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June 20, 2014

Playful hand

Today’s editorial is courtesy of Adameve.com and their talented writer: Helen Mauritz. Enjoy!

I’ve been thinking a lot about “idle erotic reading,” which, to me, brings up the question: How is our interaction with romantic and erotic works of literature determined by our activity and what we are or aren’t doing while reading the text? For instance, is it more stimulating to read sexy stories while sitting at the kitchen table or riding a train? Do you get more out of erotica by reading it to yourself, silently; or when you’re dramatizing a scene from the book with your partner(s)? Do you masturbate or have sex while reading erotica? Do any of these activities give you a more spiritual connection with the characters or scenes, or do you just internalize the material and use it later?

Think about some of these questions and then compare your relationship with erotic romance books to your relationship to adult movies. Maybe it’s always been like this, but these days, it’s difficult to imagine someone watching an adult movie for any reason outside of physical stimulation. Porn movies are tools that mostly act as surrogate sex partners. If they aren’t satisfying the user in a sensual (and ultimately orgasmic) way, the films aren’t that useful. Erotica, on the other hand has limitless potential. Erotica author Nola Sarina sums it up perfectly in a recent USA Today column entitled, “It’s all in your head: The beauty of written eroticism.” She writes, “I can fully immerse in the experience of the erotic encounter without having to ignore visual factors (or generic movie sets) that do not add to the experience. There’s no distraction in erotic fiction, no conflict of the senses.”

Now, I’m not saying that erotica will ever be as be as popular or economically viable as the porn industry, but it’s gained popularity in plenty of mainstream locations. 50 Shades of Grey’s success will hit the big screen in 2015 while other writers have taken on that series’ tradition. At least, that’s how Adam & Eve(aptly, might I add) describes the work of author Lisa Renee Jones, including her If I Were You novel, which apparently tackles the “dark side of sex “. As we seen erotica popping up in more places, it will open up the possibilities for how erotica can be used to enliven and enhance our interaction with it. In London, erotica book clubs have existed for a couple of years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw sex clubs pop up based on erotica novels.

Erotica, itself, is anything but idle. It’s a fast-moving vehicle that will make more and more ground as the porn industry becomes more and more regulated. So, now would be a good time for you to get more familiar with the industry and figure out just how you want to interact with it. Sitting in one place and reading a romance novel is fine if you’re in a library or a public space, but in the privacy of your home or someone else’s, explore your own world of sensuality with each turning page.

This is a guest post by Helen Mauritz. In addition to writing and reading about erotica, Helen is passionate about sci-fi films and how they explore sexuality.

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June 17, 2014

Treeland Pack II

The always thoughtful and gracious Jacque from Jeep Diva reviewed A Promise of Amber and said: “A Promise of Amber is a nice addition to the Treeland Pack Tales. The characters were entertaining, the plot was well-written and the sex is steamy hot.”

The entire review is here

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Published on June 17, 2014 04:00

June 13, 2014


Last month I had more visitors than ever before, so if you’re new to the dangerously sexy world, welcome to my corner of the internet!

I write erotic romance in several genres always with a happy ending for the alpha heroes and the women who deserve them.

There’s a backlist of published stories to explore, free reads, news, and more than you ever wanted to know about me. I usually update the site a couple of times a week with snippets from books scheduled for release, still in process, or already available as whim dictates along with whatever catches my interest at the moment. Since I read even more than I write, now and then there’s a book review.

I love hearing from readers so don’t hesitate to use the contact page to get in touch!

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June 10, 2014

Cami 500x750

Another snippet from Cami’s adventure:

Zapping Baldoreans into subatomic particles didn’t bother Jaxon. He darted a look at Cami, worried about how much of the action she’d caught. She’d already been wiped out by the loss of her friends. Earth women were pacifists, lobbying the council of elders for peace talks. The shuttle crashing into the middle of a Baldorean shoot-out had to be a mega-culture shock for the little breeder.

