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February 22, 2015

OKAY. I do not usually write book/movie reviews on my blog… BUT because I was pleasantly surprised to discover I actually liked this story, even though I was not really a big fan of the author’s writing style. I MADE myself read through it anyway… AND NOW,  I have made an exception. I mean, it’s everywhere… Literally.

What? You ask? Well, the Enigma that is Fifty Shades! Of Grey, that is. No matter who you are, what circles you move in, or even what YOUR personal preferences are, you have seen Some comments about this story by now. Some people love, love LOVE it and can’t wait for the next Movie to come out! Some people can’t stand it and believe it is just glorifying Domestic Violence.

Alright, I understand how someone would be given to think either way. It is kinky, exciting and TABOO. On the FLIP SIDE. . . HE SPANKS HER! But what is really shocking me about EVERYTHING I am hearing about this story, it is of course, how NO ONE is stating the obvious! The story itself is NOT about S&M.

Now, this review is NOT for just the MOVIE, but also for the books. I am going to TRY  to not  go into too much detail, because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who DOES want to read/see it, BUT I have to defend this story, because it is really being blasted by people who have not taken the time to read and understand it.

Christian Grey is a man who was seriously abused from birth, up past the age of four, When his adoptive parents rescue him…. and as a result, he has built a wall around himself and only let’s women close in ONE specific way. One that works to keep them at an arms length  and fairly far away from his heart.

But when he meets Anastasia, those carefully guarded walls  he has built begin to crumble. She innocently wraps his heart around her pinky. He finds himself in completely new territory. It’s not his safety zone. But he finds that he is so drawn to her, he will push himself to give her what she wants; a real chance at knowing him. Who he really is and what makes him tick.

Religious factions are tearing this movie up. It goes against the will of God for such a story to be out there…. Well, but, I don’t see how this story is SO bad. Yes, Anastasia enters into a sexual relationship with Christian… But let’s take a CLOSER look at that, shall we? Their relationship is just between THEM. They don’t see anyone else romantically. Now, the first story, she leaves him after he truly SPANKS her. And yeah, I would have too. But ALSO, let me draw attention to the fact SHE DID NOT sit still and act like it was all okay after he did that.  No! She chewed him out and told him she couldn’t do that for him and she ENDED their relationship.

Now, I will limit this last amount I say, because it is more about the second and third books. Very simply, Christian inserts himself again into her life, but he ask her to take him back NOT as her Dominant/Master, but as a real boyfriend and he vows to NEVER hurt her again.

Long story short, by the end of the second book, he proposes. By the Third book, they’re married. How is that against the teachings of God? FRANKLY, one COULD ARGUE that God sent her to him to help him heal when nothing else could. That’s all I have to say in answer to the religious debate.

Now, I am NOT PICKING FIGHTS OR TRYING to anger anyone. Please don’t think I am. you have EVERY RIGHT to your opinion. In the long run, mine is of no consequence. This story is a romance. It is also risqué. It is meant to be. If you like kinky sex… the movie will probably be right up your alley. If it isn’t something you have an interest in, then choose NOT to watch it. Either way, relax… It will never be required reading in High school or College.

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January 20, 2015

Just a quickie to wet your whistle. . .


Almost as if summoned by her thoughts, she heard the door to the bathroom. Opening her eyes, she saw the man who had been down at the pool, complete with a tail, now standing on the other side of the transparent shower stall, sporting a beautiful pair of legs, staring at her with a hunger in his eyes that captivated her.

Immediately, Danielle moved to cover her breasts with the palms of her hands as she stared back at the man on the other side of the glass. She opened her mouth to tell him to get out but found the words died in her throat as he reached for and opened the shower door.

Shaking her head, she whispered, “You shouldn’t be here.” Her voice was almost too soft to be heard over the shower spray.

Sorna paid little attention to her words as he stepped into the shower with her. “So, send me away.”

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October 24, 2014


Hello all my lovely friends! I know you guys have to be wondering what I’ve been up to. Well, for the most part, I’ve been actually taking some time to organize my thoughts and focus on the next adventure I’m going to write. After many, FALSE starts and a few backtracks… I BELIEVE I finally have figured out how I want to proceed…. Here’s a peak at the story I am building now….



