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July 20, 2014

TOUR BUTTON - Mastered Box Set Book Blast

OMG! “MASTERED” IS LIVE!!!!!!!!! Now, there’s giveaways at this MASSIVE AWESOME blog blast. GO FORTH AND WIN!


7/21 Sassy Book Lovers

7/27 Book Monster Reviews

7/22 Musings In Fiction Alley

7/23 Inner Goddess

7/24 For Whom The Books Toll

7/24 Offbeat Vagabond

7/24 Book Liaison

7/25 Monlatable Book Reviews

7/25 Fire and Ice Book Reviews

7/26 Diane’s Book Blog

7/26 Mythical Books

7/27 Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess

7/28 Eclipse Reviews

7/28 Karen Swart

7/29 Darkest Cravings

7/29 Snarky Mom Reads…

7/29 Crazy Four Books

8/01 Donnie Darko Girl

8/01 Read More Romance

8/02 The Lusty Literate

8/02 Kristina’s Books & More

8/02 Dirty Girl Romance

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July 18, 2014


One of the best things about being an author is that sometimes I get to read books before they’re officially released. Being part of the “Mastered” box set with Joey W. Hill, I got to read “The Scientific Method” before it is out. (You can preorder it HERE if you haven’t already.)

Lord Brian and Debra have been recurring characters in Joey Hill’s Vampire series and they’ve always seemed like the perfect couple. This story reveals how complicated relationships can be.

The plot itself is a great one and I hope you’ll read it for the details. As usual, Joey Hill gets to the heart of something that I struggle with-that I think a lot of women struggle with.

Take away the paranormal trappings of the story, and there’s a devastating truth buried inside. I am a submissive to the core, my instinct in any relationship is to give. In a healthy relationship, that instinct is reciprocated in a unique way-a Dominant/submissive way. But sometimes (even in healthy relationships) there are times when one partner is withdrawn, unavailable, thoughtless. And it can perpetuate itself. It can start with a hurtful remark whether shouted in the heat of the moment or thrown out carelessly that grows into a wall between two people who suddenly wake up to a divide they have no idea how to scale.

How often have we heard couples heading for divorce saying they “grew apart”? This story nails the heart of the problem with gut wrenching accuracy. Debra feels as if she “doesn’t matter” and for a submissive, that’s fatal. Seriously fucking fatal. And I speak from painful experience. For Brian, he’s comfortable in his oblivious world, where Debra responds to him sexually and never complains. Though he has access to her thoughts, he doesn’t listen.

I sense a metaphor there, Ms. Hill.

The emotions that roll through Debra-the despair, the hurt-are feelings I’m familiar with and I think a lot of women are. We KNOW who we marry. I KNOW that the Redneck is a workaholic with family issues. I KNOW that his first marriage left damage that might come out in ugly ways. I KNOW all that. And yet, I can’t reconcile the two thoughts-he loves me and he hurts me. Of course, with Lord Brian, he CAN’T admit that he loves Debra. For a vampire, it’s a weakness that’s punished. And in a human male world, softer emotions are viewed as weak. Another metaphor?

But the one thing that I related to most in Debra was the way Lord Brian just…accepted her gift of submission and her hard work as if it was completely natural. Instead of viewing it as special and beautiful-something to be cherished-he avoided any deeper emotions.

One of the things I love about the world Joey Hill creates is that her vampires can read their servants minds. Whenever I’m asked what superpower I’d want, that’s the one I long for-the ability to know EXACTLY what the fuck is going on in someone’s head. But though Brian has that ability, he doesn’t use it to enhance intimacy or learn more about the woman he owns. In my opinion, another metaphor. How often do we waste time-precious time we have so little of-arguing about stupid shit? Talking about things that don’t matter and avoiding the important things?

So once again, Joey Hill brings it all out in the open and dissects it in the most amazing way. One thing I always get from one of Joey Hill’s books is CONNECTION! That’s what people want-to touch each other on a deeper level. I relate to Debra because she longs for MORE. Not in a selfish, grasping way. She wants MORE CONNECTION to the person she loves. She wants to feel like she matters TO HIM.

It’s heartbreaking to read those feelings on the page, but the progression of Lord Brian’s awakening to his servant’s feelings and his own is worth experiencing.


And thanks again, Joey. Ya know. For making me cry.


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Published on July 18, 2014 13:58

July 17, 2014

I didn’t post last week due to being at Camp Makualla with 13 Boy Scouts. Here’s thirteen pics from that trip.