Her face seemed a bit green around the edges, but she headed for the cockpit.

Aegis blocked her way. When she tried to wriggle pass him, he clamped her firmly to his side and gently removed the medical supplies she clutched. “You cannot help them, little one.”

“Don’t call me that. I’m not a babe.”

Even from his post, Jaxon could tell her words had no real force.

“I am not confused about your maturity. However, you are delicate,” the warrior spoke to her with rough tenderness.

When Jaxon glanced their way again, she’d burrowed her nose into Aegis’s side. Her slim shoulders shaking with silent sobs ripped holes in his heart. What sucked worse than the pain in his chest was she turned to Aegis for comfort, or it might have been the way the big guy held her as if she were infinitely precious.

Jaxon fantasized about sharing a woman with his friend countless times. For him to stand guard while his bud bonded with Cami had never been part of the dream.

Natch Aegis was everything she would want in a mate. He was strong, honorable, and fearless, in short as irresistible as the original sin.

Damn, Jaxon practically drooled when he saw the warrior. Why should he be shocked the little breeder went for his best friend? The worst blow to his ego was the punch of plain old envy. Double damn, Jaxon ached to hold her. She was sweet, scared, brave, and so fine he wanted her forever.

If this were a holo-story romance, he would quietly disappear into the space station’s maze of connecting corridors, leaving Aegis and Cami alone. That was absolutely not happening.

“They’ve got reinforcements.” Fresh bursts hit the hull, confirming his statement. “I hate to break up the party,” he called over his shoulder. Liar. “Even with their weapons set to cell disruption, the shuttle’s not going to take a whole lot more punishment. This baby’s hull is ultra thin. Plus, I’m running low on duranium.”

“We need a back door,” Aegis grumbled.

Right, but did the sisterhood’s craft have a rear exit? From the edge of his vision, Jaxon saw Cami scrub away her tears and take Aegis’s hand. “Follow me.”

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June 6, 2014

writer at work a

So I’m working away on Joon’s Temptation and making progress when Ashley started whining about how I never gave her a fair shake.

Duh, I don’t even like her, she’s a f*cked up, bratty sub who doesn’t even know what she wants and she wants me to write her story? Pfft. Although I don’t want to say that too loud and disturb Master Ray, the sadist, who thinks he can give her exactly what she needs. *shiver*

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June 3, 2014

Cami 500x750

Laurie kindly read Cami’s adventures. Here’s a snippet from her gracious review:

“Camille’s Capture is a hot Erotic Romance that will leave you panting for more.

It’s amazing to me how many readers has this labeled erotica because it not. Camille Capture has a plot and romance with a Happy Ever After, so it’s Erotic Romance. I loved the story behind Camille is a breeder but she fails to get pregnant after several tries on Earth so she is set to a different planet to find warriors. I enjoyed the back story about Aegis and how he deals with the issue of his best friend trying to be his lover.

You’ll find some very hot M/M/F and M/F/M sex. Both males goes both ways so there is something for every erotic story lover.”

The rest of the review is here

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May 30, 2014


Writing is solitary business, (except for the cast of thousands in my head,)which is fine, but actually publishing the stories fashioned from my heart’s blood is scary stuff.

Fans, every person who takes a chance on a new-to-them-author and reads those tales, give me a warm, fuzzy thrill. For a few hours, an anonymous reader shares one of my private erotic adventures. Each reader and I have a special, intimate relationship that occasionally transcends the media. When that happens the page and ink disappear, letting us live inside a lovingly crafted world with its inhabitants. That’s pure magic.

I have no words to express my appreciation for my readers. [image error]

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May 27, 2014

writer at work a

A few years ago when I begin writing Camille’s Capture I debated setting the story in same storyverse as Dalila’s Choice and Joon’s Temptation. I’d changed publishers and decided to create a new world for Camille although her adventure followed Joon’s in my head.

