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June 27, 2011

Deliberately Unbound (Bound #2-1/2) is now available on All Romance eBooks as a free .pdf download , in addition to being available on my website. And of course, I couldn't resist updating the cover art so it jived with the cover for Deliberately Bound. All 3 of my freebies are now on ARe for anyone who wants them as a .pdf, and for any future freebies I plan to post them both to my website and ARe.
Today is the last day to enter the giveaway on Stumbling Over Chaos for a copy of Convincing Leopold. The giveaway also includes Convincing Arthur, for anyone who hasn't read the 1st book yet. Contest closes at 7pm CST. Speaking of Convincing Leopold, the book releases tonight around midnight EST, and it's already received a lovely review over at Fiction Vixen Book Reviews.
In other news, I started Thief, the 1st book in the Brook Street series, over the weekend. I also had to do some research on Blackjack. Well, the guys play vingt-et-un, which is the french version of blackjack. Anyway, research was needed since the only card games I'm any good at are go-fish, old maid, and Uno, and my skills with those aren't fab (kidlet routinely beats me at Uno).
That's all for me today. I'm off to start practicing my little happy dance in preparation of new book release night. [image error]
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June 20, 2011

My True Love Gave to Me is officially off my desk and in my editor's inbox. I will admit to tweaking it a bit over the last week (it's what happens when I finish a book way before the deadline). But I finally stopped tweaking and sent the thing in, so that I can focus on starting Thief, the first book in the new trilogy.
Book release day is just around the corner. Convincing Leopold releases in a week! Which means it's giveaway time. Hop on over to Chris's blog (Stumbling Over Chaos) to throw you name in the hat to win a copy of the book. It's actually a 2-for-1 giveaway, as Convincing Arthur is included in the giveaway for anyone who hasn't read the first book yet.
In other news, my writing buddy, Ryan, has a new friend. I thought he was getting a bit lonely, just hanging by himself behind my laptop, so I got him a buddy. Meet Jake (he's the dude on the left). His official name if Model No. 15 from the Barbie Basics collection, but I think Jake suits him better.
I first saw him on the display sign for the collection at Target, but the store didn't have him in stock. But kidlet saved the day. She went to a different Target with my mom last week and reported back that 'mommom's Target has that boy barbie you want'. And I went the next day to get him.
He has a fondness for hair gel, but Ryan doesn't seem to mind the helmet-hair. [image error]
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June 13, 2011

I did it! I finished My True Love Gave to Me on Sunday, which just happened to be my self-imposed deadline. The book isn't due until July, but I wanted it done early because...
I have three novellas to finish by the end of 2011. *G* It's a new trilogy that will release from Carina Press in April, May, and June 2012. The novellas are due 9/1, 11/1 and 1/1/12, which means I'll be a busy girl, typing away, until the end of the year.
I'm quite excited about the new novellas. It's my first real trilogy, releasing in back-to-back-to-back months, with related characters. A few of the guys run in the same social circle and live on Brook Street in Mayfair (London). In fact, My True Love Gave to Me is loosely related to the series - both opportunities popped up in the same week, so I couldn't resist loosely connecting them.
Here's the super short, high concept blurb from the proposal -

The Brook Street Trilogy
Regency London – where polite manners and spotless reputations reign supreme. Yet behind the closed doors of three elegant town houses along Brook Street, passion and lust reign as gentlemen dare to risk scandal by falling in love…
In Thief, a lord intent on his first decadent night with a man finds love when he picks up a thief in a gambling hell. In Fortune Hunter, a man determined to gain a fortune by marrying an heiress instead falls in love with an obscenely wealthy young gentleman. And in Rogues, two of London's most notorious rakehells discover if their friendship can withstand the test of turning into something so much more. [image error]
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June 11, 2011

I've formatted Pleasures of Somerville Park, the free short sequel to Object of His Desire, for .pdf. It's now available on All Romance eBooks as a free story, in addition to being available on my website. I also updated the cover image because...well...I couldn't resist playing around in photoshop.
In other news, My True Love Gave to Me is coming along nicely. I'm officially on the last chapter. Just need to finish up the resolution part and get the guys to knock boots. Well, they won't be wearing boots in that part of the chapter, but you know what I mean ;)
Bound Forever's received a few lovely reviews of late. It's up for Book of the Week at Whipped Cream reviews, and up for 5-Heart Review of the Week at The Romance Studio. *pats Ollie and Vincent on the back*
And lastly, a quick pic from around the house. Kidlet decided the stuffed animals would enjoy watching the goldfish. I'm thinking the fish look a little worried...
[image error]
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June 9, 2011

What's up with me? I've been working on My True Love Gave to Me, the holiday novella for Carina. I'm getting very close to the finish line. Hope to have it done by Sunday night, but....we'll see how it goes. There's a smex scene in the last chapter, and those usually take me some time to write, especially since my smex scenes tend to be rather...long ;)

The book isn't due until 7/1, but I want to get it done by mid-June. I need to get working on the next book that has a deadline. In fact, I'm now under various deadlines until the end of 2011. Deadlines for what, you might ask? 'Other books' *Ava replies vaguely*. I'm waiting until I finish the holiday novella before I go all squee-ie on the new contracts. Need to stay focused and get this one done. If all goes as planned and I finish the novella this weekend, then next week I'll tell you about what's coming next.

