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October 12, 2010

mainly sunny - cool - temps 7

Though, honestly, we haven't been out yet. Our room is terrific. though poor michael had to once again put up with me walking all over the club floor with the concierge, checking out different rooms until we found the perfect one. Concierge was very patient... but you can imagine how patient Michael has to be!

This is one of those old Canadian Pacific Hotels, built as they build the transcanada railway line...one massive hotel in each major stop....halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Lake Louise, Vancouver. Most now well over 100 years old. And many getting a little weary, a little dreary. many of undergone much need re-furbishments.

This one - the Palliser - has not. At least, not for about 40 years. Still, there's a grace to the lines and proportions. Our room has massive high ceilings and three tall windows looking over the quite magnificent city, and the mountains beyond.

We were zonked, so after some work, we ordered room service. Fish and chips. It arrived on a trolley, with a heating compartment and white linen and old sterling silverware and it almost made me week knowing our grandparents on trips across the country were probably served on the same china and ate with the same utensils and gazed upon the same mountains.

I have to say, while some of the furnishings and fabrics are a little worn and dated, the service and attention to detail is better than we've received anywhere else. This morning we asked for a walk up called at 7am. it came - a real person. then at 7:15 there was a quiet tap on the door and there was a concierge with a pot of coffee.


Off to the big fundraising dinner tonight. Fortunately it's in the hotel, so no need to go far. I wonder if I can wear slippers? Thank God no one expects much from authors. In fact, the more eccentric the better. So I keep telling Michael. he needs more convincing.

Speak tomorrow.[image error]
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October 11, 2010

mainly sunny, cold, temps 6

Wow, what a difference a day, and a flight, makes. It was sunny and warm for the past two days in Regina - unseasonably so. But lovely for Thanksgiving. Had a great time with Rob and his family - and the rest of the family. So wonderful to see everyone getting along. it wasn't always so. Just growing pains. It sure took my brothers and me a long time to appreciate each other, to genuinely care for each other.

And now we're so happy to be in each other's company. And as I said yesterday, the greatest pleasure we all got was seeing all the cousins together.

Flew to Calgary, Alberta this morning. Short, easy flight. About an hour. Arrive in late fall, suddenly! Was picked up at the airport by just about the nicest person on earth. Anne Green. She's the head of the Calgary WordFest. A great literary festival. She runs the whole thing - with hundreds of paid employees and volunteers, of course. She does all this and still manages to be kind and thoughtful, effective and smart. And warm.

Michael and I just adore her.

We initially said no to coming to the Calgary WordFest this year, since the schedule was way too packed, but then we heard it was Anne's last year, so we re-arranged all sorts of things to get here. She needs to be celebrated. and we sure want to be among the voices raised to thank her. And cheer.

We're taking her out for a private lunch tomorrow.

Have a chat with my agent, Teresa, in London tomorrow morning - then a 40 minute interview for CBC at 10am - I think it's being recorded or something for the website. Then lunch with Anne - and a gala 200 dollar a plate fundraising dinner tomorrow evening.

Michael was dis-invited because there was so much interest, they, well - they sold his seat. Understandable. And I'm not at all sure Michael's sorry. As an author I'm sort of part of the attraction, apparently. So Michael gets to sit in his flannels and order room service.

We arrived at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel in the early afternoon and immediately upgraded to the Gold Club level. As this tour progresses I'm finding an even greater need for pampering. Against my nature, of course.

The tour continues. Hope you're well - and for the Canadians....Happy thanksgiving Monday! And thanks to all of you who sent Thanksgiving greetings. How thoughtful you are.[image error]
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October 10, 2010

sunny, unseasonably warm, temps 24

It's Canadian Thanksgiving! Michael and I are finally together. Met at the airport in Regina (Saskatchewan) Friday night. with my older brother, Rob. What an amazing feeling. Two men I love standing there, waiting. And to get huge bearhugs from both. Made being away worth it!

What wasn't waiting was my luggage! It got lost. No big surprise, really. I'd booked it through from Houston, to nashville, to Denver to Regina. I've been extremely lucky with my luggage. Can't remember ever losing a bag. What made this a little stressful was that I'd lost the baggage tag!