Time stood still for Danielle as she stared at the same dark storm blue eyes she had seen in so many dreams over the years. That face. . . Nothing could make her forget that face. Even the loss of the dreams had not erased the shape of his face or the tone of his skin from her memory.

Slowly, she let her gaze rove over him. He was exactly as he had been in her dreams. His skin was pale and almost luminous. His hair, which seemed to flow in the water was a dark, almost blue black He was as beautiful as she remembered from her imagination.

She took in the masculine frame of his chest and torso, the tight curve of his abdomen. Then finally, the dark, almost metallic contrast of his tail. It was the same shade of his hair. She could imagine if he were to stand on legs, he would probably stand well over seven feet. The length of his tail hinted as much.

Her breath left her in a rush and she felt faint. Almost as if he sensed it, his hand moved to touch the glass between them, drawing her eyes. Slight webbing was easily recognized between each finger. Before she could think better of it, she started to lift her own hand to place opposite his, but stopped suddenly as she came back to herself. “What in the hell am I doing?’ she whispered as she backed away

Wake up, Danielle! She screamed to herself silently, even as she continued to stare at the Merman before her. This isn’t happening! This can’t be happening! “He isn’t real!” She exclaimed softly.

Jack chuckled wryly. “Careful, Miss Ryder. You’ll hurt the fishes’ feelings.”

She turned from the tank to glare at Jack. “I don’t know who put you guys up to this, but it isn’t funny and I sure as hell am not laughing.” With a false bravado she honestly did not feel, she turned and began toward the door, only to have one of Jack’s thugs step into her path.

Clenching her fists, she started to try to pass him. When he again blocked her, she threw up her hands in exasperation. “What do you jerks want from me? I don’t know anything about the man in the tank. My best guess is it’s a hoax. Like some crazy prank my Editor put you up to in order to give me hell because I just finished the Mermen series.”

She shrugged helplessly, shaking her head. “That’s just the sick twisted kind of thing Kendra would do to me! She hates that I’m done with the stories and I want to move on to something new.” Even as she said it, she knew she was grasping at straws. There was no way on God’s green Earth that Kendra could have EVER found a man who was so completely perfect to pretend to be the beautiful Merman she had met in her dreams.

Jack cleared his throat. “Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but that fish in the tank is not an actor, who is playing some part. Miss, Ryder, I assure you, he is real and he is everything your stories say he is. His tail changes color in various water temperatures. He can breathe air. His genitals are located underneath a kind of natural protective covering which is part of his tail.”

Feeling a growing sense of alarm, she looked from Jack to the Merman as she corrected him. “If he breathes air, he certainly isn’t a fish. He’s a mammal. You are merely insulting him by referring to him in such a way.” She sighed, turning back to the agent. “I still don’t know what you want from me.”

Jack had the nerve to look impatient. With a roll of his eyes, he gestured to the specimen angrily. “We want to know how everything about it is all common knowledge to you! When were you in contact with it and how many times! Are there others? And if you’ve fucked it, we need to know that too because you could very well be contaminated!”

Without even thinking, Danielle slapped the pompous man so hard, his head snapped back. “How dare you!” she screamed. “I am a law abiding citizen and I pay my taxes! I haven’t ever seen this creature and if I had, I’d be a whole hell of a lot smarter than to tell you, you damn donkey faced mule!”

She immediately regretted her temper when Jack’s face went from mildly cordial to stone cruel. His hand clamped over her wrist and he pulled her toward him none too gently. “I don’t believe you! I think you’ve been fish fucking for a while now and bitches like you make me sick!”

Turning back to the others, he barked, “Sedate the fish and get him out of the water. Put him in the holding cell.” Then he turned back to her, glaring. “I wonder if he’ll shed the tail to fuck you while we watch!”

He pulled her along roughly as he went. Danielle’s eyes widened at his words and she shook her head violently. This wasn’t happening. How could this be happening? Wasn’t she still in America? Surely they couldn’t do this. Her fear was beginning to be so deep, her teeth were chattering and she felt the tremors of it running through her body.

