I simply put it on the coffee table and then went back to my computer as Elijah and his friend went off to explore the woods.

An hour later, we went to the pool, and I finished reading Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson, and thought of books and authors and all they do to put their words in front of others hoping someone will pick it up and read and understand.

Maybe that why I am so subdued. The act of writing is an act of faith, hoping beyond hope that someone somewhere will pick up what you wrote and say, yes -- I feel this. I am touched. I am changed. That is what good books do for me, and it seems like an incredibly steep and scary slope to hope that that is what I will do for others. But it can't be denied

It can, however, be ignored -- in spurts. So I take my son to the pool and then out for ice-cream and then we climb the hill back home, and eat our dinner on the deck and watch a deer trot across the field, and do not mention reading or writing or my brand new book sitting on the coffee table -- waiting for me to give it a good sniff.
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Published on June 18, 2009 18:22 • 196 views • Tags: book, countdown, crying, debut, launch, novel, tree