Now and then I do remind myself this is fiction, but I live in an alternate reality peopled with friends I know better than I do anyone in my “real” life. The decision to change worlds never felt quite right.

After the rights to all three stories reverted to me, I considered revising the setting of Camille’s Capture to match the first two installments in the series, but that didn’t click either. As I worked on revising Joon’s Temptation, which entailed changing parts of Dalila to make the reality more cohesive, it hit me Camille’s world is the most fully realized. So I made the necessary changes to Dalila and Joon’s stories. Now all three books are set in the lush tropical paradise of New Eden. Another benefit of indie projects–the stories are ever evolving and never ending. [image error]

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May 23, 2014

Coming Someday

I love hearing from readers. The most common question I get is are you going to write another (Demon Hunter, Demon World, Treeland Pack, Seduction Mission…fill in the series of your choice) and when.

The short answer is maybe and someday. [image error]

Last year a charming reader asked if I was going to make A Scarlet Past available, I answered that I’d love to but I have no idea when. A week later, I received a note from my Loose Id editor mentioning a special call and asking if I had anything that matched their theme. A Scarlet Past was dusted off, polished up and released a few months later.

More commonly, an alpha male hijacks my brain and demands his story be written NOW!

At the moment I’ve given into Mythos and am working on refurbishing Joon’s Temptation. It should release this year. I’ll let you know the moment it’s available.

The Demons and Dragon books are next on my to-write list, but the list gets rearranged too often for me to commit to a deadline. The characters in my head can be so pushy!

I’d love to write Suluth’s story. Galaxy’s End is available in Free Reads and is the prologue to his adventure.

The third Seduction Mission is a substantial partial (30k), but I’m not at all sure how much of the current manuscript will survive after revising to match the revised heroine. It would be so helpful if characters were a tiny bit more candid from the start, but apparently they enjoy driving me crazy.

There are more demon hunter stories rattling around in my head, as well as Treeland Pack tales, Crucible masters, Sterling brothers, and some others you haven’t even met. I may not live long enough to write them all. [image error]

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May 20, 2014

coming soon

Just for dangerously sexy fans, a snippet from Joon’s Temptation, the current WIP:

A cluster of casually dressed young men in a dimly lit corner didn’t concern him until he caught a flash of wildly kicking pale legs.

The gyrations were so frantic it took him a couple of seconds to determine only a single pair of limbs thrashed and they were impossibly feminine. His normally slow anger surged violently at the thought of these bullies attacking an effeminate boy.

He ran forward, grasped the tallest by his long braid, and flung him against the dock wall.

The youth hit with a thud and rolled under the vessel. The tethered silver skimmer maintained a constant cushion of air beneath its sleek hull. The vicious bully deserved a torture chamber as brutal as he was, but the docking slot would do for now.

He turned his attention to the remaining three bullies. A sallow blond, a stocky brunette, and a freckled redhead gaped at him like he’d sprouted a second head.

They’d backed away from a slender lad drawn into a tight ball. As if acting on some unseen signal, each of the cowards tried to stuff his limp dick out of sight.

The stocky youth whined, “We didn’t do anything. It was Chox’s idea.”

“That’s right.” The freckled boy backed up his friend.

“I wanted to leave and Chox wouldn’t let me.” The blond sniveled.

“Zip it brats.” Mythos aimed his best glower at the young thugs before glancing at the frightened child they’d assaulted. “Did these sorry dung sacks hurt you?”

A choked noise squeaked from the victim.

They’d bound and gagged him. The realization hit him hard, triggering memories of the years he’s spent aboard a slaver. He took slow, deep breaths until the red mist of rage faded and his heart rate slowed to almost normal.

“Scram before I send the lot of you to join your pal,” he snarled.

The boys streaked past him, sprinting all out for the exit.

Mythos scowled at their puny backs. As much as they deserved a good pummeling, he let them go, unwilling to abandon the traumatized lad. Afraid of what he’d find, he forced himself to examine the shivering youth.