This monster was going to throw her in a room with it? Horrified, Danielle silently amended her thoughts. That’s not fair! You don’t know. He’s not human, but he is as much if not more of a victim as you are.

The words sounded right. She knew the poor creature in the tank was a victim of a crazy society that violated anything they didn’t understand or was different. Her emotions were in a turmoil and she couldn’t stop the way her imagination started running wild on her.

What if the beast was feral? What if the second they threw her in the room, it attacked? She really felt sorry for it. Truly she did. But the idea of being forced to have sex with something that had a tail sent her into survival mode.

Digging her heels into the ground, she screamed for all she was worth and tried to pull away. She had to get away. Maybe if she could break his grip, she could get out that door and if nothing else, find a place to hide. She’d just stay hidden until the bastards gave up looking.

Unfortunately, the agents had anticipated her refusal to comply with their requests. She almost didn’t feel the needle when it pricked the side of her neck. Her eyes widened in horrified shock and she looked at Jack with an expression that was reminiscent of a deer caught unaware by a cars headlights.

The fight went out of her immediately and as she sank to the ground, her voice cooperated long enough for her to get out one whispered word. “Why?” Of course, before Jack could consider giving her an answer, everything had faded into nothing and her world went black.

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August 27, 2014

It’s out! The third story in my Celestial Abductions series is out at the GSP website and coming in just a matter of days to Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Omnilit and Allromance, as well as a few other places as well.


I had so much fun working on this story. I think these short stories are really helping me build the world which you will all become a bit more accustomed to in the future when I unleash the New Novel I am working on now. Great things are on the horizon. Hold your breath, ladies….. the fun is just getting started!

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July 22, 2014

Trembling arms wrapped protectively over her breasts as she considered everything she had just gone through in the last few days. She’d been kidnapped by Aliens, injected with some sort of living bugs that made it possible for her to understand any language in her solar system, fought over by the abducting alien and her guardian because said alien wanted to taste her virginity, then touched in a sexual way by the same guardian who was supposed to protect her.

Now, here she was, on this odd planet with what looked like two Suns and at least three moons; with a sky that was the color of a tequila sunrise and a man who when she had first met came with a tail. Now, she was standing in what reminded her of a Roman chariot, being pulled by a psychedelic zebra, toward a shiny kingdom with homes and a Castle that all looked as if they were made entirely of onyx and other gemstones.

All these things considered, she should be stark raving mad. So why wasn’t she? She wasn’t even missing home yet. Was she in shock? Did she somehow believe herself to be experiencing some insanely warped dream and expect to wake up at any given moment back home in her bed? Scowling, she spoke out loud, “Dang, I sure hope not!”

He questioned her in that beautiful, deep voice. “I’m sorry? Did you say something?”

When she turned her head, she found herself staring into those endless eyes. Stunned, she shook her head. “N-not really. I was just thinking out loud. I’m sorry.” She couldn’t bring herself to look away, and when his face came closer, she held her breath in anticipation.

His lips touched hers so gently, she wouldn’t have been sure he’d actually kissed her if her eyes hadn’t been open. He slowly drew back from her, still making eye contact. She paused, conflicted for all of a second before, she reached out and placed her hand to his cheek to stop his retreat. Then before her courage left her, she closed the tiny space, pressing her lips to his in a stronger, but somewhat hesitant kiss.

Feeling her desire and experiencing the relief to know her attraction with certainty, Savrik dropped the reins and wrapped one arm around her waist and pressed the other to the back of her head, drawing her closer, deepening the kiss. His tongue traced her lower lip, seeking entrance which she quickly allowed. Her hands moved up his chest where she unconsciously brushed his nipples before gripping him by his shoulders.

Within seconds, they had gone from an innocent exploration to a passionate embrace. So lost in their discovery of each other, they had all but forgotten about their destination until a sharp keening bellow that sounded quite like a human man groaning interrupted them.

Startled apart, the both turned to see they had arrived at the Castle and the LaDrok was pawing the ground and tossing his head a little impatiently. With a small smile at Marissa, Savrik dismounted the chariot and walked around to relieve the beast of the bridle.