Fortunately there wasn't anything irreplaceable in it. Jewelry, and this really nice embroidered evening coat I was hoping to wear to a formal dinner in Calgary on Tuesday and the bouchercon opening ceremonies and all the cocktail parties (and dinner with my US agent) Thursday. Bit of a shame, but not a disaster.

Fortunately it showed up the next day...yay. I can't begin to tell you how it feels to be with my family. Rob and Audi and their children, Kim, Adam and Sarah. Doug and Mary and two of their kids...Roslyn and Charlie. And Michael.

One of the photos above shows the cousins together, most in their Saskatchewan rough Rider green jerseys...on their way to the big football game...Saskatchewan vs Toronto. (toronto won). A friend of Adam's - Andy - is visiting from the UK, and he's spending the holiay with us. the other photo shows the kids, minius Kim - wearing the 'freebee' from Rob - little yellow rubber 'hardhats'. Very proud. Not many could carry off this look.... (no, don't say it).

I'm sitting right now at the dining room table, writing. all around me people are laughing, joking, talking, making bagels and serving fruit salad, pouring coffee...rob and audi have just moved to Regina (he's the deputy minister of transportation with the government here). this is the first time we've seen their home. Great, open-concept kitchen, living room, DR. So we're all together. Rob is basting the turkey...that's him up there too. The place smells of turkey. (and with six guys in the house, that's a blessing)

When our mother died ten years ago we realized unless we made an effort we ran the risk of drifting apart. All with busy lives. And that would be terrible. So once a year, around Thanksgiving, we get together.

The event at Murder By the Book was such fun!!! Saw old friend Catherine and Ron after decades! Saw Cay and Billie and the 'two J's'. FAbulous Dean (whose latest book stayed THREE weeks on the NYTimes list!!!) and handsome, generous, brilliant John, who works at the store and interviewed me. It was standing room only - and everyone was so welcoming.

But, of course, as wonderful as it was to see everyone there, the most glorious was McKenna. The owner of the store. Who recently lost her husband, David. Such a beautiful young woman. We talked about David. Not about his death, but about his life and his plans. McKenna's mother, Brenda, was there - so supportive. Making sure her daughter knows she's not alone.

McKenna and her friend and co-worker Anne will be at Bouchercon. when McKenna and I embraced and kissed we both leaned in the same direction - and almost lip-kissed. then spent the night kidding each other that 'people will talk'.

Early flight Friday morning to Nashville. Beth met me at the airport and we zipped into the city...like most people I only think of country/western music and the Grand ol Opry. which is tribute enough. But it became clear immediately that Nashville is that, and much more. A very, very beautiful city.

I was there for the Southern Festival of Books. One of the photos above shows the amazing state building, where the festival is held. Wonderful group of people. Very warm reception.

thank you to everyone who took time to come out! I just loved seeing you all.

then back to the airport...flight to Denver....then to Regina. Arriving about 10pm.

Phew. And now home. With Michael.

Happy thanksgiving!!![image error]
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October 7, 2010

sunny, warm, temps 75

Fabulous news from the publishers!!! Thanks to you, BURY YOUR DEAD has made the extended New York Times list!!

Number 21. Yippeee..... I'm frankly not only thrilled, but stunned. The Brutal Telling, my previous book, made it to 19 on the extended list, but that was because it was the Barnes and Noble Main Selection, which gave it a huge boost. We were all pretty convinced that without that boost for Bury Your Dead we wouldn't make the list.

But we did!!! And while the rank is slightly lower, the sales numbers are actually up! Again - thanks to you! Buying the book, buy also telling so many others about the Gamache books.

I'm just so happy about this.

Also made it to number 16 on the Independent Booksellers Bestseller list. Yay!

Had dinner in Phoenix last night with Lesa and Patti, then we went over to Poisoned Pen - this really remarkable mystery bookstore in Scottsdale. Place was packed. Phew. Patrick set us up....and two bottles of champagne appeared - to toast the NYTimes list!

