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I've been asked a lot of questions lately, so I figured I'd answer some of them here and hope that lots of people see them. LOL. So share, my friends, share!

1) Will you be writing more books to go with past series, specifically Willow and Clay from the Visitation series, or Shohn from the Buckhorn series, or more fighters, or currently, will there be anymore books to go with the MEN OF HONOR" series.

Buckhorn Beginnings Sawyer\Morgan by Lori FosterBuckhorns: I don't think so. I never say never, but writing Shohn's story would really age the original 4. And I just can't envision an elderly Morgan, ya' know?
For those of you reading these books for the first time, you might not have gotten to Casey's book yet. (It's being reissued in November, as THE BUCKHORN LEGACY. You'll see more with Shohn in that book. But he's just a little kiddo with a lot of growing to do!

Say No To Joe? (Visitation, North Carolina, #1) by Lori FosterWith Visitation, I always planned to do a story for Cory, Clay, Willow and Austin. But in this biz, when one publisher buys you away from another (that is, offers a better contract) it makes it very difficult to finish characters/storylines from the previous publisher. If I ever end up back at Kensington, I have a feeling those characters will insist on a story of their own. But until then, I can't see it happening.

Hard To Handle (SBC Fighters, #3) by Lori FosterThe fighters... I still love that whole setting so much that yes, probably I'll do more. Because the original fighters were written with Berkley, and I'm now with Harlequin, it'd likely be all new characters. And I can tell you that it won't happen anytime soon because I'm already hard at work on a new series.

A Perfect Storm (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, #4) by Lori FosterWhich answers the question about the MEN OF HONOR series. A PERFECT STORM is the last in that set, *however*... Alice, from TRACE OF FEVER, is the heroine in the 2nd book of my new series. :-)

The first book, out in October, is RUN THE RISK. Alice is in BARE IT ALL, probably out in April or May 2013.

2) How do you keep coming up with so many different characters and plots?

Boy, I have NO idea. I always have 5 or 6 storylines in my head at any given time. I write whichever character is bugging me the most, but that doesn't make the others go away. They sort of sit in a corner of my mind and grumble until I can get to them. LOL

Just a few weeks ago, right in the middle of me starting a single title, a novella idea came to me. I mean, it literally hit me hard. So I wrote it.
No, I didn't have a contract for it, but yes, I'm sure it'll sell. ;-)
Suddenly it was just there and it DEMANDED that I write it. So I did.
Let me tell you, my Muse is a mean taskmaster!

Right now, I'm happily involved in the new series, LOVE UNDERCOVER.

Run the Risk by Lori FosterFirst book is Logan, in RUN THE RISK.
I'm currently writing Reese's story (with Alice) in BARE IT ALL.
Rowdy is impatiently waiting his turn, in GETTING ROWDY.

And last will be Dash, because although I know Dash is up to something very naughty (and no, I won't tell) he hasn't entirely told me his story yet.

3. Are any of the pets in your books real? Do you do much to support animal shelters?

Many of the pets are real, and yes, I do love supporting animals, specifically my local animal shelters!
In fact, I do one book a year where all proceeds go to a local charity. This June will be the 2nd time I've donated all proceeds to the AAF - Animal Adoption Foundation - a no-kill animal shelter near me. www.AAFPets.com
Two of the animals you met in the MEN OF HONOR series - Liger in "Trace of Fever" and Grim in "Savor the Danger" are brothers who were adopted from the AAF.

In total, we have 4 cats who sleep in at night, and many, many more feral cats that we've trapped, gotten "fixed" and vaccinated, and then released again. They return to our wrap-around porch to sleep, eat, get fresh water - but they won't let us pet them.

In the past, my chihuahuas were featured in books, too. RILEY, THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS and DOGS, etc... My little male Chihuahua has since passed away (and yes, I'm still broken hearted, but he had a long, wonderful life) and I still have my oh-so-adorable and very well loved little Toostie, my 7 lb girl doggy.

I swear, Tootsie often curses in the morning when she tries to go out for her constitutional, and it sounds like she's saying, "We're FILTHY with cats." LOL All the cats are larger than her, and for some reason they LOVE her, so they're forever trying to rub on her and dropping down in front of her to get her attention. She doesn't take it well, and it's hilarious to see grouse at them all.

4. Do the requests from fans help dictate the length of a series, or who gets the next book?

Nope. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my readers - but never have I tailored a series for them. I can't. I can only do what my Muse wants to do. It seems every series that ended has wrought some disgruntled readers. Many want each series to continue. But I just can't do that. 4 or 5 books in a series is usually my limit. After that, the Muse starts conjuring new places and people and plots.

And you know, it's almost a given that the books I like the most will be the least favorite for a reader, and vice versa.

For instance, in the MEN OF HONOR series, Trace is by far my fave! He was so edgy, so take charge, and there was so much kinky stuff going on around him. Loved it.
But readers overwhelming preferred Jackson.
That is, they did before Spencer. Spencer might be in the lead now. ;-) Not sure.

But I can almost count on the books I love the most, NOT being the books readers love the most. LOL

5) Are any of your characters based on you, or on people you know?

Nope. Not even close. Sure, a funny situation or comment might seep in every now and then. But I couldn't write the love scenes if they were actually based on real people who were close friends or family!

I have used some awesomely sexy fighters for visual motivation. ;-) For instance, Simon in SIMON SAYS is physically based off Bas Rutten. Yumminess.

And at heart, all the heroes are my hubby, who is the funniest, most caring and honorable man I know.

6) Do you title the books?

I suck at titling. I leave that to my editor, who runs her favorites by me and we sort of pick the final version together.

7) Where do you find those hunky models for the covers of the books?

Thank heavens I don't! I'm not exactly shy, but no way do I want to be oogling hunky dudes in an effort to choose who will look the hunkiest on a cover of my book. No, no way.
The extent of my input on covers is that:
A) I beg for chest hair, and thank you, THANK YOU, my publisher for finding guys who aren't shaved slick.
B) I like cover that are appealing, but not "in your face" sexual. No nudity or groping or any of that. Again, HQN has been incredible in the cover dept.

8) Is (insert any title) available in (insert any specific format) and if so, where can I find it?

That is soooo not my forte. I write the books. Period. I don't determine what will be reissued, or what will be in audio or ebook format. More often than not, readers know those answers before I do!
Believe me, I have my hands full just doing the writing part of this gig!

-- note, I have no proofread this so there might be errors. Don't beat me up about it, okay? It's been a busy week!

So do YOU have a question? If so, let's hear it and I'll do my utmost to give you an answer!

My best to you,


A Perfect Storm (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, #4) by Lori Foster
Run the Risk by Lori Foster Buckhorn Beginnings Sawyer\Morgan by Lori Foster
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