“I am sorry, old friend. Forgive me my inconsideration.” He brushed a hand over the LaDroc’s neck. “Thank you for bringing us here.”

Marissa watched as Savrik finished releasing the animal from the Chariot and found herself smiling in admiration when the LaDroc bumped his head affectionately to the blue man’s chest. Then the creature turned and looked in her direction. After a slow bow of his head to her, he turned and galloped away. She stared after him in amazement. There had been such intelligence in the animal’s eyes, she would have sworn it knew what Savrik had said to him.

“Amazing,” she whispered softly. “He seems so intelligent.”

Savrik came to her side, and raised his hands to help her down. Lifting her slightly, he then lowered her to her feet and his gaze consumed her. “All creatures are intelligent, Marissa. Just because one doesn’t have the power of speech, does not make him inferior.” He smiled as he took her hand and as she let him lead her into the Palace, she told herself what she already knew but had not admitted up until now. Her life would never again be the same.

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May 15, 2014

I am still getting the story exactly how I want it… But the cover is finished. and I am happy to share it! I think it looks as good as the last two! I love the fact that I can just share with my artist my vision of how I want my covers and she just ALWAYS seems to be able to create a cover that looks exactly like what I see!

Here is a sneak peak at the third story:



Marissa’s Surprise

Prologue- Two years prior to when the abductions occurred

Savryk circled the portal, using his powerful tale to gain momentum. The vortex between the sister planets opened only once every few cycles so he was limited on time. The survival of his species depended on the chance that this planet held women upon it whose DNA could be easily modified to survive within the waters of Meridia.

His brother had undergone the appropriate tests to see if their land-dwelling siblings could bear offspring with the race. Once the seed had taken root in the incubators, he had known the only thing left was to see if the race from Earth ever ventured into the waters of their world.

With one mighty dive, the merman swam through the portal. The oceans of Earth were similar to the oceans of Meridia. But if the women there never set foot in their water, then Savryk knew that he and his brothers of the depths were doomed.

As he swam out of the coral that protected the entrance to his world from prying eyes, he took notice of the creatures who occupied this sister ocean. Almost immediately, a school of Dolphins approached him, curious to his existence. He watched them warily but couldn’t help but smile when they greeted him and joined him on his journey toward the surface of the water.

He could tell by the growing shallowness of the Ocean floor, land was not far away. He couldn’t risk being seen for obvious reasons. Blue tinted skin, along with a tale would be very hard to play off as normal on this world. Luckily, his eyes could see easily at far distances so he would only need to see if they set feet in the water

As he neared the surface, the Dolphins, who bore close resemblance to the creatures his world called, Pheldorns, sprang from the ocean, diving powerfully out of the water and splashing each other as they did. He watched them frolic for a few minutes while he worked up his courage to surface and find out if there were any of what the Slavers referred to as humans, playing in or around the water.

Slowly, he broke through gently, only rising above enough to let his eyes see. He stared intently at the sandy beach and the men, women and children who played there. Hope filled him as he saw women and children not only running through the shallows, but also some people, further out, swimming. They lacked the tale that he was able to grow when in water, but they still swam.

He was so excited by his discovery that he didn’t notice the girl until she spoke. “Are you okay? What’s the blue stuff; some kind of sun screen?”

Startled, he turned toward the voice only to come face to face with the most beautiful face he had ever seen. The hair, he’d been told about was light colored, even wet, and floated in the water around the girl as she moved slowly closer to him. Her eyes were the deepest color of blue he had ever seen. He could understand her speech, but he knew she would not understand him if he were to speak, so he remained silent, and simply nodded. If she thought it was sunscreen, maybe he could spend a few more moments in her presence.

She waited for his answer, but when he said nothing, she tried again. “Do you not speak English? I’m surprised to see anyone besides myself out this far from the beach.” She seemed to contemplate him for a moment before her face brightened.

“Are you training for the Olympics too? I have two more years to get ready and I figure if I can master these waves within a certain time frame, it’ll improve my time in the pools.” She chattered as he watched her in silent fascination. “I’ve also been working on holding my breath underwater. I’m up to three minutes if I’m swimming and almost six if I’m just hovering.”