Karen hosted the event and did a magnificent job. I adore Phoenix and this particular store. And I've been here often enough now that I know many of the readers who come to the events. It feels like family.

they even ran out of copies of Bury Your Dead and had to scramble to get more from other stores. Also ran out of The Brutal Telling.

Have an event tonight in Houston (am at the airport waiting for the flight) at Murder by the Book at 7. Hope to see you there!

This really is a wonderful tour! And the news about the bestseller sure is energizing! Now, the key is to keep traveling and keep spreading the word. With your help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!![image error]
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October 6, 2010

sunny, hot, temps 85

Well, hot to me, but apparently this is a cool spell in Phoenix, where last week the temperature hit 105. I've never felt heat like that. 85 is good enough for me.

amazing storms here yesterday. I don't know if you heard or saw some of the footage of the hail, that actually accumulated so that kids were making 'Hailmen'. Amazing video of hail like large stones plummeting into a pool, causing these massive splashes. A major highway closed (at rush hour) because of flooding and downed powerlines.

I sat on the balcony watching it arrive. In fact, that shot of the rainbow was taken as a storm approached. then has to retreat inside as the rain became too violent. The temperature dropped 30 degrees in 20 minutes. Remarkable.

The other photo is me, or at least my delicate feet, waiting for the storm.

As you might have guessed, after yesterday's post, I switched rooms. To a lesser room, but one with a nicer view, over the pool. Lovely.

Sat outside this morning with a coffee, before the sun hit directly and it became sizzling hot (for a Montrealer, anyway).

Had great news about the French book. En plein coeur (the french translation of Still Life) has risen to number 2 on the Le Devoir bestseller list!

Having an early dinner tonight with Lesa Holstine and Patti O'Brien, then off to Poisoned Pen - a terrific mystery bookstore here in Phoenix (scottsdale, actually) for an event tonight.

Flight to Houston tomorrow - and an event at Murder by the Book. So looking forward to that. To seeing McKenna and Brenda, Dean and Anne and meeting John.

Friday is very busy - early flight from Houston to nashville. Have a noon event at the Nashville literary festival, then two more flights to get to Regina for our family reunion Thanksgiving.

Will try to blog tomorrow, but if not, I probably won't get a chance until the weekend. Be well - and thank you for all your support of me, and of BURY YOUR DEAD! What a fun and exciting launch week. Thanks to you.[image error]
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October 5, 2010

partly cloudy - storms forecast....temps 80

Can you believe it? Phoenix has been sunny and hot for 150 years and the next day or so will be rainy and stormy. But, frankly, I don't really care. It's nice and warm and not too hot. Woke up early (because of the time difference) ordered breakfast and sat out on the balcony eating fruit, sipping a smoothie and coffee and enjoying the warmth. and the palm trees!!!


What an amazing life. Am staying at a hotel with the silly name, Valley Ho (I know - don't say it). But terrific hotel - one of my favorite - though I have to say my room (an upgrade) is a little odd. Bathtub in the centre of it. There's a photo at the top. And while it has a lovely balcony, there's no view. It looks directly into the concrete wing opposite, and the guest rooms there. Though off to either side I can see palms...so that's great. I've actually asked if it's possible to get a room with a nicer view, since I'd hate to spend two days in phoenix and except for the warmth I could be in Moscow.

Woke up yesterday in the wonderful Norwich Inn, in central Vermont. Put the fireplace on. Showered and went down for breakfast. Then packed and got ready for the luncheon, organized by the Norwich Bookshop....a magnificent independent bookstore. One of the terrific and invigorating things about this book tour is seeing how many vibrant independent bookstores there are still. those that have survived seem to be thriving. Though I know it's hard work.

The Norwich bookshop in one such amazing bookstore.

Penny - who hosted the event and works at the bookshop - cut the last flowers from her garden...phlox, hydrangea, etc - and put vases in Sarah and my rooms. So beautiful. sort of bittersweet actually since it reminded me so keenly of home.