Why does History Channel have to have such interesting shows? I've been getting sucked into shows that I would have never thought I'd find interesting. Last night, 2 hours of Ice Road Truckers. Swamp People is another interesting one. Love how they have to use subtitles most of the time, since you can't understand a thing the guys are saying. Of course, can't forget American Pickers and Pawn Stars (love Chumlee). And tonight at 10pm - Mounted in Alaska. It's about a taxidermy shop. Ew - right? Turns out, so not eww. They mount already prepared hides, so no grossness. And it's very intriquing. Got sucked right into it last week.

Anyone seen My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC? OMIG. Those wedding dresses are nuts!!

[image error]
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May 30, 2011

The inbox stalking paid off. I received the cover art for Convincing Leopold ! Many thanks to the talented April Martinez for the awesome cover. I love the blue tones - very angsty, which totally fits the book.
If the guys, and the house, look familiar, it's because the cover artist used the same guys from the 1st book. See -

Same dudes, different images and Arthur's tied his cravat in a different knot. Historically dressed dudes are so hard to find, I'm quite impressed she was able to find multiple images of them. And very happy. Convincing Arthur is my only cover with fully dressed dudes with their faces showing. It could have been a bit...awkward if different dudes showed up on the sequel's cover. Who are you? And what happened to Leo....
In other news, I've been typing away over the holiday weekend, working on the holiday novella. Oh, and doing lots of research. Why ever did I decide it was a good idea to have a scene at a fencing academy? It sounded like a cool idea when I wrote the synopsis, but I know nothing about fencing, besides that swords are used. Well, no, they're actually foils. I do know that now, and a bunch more about fencing than I ever thought I needed to know but that I actually do need to know in order to write the scene.
On a related note, my brain now hurts. The version of 'The School of Fencing' (1787) that I found on Google books doesn't have a single lowercase 's' in the main body of the text. No joke. Every 's' has been replaced with a 'f'. As in 'You muft ftand ftraight...'. Google must have read lowercase s as a f when it digitized the book. The sad thing is it took me about two pages to figure it out (insert very confused Ava wondering what an 'infide opening' was), and even sadder, a couple more pages into it and I was able to read it just fine.
Hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing holiday weekend! [image error]
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May 25, 2011

I have news and I can finally share!
I am going to be part of Carina's M/M holiday anthology, which will be released 12/5/2011. Also in the anthology will be stories by Josh Lanyon, KA Mitchell, and Harper Fox. I know - awesome company! I'm quite geeked about it. My novella is tentatively titled My True Love Gave to Me, but that will likely change (my guess is to something a bit...shorter). And yes, it's a Regency-set story.
In other news, Deliberately Bound is available on All Romance eBooks as a free story. I've had readers ask if my other free stories were available in .pdf format, and it got me thinking about offering the stories as .pdfs as well as having them on my website. Turns out, it's not all that difficult to format a Word doc and turn it into a .pdf, and it's even easier to upload a book to ARe. Over the next month, I'm going to format Deliberately Unbound and Pleasures of Somerville Park and put them on ARe, as well. I'll post here when they are on the site. [image error]
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May 19, 2011

Deliberately Bound, a new free short story featuring Oliver and Vincent from the Bound series, is now up on my website. Click HERE to check it out.
The story takes place about 7 months after Bound Forever, and like their other short story, it's pretty much one long sex scene. I got the idea while working on edits for Bound Forever. It felt like something the guys would eventually do, so of course, I couldn't resist making it a freebie story. I won't give away any spoilers, but I'll give you a couple of my fav lines -
"You are enjoying this immensely, aren't you?" Vincent muttered.

I hope you enjoy the story![image error]
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May 16, 2011

Just a quick post to say I finally finished Deliberately Bound, the next free short story for Oliver and Vincent! In fact, I just finished it about five minutes ago. Once Shawn, my awesome crit partner, gives it a read (and finds my typos), I'll have it posted on my website. Should be up by Thursday, and I'll post here when it's available.

Speaking of Oliver and Vincent, Bound Forever is now available on Amazon for Kindle.

I found this quiz over at Eyre's blog and couldn't resisting sharing it. How Many Baboons Could You Take In a Fight (armed only with a giant dildo?) I had a pathetically low score of 16. *hangs head at self*
And a thanks goes out to Lily for the cookie. I snagged it ages ago from her blog. I just can't resist studious cookies. [image error]
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May 4, 2011

Well, it's mid-week and I haven't posted Deliberately Bound yet. The reason - I haven't finished it yet. In the future, I'm going to try to keep my mouth shut until something's done, because just when I think my schedule is perfectly planned, it gets wacked. Never fails. In this case, I thought I was totally safe. I was only looking out a week and the short's 1/2 written.
The source of the wacking? An opportunity popped up. That's all I'm going to say for now since I don't want to jinx myself. Hopefully I'll have more news soon.
I'm not procrastinating. Promise. I am busy writing, but I want to finish Deliberately Bound, so I'll find some time to finish it soon. It's a smexy-fun story to write, plus I really like writing about Oliver and Vincent. The Bound series may be done, but I'm much too fond of the guys to say goodbye to them just yet.
As for today's cookie, I'm reading Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison and this pic reminds me of Dragos. Plus Marco Blaze is hot. ;)
Oh, and I checked my keywords for the blog today. Most intersting one - 'regency cookies'. I'm thinking whoever is searching for regency cookies isn't looking for the type of cookies that can be found on my blog. *g*[image error]
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