When his eyebrow rose in response to her words, she took it to mean he didn’t believe her. “Oh, you think I’m lying, don’t you? Well, here! I’ll show you! Watch!”

Savryk watched in a mixture of horror and fascination as she pulled what looked to be some kind of protective eye covers over her eyes and took a deep breath before plunging beneath the surface. His eyes widened as he realized he only had a matter of seconds before she knew he was not like her. Panic filled him but he couldn’t bring himself to abandon her company. Instead, he waited for the hysteria that was bound to overwhelm her. He reasoned with himself that if she passed out from what she discovered, he couldn’t leave her defenseless. She could drown.

She had sunk below the water and began mentally counting. She was good at this. He would have no choice but to believe her when she resurfaced because he would have witnessed her talent firsthand. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. The ocean was pretty clear out here and easy to see as long as you used goggles.

She had her face turned to the side, but she was curious as to whether this man had put the blue sun screen over his entire body. However, when she turned to look at his legs, she found them strangely missing. Instead, there was a large fishtail. At least, that’s what she thought it was. She had heard of people who practiced swimming wearing suits that covered their lower bodies with long back fins that helped to steer their way through the water, bit she had never seen one.

Her curiosity got the best of her, and she found herself reaching out to touch the suit. She had to remind herself not to breathe at her discovery. She knew what she felt was most definitely flesh under her touch instead of any kind of waterproof fabric. She stroked the tail for a moment as if trying to wake herself up from what she was afraid was only a delusion.

When he felt her hand, not only touching his tail, but also stoking it, he closed his eyes. He could just take her; claim her for himself and swim through the portal with her in his arms. No one need ever be the wiser. The desire to do just that was almost overwhelming.

He stayed stock still, breathing slowly as she seemed to be exploring him. She was being so gentle it was almost a kind of torture to him. She obviously wasn’t really panicking too terribly. He couldn’t imagine she would be spending so much time below the water, touching him if she was truly scared.

He was debating silently with himself when her hand slid slowly across the flesh fold that covered his genitals. Immediately, he felt them stir in response to her touch. Unnerved, he couldn’t stop himself from grabbing her hand and pulling her up.

When she surfaced, he reached out and yanked the goggles off her face, eliciting a startled squeak from her. “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you? Please forgive me.” She spoke hurriedly and Savryk shook his head as he found himself unwilling to let her go.

By all rights, she should be screaming and trying to put as much distance from him as she would manage. Instead, here she was apologizing and asking if she had hurt him. He gripped her arms with both his hands and held her closer than he should, but she didn’t seem to mind.

When she finally stopped speaking, she bit her bottom lip and seemed to think over her words before she asked, “Is that real?” Her voice was soft and Savryk found himself mesmerized by both her beauty and her voice.

He knew she would not understand his words. She did not have the Nanos that had only been in use in his galaxy for a little over the last few centuries. He answered her the only way he could. Nodding his head, he was still reluctant to let her go. She might try to flee and he just couldn’t bear to part with her yet. She was the most amazing creature he had ever seen.

She offered him a shy smile. “My name is Marissa Prince. I love to swim. I’ve been swimming since I was old enough to get in a pool.” Her smile grew and she giggled. “Is this for real? I’m talking to an honest to goodness real life Merman. I must be either dreaming or I’m the luckiest girl in the world!”

Savryk fought an internal battle within himself. He was breathing in the sweet fragrances of her pheromones. It was a unique scent the men of his race could only smell when in the presence of a potential mate. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and swim swiftly back through the portal and claim her as his bride now.

The desire to do so almost overwhelmed him but he fought it as he returned her gaze. She was still too young for him to claim. Even in his own world, it would be forbidden for him to take her as a mate. She was close to reaching maturity but he knew she was not yet ready.




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April 24, 2014

I am writing this as a way of apologizing to the fans I have made through the sharing of my Order of Eternals series. I have written and re-written, and edited and MURDERED the fourth book so many times that I just cannot seem to even stand to look at it right now. So… to put it simply, I am shelving it. The day may come when I choose to pick it up again. But then again it might not. Frankly, I am not sure I will ever add another story to the Eternal series. Part of me just feels it is truly time to move on. I am sorry for that and I do hope that the people who enjoy my writing continue to give my new stories a chance.