The event - a lunch at the Inn - was terrific. 50 plus people. Each with a copy of Bury Your Dead. I had a chance to chat with most everyone one-on-one...then while people were still eating I had to start the reading (thanks to Penny who kept us on schedule) because we had to be on the road from central vermont to New York City by 1pm at the latest. People were so tolerant. I'm sure they'd just as soon have been able to finish their lunch, then listen to me - but they had to multi-task. Eat and listen. I'm very gratful to the guests for understanding, and to the Norwich Inn servers for being as quiet as possible.

At 1pm Sarah and I rushed off....felt like thieves in the night...Sarah had already gassed up the car. (We keep getting these hilarious emails from Andrew Martin, the publisher, calling us Thelma and Louise and wondering if we need more ammo).

Five hours later (in rain and heavy traffic) Sarah pulled into JFK.

She did such an amazing job, getting us all over New England - with hardly any casualties.

I really, really want to thank all of you SO much. for buying Bury Your Dead. For spreading the news. for reading it and being so supportive...and telling others. And being SO careful not to ruin it for others. I know how hard that is...but my heart swells with gratitude and warmth when I read a review where people are kind - and considerate. Oh, I wish I could find the words to tell you how much I appreciate that. I really am deeply moved by your efforts.

And also want to sincerely thank all the people who take time from busy schedules and lives to come to the events! I'm surprised that I'm not really tired - and on the flight I thought about you, and realized I'm not tired because I feel all your good wishes, and it energizes me.

A huge thank you for that! And I hope you feel the energy and warmth I'm sending your way.

A day off today...feels amazing and a little odd not to be considering and preparing for the next event. Oh, it's raining! hard. Just ran out onto the balcony. warm shower...and very fragrant out - the moisture on the tropical flowers. so I get to experience what most humans have never seen...rain in Phoenix! Yet another gift of this wonderful tour.

Hope to see you along the way.[image error]
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October 4, 2010

overcast, cool, temps 45

We're now in Norwich, at the fabulous Norwich Inn - which is in this picturesque Vermont town. Really, it's like walking into a Capra film, or a postcard. Lovely.

Have had loads of fun since I was last able to blog - which seems a long time ago.

When Sarah (my publicist) and I left Providence, RI, we headed north to Mystic, Connecticut to sign in a small bookshop. Mystic is as lovely a town as it sounds. Right on the ocean. Old fishing port. I want to move there. After I'd done the signing we asked about a place for lunch. It was a brilliant, sunny day. Glorious. And the woman suggested Abbots, just down the road. So off we went, to discover that Abbots is lobster joint. All sorts of lobster dishes. You order, then grab a picnic table on the shoreline, and eat there. The photos above show Sarah at our table and the view from the table.

This was our office on Saturday. I feel an evil laugh bubbling up. It was as magical as you might be imagining. We both had clam chowder and a lobster roll. The only thing missing - always missing - was Michael. He loves the ocean, and all things from it. But the thing he adores above all else is a great lobster roll. So we called him, in hopes of including him - but I think it just succeeded in making him jealous. So all was not lost.

We then drove on to Madison, CT and checked into a very dreary Bed and Breakfast. But it was clean.

Hope, my NY editor and her husband Charlie drove up from NYC for dinner Saturday night in Madison with Sarah and me and then we all went off to the event at this magnificent independent bookstore called RJ Julia. Wow. Not only was the bookstore absolute perfection - the people who work there are passionate, welcoming, warm. Lisa was the one who looked after us, and introduced me and she was so gracious. What a difference it makes when you're made to feel welcome and precious. Whether at a big book event, or in a restaurant, or on a date.

The place was packed. Which always feels wonderful. I spoke for half an hour, answered questions - extremely intelligent and thoughtful questions - then signed. And had a chance to meet a number of you! Including Marjorie and Amy and some others. Thank you SO much for coming out and being so supportive.

Next morning over breakfast we got to chatting with the other visitors at the B&B - all fascinating, including a criminal defense lawyer from Florida, a man who writes books on the blues, the executive in charge of DC Comics merchandising (and formerly in charge of the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade) - a British rock musician about to do a reunite with her band and record another album and her professor husband (Parisian) who writes about human rights in africa. It was a fascinating conversation. And all of us strangers at this Vermont B&B.

Isn't travel amazing?

