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Keibooks Announces Catzilla! Tanka, Kyoka, and Gogyohka About Cats

13 September 2010 —Perryville, Maryland, USA

Keibooks announces publication of Catzilla! Tanka, Kyoka, and Gogyohka About Cats. Edited by M. Kei, the anthology features the work of forty-five poets from around the world. The poets have written tanka, kyoka, and gogyohka—five line poems originally from Japan—in homage to our funny, friendly, and infuriating feline companions. Covering the full range of personality and behavior, the cats of Catzilla! are by turns endearing, heartbreaking, funny, and tragic.

The cover cat, Timmynocky (Swedish for ‘thingamabob’), is a ship’s cat
serving aboard a tall ship on the East Coast of the United States. This summer ‘Timmynocky the Sailor Cat’ achieved notoriety when the editor, M. Kei, detailed his exploits on his blog. The full account of Timmynocky’s adventures can be read at .

waking to something
ominous . . . . . . I find
it’s just my cat
going for a late night stroll
on the keys below middle C

Sylvia Forges-Ryan

eros has stopped
by my garden and kindled
a little flame —
I’ve fallen for this cat
with the eyes of a prophet

M. L. Grace

Gus, the rest home cat
sits on the bed
of the next one
to leave this world

André Surridge

“Cats are highly evolved, intriguing, mysterious, ruled-by-no-one beings who are mischievious bringers of unwanted gifts. Cats off to M.
Kei for bringing us a collection of tanka that tears at our heartstrings one moment and has us giggling the next.” —Alexis Rotella, author of Black Jack Judy and the Crisco Kids

List of Poets included in Catzilla!

Alexis Rotella, Amelia Fielden, André Surridge, Angela Leuck, Anne Curran, Beverly Acuff Momoi, Bob Lucky, Bruce D. Reed, Carolyn Thomas, Christopher L. Jorgensen, David Rice, Denis M. Garrison, Diane Mayr, Dorothy McLaughlin, Edward J. Rielly, Geert Verbeke, Geoffrey Winch, Hortensia Anderson, Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah, Jamila, Janick Belleau, Joanne Morcom, John Martell, John Stone, Joyce S. Greene, Kath Abela Wilson, Kathy Nguyen, Kris Lindbeck, Liam Wilkinson, Lorne Henry, M. Kei, M. L. Grace, Miriam Sagan, Owen Bullock, Patricia Prime, Paul Mercken, Peggy Heinrich, Radhey Shiam, Richard Stevenson, Rodney Williams, ruinedXfinery, Sylvia Forges-Ryan, Taro Aidu, Vasile Moldovan, William Hart

About the Editor

M. Kei is an internationally known and award-winning tanka poet and editor. He has previously published two collections of his own work, Heron Sea and Slow Motion, and is the editor Atlas Poetica : A Journal of Poetry of Place in Contemporary Tanka. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of the anthology series, Take Five : Best Contemporary Tanka that reads all tanka, kyoka, and gogyohka published in English each year to select the best for inclusion in the anthology. He previously edited Fire Pearls : Short Masterpieces of the Human Heart. Kei is currently employed as a sailor aboard a square-rigged ship. He is available for interviews by contacting the address below.

Catzilla! Tanka, Kyoka, and Gogyokha About Cats
ISBN 978-0-557-53612-2
Perfect bound, cover cover, B&W interior
136 pp
$14.00 US (paperback), $7.50 US (ebook)
Currently available from Lulu.com/Keibooks.
Forthcoming from Amazon.com and other major booksellers.

P O Box 1118
Elkton, MD 21922-1118
Email: Keibooks (at) gmail (dot) com
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