I just cannot see my way clear to put out a book that is not in any way as good as the first three Eternal novels. It would not do the series justice and it would not disappoint only myself, but the reader as well.  I am allowing myself to move on. I hate that I am letting my readers down in this sense. But I will also admit to feeling somewhat freed by this decision.

There is a new story that has been begging me to be written. I believe this is the right thing for me to do. It is something in the same kind of genre, but different from anything else you have read from me. As this new story unfolds, I will let those who still follow my blog see glimpses into this new world I am creating.



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October 20, 2013

Tesla's Completion picHey everybody! Just got the final word from my Editor. Tesla’s Completion is coming out sometime tomorrow! YAY!!! So, sit tight, watch for the updates and get your copy THIS WEEK!

and in OTHER news… I just had to bite the bullet and get myself a new computer yesterday. I was so sad! I loved my laptop so much! But it was being weird and kept scaring me. I just KNEW it was going to crash and I would lose Anything I didn’t have backed up. So Friday, I backed up everything onto my portable hard drive, and yesterday, I picked out my NEW writing companion…. It’s a pretty little thing. An Ultraslim ASUS SonicMaster touchscreen with USB3.0 … THEN. . .

The fun part came today. I have NEVER transferred the ENTIRE contents from one computer to another. It blew my mind trying to do it. I think of myself as being pretty computer savy… But let me tell you, after the third try without any directions on how to do it correctly, I was a bumbling idiot!

When I FINALLY got it, it was by sheer accident! Can you believe that? LOL… Figures!

Well, so anyway… all my files are safe. The second story in the Celestial Abduction series will be out THIS WEEK, and all is right in my world… Well, at least with my WRITING world! I hope each and everyone of you have wonderful weeks…. and get some reading done!

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October 16, 2013

Here ye, here ye…. To every single person who has been completely and totally frustrated at me for the lack of writing. I swear to you, it isn’t from the lack of desire. It has actually just been one of those things. Real life has not been cooperating with me.

In my DREAM reality, I have no other obligations but to write. I have plenty of time to write. and . . . Nothing stands in the way of me turning out chapter after chapter.

Unfortunately, in the real world . . . I am not only a wife, a mother, grandmother, AND a WORKING individual. I am also strapped for time and there are NOT enough hours in the day to be able to write AFTER all those other obligations. No, SERIOUSLY. . . There really are NOT enough hours in the day.

But, like I am lucky enough to have happen . . . Every so often, things balance out and I am able to actually sit down and get some writing done. It wasn’t one of my Eternal novels, mind you. But this past week I FINALLY was able to get the second in my teaser Celestial Abduction series finished and off to my publisher. YAY!

So, if you are one of the ones who has been waiting and anticipating this story. There is good news! It should be coming soon! And in celebration. . . I am posting a small sneak peak. Not much, really. Just a tiny little taste to wet your appetites! So, without further ado . . .


Celestial Abduction 2 : Tesla’s Completion


When Tesla was herded into the Arena with the other women, she had no idea what to expect but she had already resigned herself to a life of servitude. Her time with Reggia had been informative. She had always known about the sins of human trafficking, Women and young girls disappeared all the time. Upon talking to the dark blue woman, she discovered Slavers had been taking women from all worlds for one reason or another, for well over several millennia.

When she had met Sparrow, Marissa and Kameeta, she had felt a small amount of reassurance at not being alone. Introducing herself to them with as much false bravado as she could summon, she didn’t let them see who she really was. That wasn’t really a hard thing to do. After all; she was a stripper. She knew how to make the scum of the Earth think they were desirable in her eyes. If she had to become a liar to see herself through this, then so be it.

The truth of the matter was she was scared to death. What was worse was she knew she was powerless. There was no way out of this. No amount of clicking her heels together and wishing would take her back to Earth and there was no way she knew of for anyone from Earth to come get her. No, like it or not, this place was her new home; for however long the leaders of this place decided to let her live.