Then Sarah and I hopped in the car again for the drive to Brattleboro, VT. Sarah, quite wisely, insisted on a GPS when she rented the car. And everytime we turn it on a quite strick 'school marm' voice tell us to 'Fasten your seatbelts' - and I'm reminded of the famous Bette Davis line from a film ... 'we're in for a bumpy ride!'

But so far, while a little tiring, it's been such fun. We arrived in Brattleboro - magnificent drive through forests and mountains. Went to Amy's for homemade soup and bread. Then did the event in this glorious, light-filled Congregationalist Church. good number of people. Again, spoke, answered questions...signed. And headed out by 5:30.

On the road to where we are now...Norwich, VT. I have a noon event here. A luncheon and talk. Then we have the 5 hour race down to JFK airport in New York in time for an 8pm flight to Phoenix. We're not totally convinced we'll make it...especially since we'll hit rush hour and some rain. But we'll do our best!

Wish us luck - and hope you're enjoying the tour so far![image error]
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October 2, 2010

bright sunny skies, cool, temps 55

Storm has passed. Sarah has arrived. Am having a blast in Providence. Went to the New England Independent Booksellers association author cocktail last night. Huge event. All sorts of booksellers there - wine flowing, terrific finger foods. People meandering between booths. And about a dozen invited authors at tables at one end, with a daunting stack of books.

I sat down - Sarah got me some water. And I waited. Trying not to look lonely or pathetic...

And then one person wandered by. I chatted with her, signed a book, chatted, chatted. It's a sort of literary hostage-taking. Can't let her go or I'll be exposed. And then I noticed there were more people lined up behind her. And more. And before long a long line had formed. They were either the Bookseller's Swat Squad (formed to rescue a colleague from a desperate author) - or they genuinely wanted a signed copy of Bury Your Dead.

They wanted the book!!! I released the now quite exhausted bookseller and started signing. Finished more than 2 hours later.

Sigh. I feel I've been holding my breath for a decade. And now, finally, with Bury Your Dead it's safe to exhale.

Went off to another cocktail at a Providence bookstore last night then back to the hotel. Hotel Providence. Odd place. They call it a boutique hotel, and I'm not sure why. Feels like every slightly stuffy old hotel I've ever stayed at. But it's clean and my room had two lovely windows. The phones don't work, though. Can't call out, for some reason. And the concierge, in making a hair appointment for me yesterday, described me as an 'older woman' - so that bit of truth-telling didn't exactly endear me.

I wonder how, and when, that happened? But in my mid-fifties I am definitely 'older'. I guess I just don't feel it.

though, I suppose it could have been worse. She could have described me as an 'older man'. Or said, Ernest Borgnine's on his way over for a blow dry. That would have been hard to recover from!

Off to a book signing in Mystic, CT at about noon....then to Madison, CT and a 7pm event at RJ Julia bookseller tonight.

For those of you in southern vermont, I'll be at the Brattleboro Literary Festival for an event at about 3 tomorrow afternoon. Sarah's driving, thank heaven. And the weather looks great.

Such fun to be traveling around, meeting people. Supporting this book. thank you all for your wonderful words about Bury Your Dead. It means so much.

Michael and I keep in close touch. His son's going to be dropping by this afternoon and staying the night. Michael wrote to say he headed into the village this morning....had to stop to let a family of a dozen wild turkeys cross the road. Described the mist clinging to the hills. And the leaves turning. He stopped at the farmers market - and was apparently attacked by a cranberry/orange loaf, that followed him home. Poor boy.

I miss him. Miss home. But thank heaven this tour has been so successful. I've been on tours that are just so hard - and disheartening. And then, being away from home is torture. This just feels like a quiet ache.

Hope to see you at an event soon![image error]
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October 1, 2010

overcast - rain in forecast - warm - temps 70

Before I get into the details just two pieces of fabulous news. BURY YOUR DEAD is the Editor's Pick (4 of 4 stars!) in this week's People Magazine. And there's a full page ad on the inside back page of this week's New Yorker magazine - thanks to my US publisher, Minotaur. Yippeee!!!

