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I just typed "The End" in my manuscript of my new novel. Here's the synopsis.

Time Has Come by June Ahern

Sixteen years after the Summer of Love, Liz MacKay appears before a parole board. Do you understand the gravity of your actions? Yes. Are you deeply sorry for the grief they have caused others? Yes. Sorry, but not for killing Ricky Martinez. He hadn’t cared who he hurt. Liz, too, had once been arrogant and self-centered. It toppled her from a good life into a dark hole. Now she does penance for the great misery she caused. Her attorney and friend, Toni, disagrees: When did penance become self-punishment?

A self-professed bad girl Liz marries her Highlander sweetheart at sixteen. They live happily in Scotland until their young son is kidnapped. The boy dies as a result of her lies. Newspaper headlines scream Mom Guilty As Sin! Liz’s husband abandons her and she is a pariah in her hometown. Lonely and grief stricken, she heeds an Irish soothsayer’s prophesy and moves to San Francisco to redeem herself.

Life in San Francisco in 1967 is beyond all of Liz’s experience. She moves into a Castro Street commune, joining Black Panthers Toni and Bobby, the homosexual Mason, Sam, who keeps a watchful eye on the family, and Ricky the drug dealer who has one girlfriend after another. His current girlfriend, Cat, reveals too much about his dealings. And Toni, suspicious of Liz’s insistence that she’s only there to have a jolly good time, seeks the truth.

As the commune unravels and her own drug use escalates, Liz’s guilt about her son worsens. Embroiled in a plot against Toni and Bobby and desperate for redemption and desperate for redemption, she wants to save everyone. Liz must decide. Warn Toni or heed Sam’s threats. Keep quiet. Let what is going happen, happen.
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