When the men first came into her line of sight, she stared at the different colors of their skin in shocked fascination. No sooner did she see them than a myriad of soft scents, reminding her of earthy colognes assailed her. Some were so light she barely could catch them. Similar scents to Pine, and Sandalwood were two of the fragrances she caught, but when she glanced around, she saw nothing resembling trees where they were. Did they even have trees? The ground beneath their feet was black sand. She fleetingly entertained the thought that it was sparkly, like polished obsidian.

Her attention turned back to the men. They were multicolored versions of men the caliber of Vin Diesel and the Rock. No hair on their heads. No hair on their arms or legs. She almost squeaked in ashamed excitement when her thoughts strayed to nether regions with no hair. She had to bite her cheek to keep from gasping at the turn of her thoughts. Where had that come from?

These men were amazing creatures. Their chests were bare. Their bodies were built like one would imagine a gladiator or a Greek god would be. They wore what she could only describe as loincloths. As she mused over this, she couldn’t stop her eyes from wondering over them in appreciation. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the Silver toned one move toward Sparrow. The blue one was gravitating toward Marissa. That left only two. She looked them over with a mixture of fear, and excitement; although she would have been ashamed if forced to admit it.

She hadn’t wanted a man in so long. She had given up on ever feeling sexual desire again. But here she was, suddenly swept off her feet by these amazing specimens of the male species. Her womb was throbbing and she was suddenly wishing she could be pressed up against a hard body with nothing to do but be ravished. She wondered for a moment if they had been gassed with some breathable version of ecstasy before being released. Looking at the other women, she saw she was indeed not alone in this sudden unbearable desire.

Where was this coming from? She had always prided herself on being in control of herself no matter what her element. But as she watched these four men with the odd colored skin moved closer to her and the other women, she felt her inner core begin to heat. She nearly panted as the one with dark red skin and golden eyes singled her out and began stalking her, much like she could imagine a panther would stalk his prey.

She trembled as he advanced on her and found herself drinking in his beauty. His skin was a dark rich red, or maroon, but his entire body had gold etching, reminding her of tribal tattoos. Beautiful markings decorated his arms and chest and she found herself staring at them, captivated. Her fingers tingled; as if her body was demanding to touch his.

As he neared her, he reached out and ran his first and middle finger slowly over the exposed skin of her shoulder. She had to clench her fists to keep her knees from buckling. Nervous, she simply stood there, watching him as he looked her over. Her breath hitched when his hand moved to her hair. The gentle touch made her tremble.

Her mind was screaming at her to back away from this being. Not only was he a stranger, with no hair, and a giant compared to her; he was an alien! But her body had a will all its own and it was screaming out its intent from the heating in her womb, to the blatant tightening of her nipples simply from his close proximity. Her eyes roamed over him and she found she couldn’t seem to get her fill; as if she was a woman parched.

He chuckled softly and moved even closer to her. “My name is Dhorak. I am very happy you are here, little one.” As he spoke, his arm wrapped around her and pulled her closer until their bodies were pressed together. “I hope to make you forget the home you have left.”

She didn’t struggle against his hold, but she spoke her mind. “Well, I have to be honest. While my body seems to be thoroughly thrilled to be in your presence, my mind is really not very happy.” Every inch of her that touched him tingled, yet she fought to keep herself stiffly resistant.

Dhorak sensed this and began working her tight rigid muscles of her shoulders with one hand as the other still held her close, gently rubbing her lower back. He nodded his understanding. “I would not believe you if you had said you were completely happy to be here.”

He took a slow, deep breath and closed his eyes in a way that made her wonder if he could actually smell her arousal. Was it possible he could? Embarrassment flushed her cheeks as she thought this over. She was trying so hard to conceal it. All that work would be wasted if he could smell the desire coming from her like perfume added too heavily to some floozy’s clothes. When he opened his eyes, he smiled. “You smell like chi’val’ra.”

Tesla frowned and pulled back a little from him, even though it was the exact opposite of what she really wanted to do. “Are you saying I stink? What is that, anyway? Is it a bad thing?”

He chuckled and reached up to touch her hair, letting his fingers brush through its softness. “Relax. It is a flower. One of the more beautiful fragrant ones we have here. I have some in my garden. I will show you.”