In Providence, Rhode Island now. Hectic few days! Had just a blast at Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Pittsburgh. Thank you Mary Alice and Richard, and the standing room only crowd. Feels so great. All those tours when no one showed up! I think that's a rite of passage - like falling off a horse. And landing on your ego.

Because I went through that I am SO deeply appreciative when people do show up. So a very sincere thank you to the crowds to far!!!

Mary Alice picked me up at the airport - and took me on the most harrowing drive of any book tour. This 'secret' shortcut. I probably should have asked her 'shortcut to where?' Heaven? Eternity? Laryngitis from shrieking?

It was this single lane steep winding road (it Pittsburgh!). Mary Alice had to honk going around the corners (at about 100 miles an hour) so that whatever truck driver who might be bearing down on us would have a chance to say his prayers too. Dear Lord.

There are NO atheists on book tours. And not, perhaps, a lot of clean underwear.

When I regained consciousness we were at their fabulous Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont. Place was packed. Lots of fun, thoughtful, welcoming people. Maybe it was Heaven...

Yesterday morning I had an early flight to Boston. The storm was coming in. sheet of rain in Pittsburgh and storm warnings for Boston. I was sure we'd be delayed, or the flight even cancelled. But everyone was perfect! No rain at all in Boston yesterday. Met at the airport by Sally, this GREAT publishers rep. She works really hard, setting up signings and driving all over the place. Very funny, very warm and effective person. The plane arrived about 11am and was in the hotel in Providence, RI by 4pm.

Today there's a bookseller's cocktail - as part of the New England Independent Bookseller's Association bookfair. And a bookseller's breakfast tomorrow that's been organized so I can meet more privately with some. Then off to a signing at Bank Square Books in Mystic, CT - about noon.

tomorrow night there's a big event in Madison, CT. It's at RJ Julia Booksellers. It's a ticketed event. Five dollars, but the price can be applied to buying the book. It would be wonderful to see you there. Then on Sunday, I'll be at the Brattleboro writers festival in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Fortunately the publisher's know I have no sense of direction and will just as likely show up in Cleveland. So the magnificent Sarah Melnyk, a senior publicist at Minotaur, will be driving me all over for three days. Poor one.

Fortunately for me the bar for authors us set pretty low. I think publicists are just happy if you're sober and clothed. will try to achieve at least those two things.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your kind words and support of Bury Your Dead!!! I am sorry that spoilers have happened, but I genuinely believe most of them are simply a surfeit of enthusiasm - and the difficulty of describing this book without letting some stuff out. But I'm sorry it is happening.

For myself, I need to concentrate on all the great good energy and thoughts and support you're sending my way. And have for many years. I know how lucky I am. How can I not stand in the light when you are sending so much? the shadow, the critiques, are simply part of the price.

Be well, my friends. I'll try to blog tomorrow, but it looks like a desperately busy day. Hope you can make it to one of the upcoming events.[image error]
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September 29, 2010

mainly sunny, temps 14

off to Pittsburgh this afternoon....have an event tonight at Mystery Lovers Bookshop, in Oakmont - from 7 to 8.

Event last night was great at the Runnymede library in Toronto. Lots of people - nice mix of people who know the series and those who don't.

I'm glad so many of you are reading Bury Your Dead. If I can just ask that in your comments you not be specific. I spent a year of my life or more writing and editing and considering this book, am now on a two month tour promoting it, and it is difficult to see people commenting and letting too much out. I appreciate that it's difficult, but maybe for my sake and the sake of others who haven't read it, you can just say that you hated the book, or liked it, and maybe leave it at that. We don't need to know who lived and who died, who did it, who didn't.

I so appreciate all your support over the years and through the difficult times and the great times - but I am asking you to be discreet. I realize you have a perfect right to say anything you like. And I sure don't expect everyone to gush that they loved the book. But I hope maybe if people really are fans of the books and the series you can not spoil it, for me and for others by telling too much.

I'm also deeply grateful to all of you who have posted reviews and been respectful, by not telling too much - just how you feel about it. As I say, I do know it's hard, and you want to share your feelings - but I feel physically sick when I see way too much info out there for my liking. Obviously it's not too much info for some of your liking, but it is for me.

thank you.[image error]
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