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March 12, 2010

In response to another query, here are another couple of general principles of Stoverrific Fictifying.

One correspondent asked if I had any advice for How to Become a Writer of SF&F, to which my reply is two-fold:

First, don't quit your day job. This particular guy works for the government, so he's got benefits that he should not give up. As a full-time writer, you'd better have a spouse with a real job, because there ain't none a them fancy newfangled doohickeys like health coverage and a...

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March 7, 2010

I'm importing these from the comment thread below. I think everybody who wants to play should have to get at least two of these, or we shall all point and snicker. A couple of them are virtual gimmes on the order of The Gunslinger.

Hmm . . .

I was out with Blood, my dog. It was his week for annoying me; he kept calling me Albert. He thought that was pretty damned funny. Payson Terhune: ha ha.

And . . .

That day Pwyll, Prince of Dyved, who thought he was going out to hunt, was in reality going...

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Published on March 07, 2010 15:49 • 32 views

I have, as I occasionally do, had a thought. (And no, it wasn't the gratuitous Wargames reference.)

It might be fun to play Guess the Source. Post your favorite opening line/image/paragraph without specifying from whence it came, and see how many of the crazy kids 'round these parts can figure out where it came from.

Since there are no prizes (not even bragging rights — because really, who effing cares), I would like y'all to play this on the honor system. That is, no googling. Libraries and...

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Published on March 07, 2010 06:47 • 17 views

March 6, 2010

First in an occasional series of eternal wisdom from yrs trly.

Having gotten a couple requests for writing tips, I have conceived the mad plan of revealing the innermost truths of my overpowering mojo.

Yes, I said OVERPOWERING MOJO. Should any worthy chance to find my mojo underpowered, said worthy is cordially invited to bite me.

Rule #1:

All rules are rules of thumb.

Let me say it again, louder:


Especially "Show, Don't Tell" — which is frankly idiotic, unless ...

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March 3, 2010

After being pointed toward a bit of Caine-praise at the S&S-as-Lit page, I came across what has to be one of my favorite Stover-boosting sluglines of all times.

All of Stover's heroic fantasies offer fight scenes of such crippling power that they risk hospitalizing incautious readers . . .

I'd like to get that one on the covers of the Acts of Caine.

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Published on March 03, 2010 08:38 • 45 views

March 1, 2010

So I'm pondering today the First Line. In all those writing classes I took a million years ago, they used to tell me that the First Line Has to Grab People. Kind of like the opening hook of a pop song, right? Or the topic sentence of an essay, or the opening line of a speech.

So I've been kind of reminiscing about the first line of each of my books. Not just the first sentence, but sort of the opening image, right?

It forms (for me) an interesting reflection of my career.

In the order of...

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Published on March 01, 2010 15:10 • 77 views
So this is when my legs said . . .

Dude. Chill. We've got you. Seriously. Decide how fast you want to go, and let us take it from there, because, y'know, that's kind of what we do. And we'll do it better WITHOUT YOUR FUCKING MICROMANAGEMENT.

[The all-caps, btw, is intended to reflect the amount of pain used to underline their point.:]

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Published on March 01, 2010 14:14 • 42 views

February 26, 2010

There should be a "Contact" button in or near the top right portion of the screen. It is now fully functional, so if anyone has a comment or concern they'd rather not share with the rest of the class, that's the way to pass me a note.

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Published on February 26, 2010 10:19 • 40 views

February 22, 2010

It occurred to me that the folks at Clearwater Outdoor in Lake Geneva — where I bought my VFF Sprints and just yesterday went back to buy a pair for the Fabulous Robyn — are the kind of quality people who should get an unsolicited plug.

So this is it. Awesome store, owned and operated by people who are passionate about what they do. And there's a link to their website over in the right-hand column, under "Sites."

I'd post the link in here, but I still don't know how to do that in WordPress...

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Published on February 22, 2010 09:56 • 17 views

February 21, 2010

Exactly what it says.

Suck it, Frosty.

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Published on February 21, 2010 15:29 • 29 views

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