Huge black eyes peered back at him widened in absolute terror. A nasty bruise had begun to discolor one ear. Long silky hair, dark as deep space, lay tangled around a heart-shaped face. A filthy wad of cloth stretched his tender mouth.

“Ignorant bastards.”Mythos tried hard to appear non-threatening while removing the offensive fabric.He dropped the wrinkled shirt and reached to undo the belt binding the child’s wrists behind his back.

The beautiful boy cringed, ducking his head as if to ward off another punch.

Mythos knew he was larger and taller than Enyo warriors, but he’d been a puny youth and easily subdued. Memories of how it felt to be at the mercy of those stronger and more powerful still burned in his gut. Mortified to be considered a threat, he spread his arms, showing his empty palms.

“I will not hurt you. I would never harm an innocent. I’m just going to release you.” He kept his voice as soothing as possible and tried to look harmless, judging by the boy’s trembling—a lost cause.

A quick twist of his slender torso waist gave Mythos access to the belt securing thin wrists. “Thank you.”

The pleasing alto shook slightly, making Mythos all the more self-conscious of his size and roughness. He concentrated on gently unwinding the syn-leather strap biting into the young man’s pale, smooth skin. “I’m almost done.” After he’d freed the pinned arms, he met the frightened child’s eyes again and pulled out his comm unit. “Is there someone you want me to call?”

He shook his head no, turning away with a faint blush of shame, making no move to rise. “I can pilot myself.”

Did those little pricks violate him? I’ll hunt them down and cut off their miserable little balls with a dull knife. Mythos fought a fresh surge of rage. The last thing he wanted to do was terrify this child. “You should get checked out at a medi-clinic. Whatever happened was not your fault. You need medical attention, if only for your own peace of mind.”

He sure as fuck wished someone had helped him when he’d been trapped aboard the Maldorean slaver. The scrawny child forced to satisfy the depraved appetites of his enemies still huddled inside, making him even more determined to get this youth any help he needed.

The kid didn’t say a word, clutching his thin arms around himself for warmth or in effort to protect his modesty. The cursed bullies had stripped his clothing, leaving him nothing but a sheer undershirt and a pair of dainty boots.

To Mythos’s shock and horror his cock thickened and rose. He’d never experienced a spontaneous erection while conscious. A sticky release that sometimes happened during his sleep cycle left him nauseated and shamed. His inappropriate response to this battered boy made him want to retch with self-loathing.

He grimly rearranged himself to trap the monstrous arousal beneath his waistband and ruthlessly tightened the side straps to keep it confined. His balls ached for release and his gut lurched. He ignored his traitorous body, staring at his useless comm. The chron function showed a few minutes until the council session began. Completing the mission was going to be close. His fingers selected Hel’s number.

“What’s up?”

“I’ve been delayed.” Mythos scanned the walls for a level designation. “I’m on level C. You need to deliver the recording to Roth.”

“On my way.”

Thank the Gods, Hel hadn’t asked any questions. Mythos pocketed the unit and spied a pile of dark cloth lay on the skimmer’s seat. He snagged the fabric—a fair length of summer weight syn-wool. A shake showed it had once been an expensive cloak, now ruined by jagged tears across both shoulders. Still the scraps would give the lad some coverage. He moved toward the hunched figure silently. Halfway there, he decided to warn the boy of his approach. He slowed his steps. “I’m Mythos. What’s your name?”

The child’s head lifted. Dark eyes fringed by ridiculously long eyelashes widened in alarm while watching him with a wariness that tugged at his heart. “Why do you want to know?”

“It’s not important.” He held out the damaged cloak and tried to soften his gruff speech. “They ruined your clothes, but the material will give you some protection.”

“You’re very kind.” The child reached one slender arm to accept the ragged offering, revealing a crescent view of a shockingly full breast.

Embarrassed, Mythos dropped his focus to the floor, studying the unremarkable dock as his own reaction and several incomprehensible details slid into place. Gods save me. She’s woman.

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