He pulled her against him again before lifting her off her feet and cradling her in his arms. Tesla clung to him in excited fear. “What are you doing?” Looking around, she saw that her female companions had each began leaving with a different man. But for some reason, she was the only one being carried.

Trying to avoid putting her arms around his neck, she instead crossed them over her chest. “Is there a reason you’re not letting me walk on my own?” When he simply nodded, she queried, “Well, is it allowed for me to ask why?”

His amber eyes met hers and he again gave her a beautiful smile that she would have sworn was filled with mischief. “Because, we aren’t walking.” no sooner had he answered her before she saw two wings grow from his back and extend into an open flight position.

A mixture of a gasp and a squeak escaped from her as she threw her arms around his neck. “Oh my God! You have wings! You can fly? We’re going to fly? Of course we’re going to fly! How in the hell? . . .” She closed her eyes and buried her face in his neck as he lifted off from the ground. “Oh sakes alive . . . I knew I should have kept going to that therapist about being afraid of heights. Why? Of all the things.” Then she groaned in defeat. “Of course, this is what I get. It’s just to punish me, isn’t it? God; serves me right that the Alien who takes me can fly!”

She realized she was ranting aloud when he held her tighter and spoke in a soothing tone. “The Guardians of Meridia have wings, my chi’val’ra. You can tell us, because we have the golden birthmarks. It is by the color of our skin, and the marks that develop during our young years that help to decide our course in life.” He offered dismissively. “Our blue brothers live in our surrounding waters. They only don their legs when they come to land. If they stay in the water, they have tails.”

Her jaw dropped. “There are mermen here, too?” She took a steadying breath, “Good grief, I am dreaming. Did the Author of Alice in Wonderland visit here?”

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September 16, 2013



  This blog post is both here AND on my other blog under my other pen name; Rowan Shannigan.

When you first pull into the Crescent Hotel grounds, what strikes you most is how much you feel as if you have taken a step back in time. The Hotel looms over you in such a way, you are almost intimidated by its sheer size. When you enter into the grand foyer, you really DO feel as if you have stumbled into another world. The sights, the smell, even the carpet is entirely different from the norm, these days. When we checked in and went to our room, my husband smiled at me as we rode up in the elevator. “We are staying on the floor that is believed to be the most haunted.” the second floor; room 201. He then clears his throat, “Of course, our room isn’t one that they say is haunted. But I figure being on this floor is close enough.”


Well, to those who aren’t sure what ORBS are… Let me just say, we caught quite a few of them. Many were in our room, which was not on the list of haunted rooms… Can you hear me clearing my throat? Hah! Yeah… I thought so….

So, anyway, we went on the Ghost Tour that night. It is actually very interesting, even if you don’t see anything because they tell you all about the history of the place. They walk you through the spots where there is supposed to be the most activity and they tell you why.

They start the tour on the fourth floor. There are quite a few stories there, but the one I’m going to give a taste of is the one about the little girl. Her mother was a nurse here back in the time when the Hotel was a Hospital for Cancer patients. The little girl was about three years old and she lived with her mother on the fourth floor.

The little girl liked to play around the stairs. Her mother, of course, always scolded her and told her not to play around the stairs. But one day… for whatever reason, the mother was not there to scold and the little girl had climbed up and was looking over the banister. She fell over the banister to her death. Now… The reason I shared THIS story is because after the tour was over, my husband and I, being the curious people we are went back with our cameras and captured many orbs. Now, what you see in the picture to the side is that staircase and banister she fell from. If you look closely, you will see a few orbs. They don’t neccesarily look like anything fantastic. Actually, they kind of resemble plain dust particles….

But when I zoomed in…. Now, there was ONE…. It was actually on the staircase, and farther away than the others. It looked different. So I zoomed in closer… and then closer still. I could make out the partial outline of a face. Wavy hair, brushed to the side… eyes, nose, and dare I venture to say… cheeks? Maybe I am just silly. Maybe my imagination is just running away with me. But I really believe the little girl was there when the guide told us her story. And I believe when we went back, she was trying to tell us hi. This picture below. . . Well, you must make up your own minds. But as for me. . . I believe.Little girl ghost
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