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Published on July 17, 2014 05:01

July 5, 2014

bdsmbloghopbanner1 I'm the man for the job

I remember the first time I realized that I was kinky. I was reading a romance novel and discovered that the part that turned me on was probably NOT the one the writer intended to make hot. The scene was almost entirely non-consensual and involved restraints. (Johanna Lindsey’s “Prisoner of My Desire“) I stayed in the closet and never expressed my desires for someone to pull my hair, tie me up or take control. I think my repressed desires played a role in the failure of my first marriage but there were most definitely other factors involved.

Then, I met my current husband.

He is a Dominant with a capital D though he doesn’t wear leather and he’s never used a cat-o’-nine tails. He dominates through other means, punishing in various wicked ways that may not look very kinky outside the bedroom. The fact is that he is a sexual Dominant and keeps all his kink behind the bedroom door. We’re not members of a community together (though I joined FetLife with his permission) and we don’t do Munches or Gatherings. He has, as my Dominant, been firm about my interactions in kink communities, not because he’s afraid I’ll stray, but because he’s very possessive of what he considers his. We’ve discussed “sharing” and decided it’s not for us.

So, with all that background, does that make us part of the “Lifestyle”? Does that mean we can speak about Dominance and subnmission even though we practice our kink behind the bedroom door? I think so. I’ve gravitated toward writing BDSM romance because I love to read it and I love to do it.

Mostly, I’d like to point out that the BDSM community is even larger than some people might think. There are a ton of us who practice our form of kink-whether it be role playing fantasies, Dominance/submission, or whatever. We are, perhaps, more private about our sexual lives, but anyone who knows me and my husband would spot the dynamic between us in a heartbeat. It permeates every aspect of our lives. That’s us. There’s tons of people who don’t reveal the true nature of their kinky connection at all.

I once knew a friend who I would have categorized as “normal” or “equal” in her sexual dealings with her husband. But once I’d started to research more and talked about what I write more, I discovered that she liked to tie the love of her life to the bed post and whip him with a belt.

It opened my eyes. If you’re anything like me, you read about BDSM clubs and Dominants who train submissives and all those wonderful juicy stories that get my blood flowing in all the right directions. But it’s so much more than that. It’s the twisted key that finds the right lock and the results is doors that are flung open wide revealing new dimensions and new landscapes.

Joey W. Hill had a quote in her latest book that I’ll steal to make my point. It’s by Marcel Proust.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

Wherever your voyage is taking you, I hope that you find “new eyes” to see the possibilities, to find the connection no matter what your secret desires might be. The one thing I’ve learned most of all is that no matter where my journey takes me, I am never alone. There are always those who have gone before me, who know how I feel, who have been where I’ve been. That knowledge has helped me in those times I felt I didn’t belong or I was too weird, too oddball, too different.

I’m giving away a copy of my latest release “Declaration To Submit”. I’ll pick a random winner on July 13 from anyone who comments and answers this question:

What’s your favorite kinky book and how did it impact you?


When Nell signed her employee agreement, she was fascinated by the fraternization clause that opened a door to her fantasies that she couldn’t shut. In a moment of weakness, she demands clarification and finds herself under contractual obligation to her new boss, Mark Conners.

Mark has wanted Nell Armstrong as much as he wanted to takeover the company she worked for. Once he acquired her place of employment, he planned to charm her into a kinky partnership that would satisfy them both. But she dropped to her knees and he accepted her declaration to submit. Things get serious and their fragile trust in each other is tested as they face a company problem that is deeper than either of them could imagine. Mark must find a way to forgive those in his past to have a future with the woman he’s grown to love.


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June 27, 2014


Coming soon is the box set “Mastered” featuring ten FANTASTIC authors!!!! I mean, look at the line up!!!

Opal Carew

Portia De Costa

Madelynne Ellis

Marie Hart

Joey W. Hill

T.J. Michaels

Kate Pearce

Carrie Ann Ryan

Sasha White

and Emily Ryan-Davis with ME!!!


Here’s our contribution:


In knots over love

After years of searching, Tasha Sears finally finds the Master of her heart …on his knees in front of intimidatingly sexy bondage enthusiast Noah Dreyfuss. As sparks flare between the three, Noah’s ropes will either bind them together or pull them apart.

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June 26, 2014

June 23, 2014

Have you ever felt some kind

Of emptiness inside?

You will never measure up

To those people you

Must be strong

Can’t show them that you’re weak

Have you ever told someone

Something that’s far from the truth?

Let them know that you’re okay

Just to make them stop

All the wondering

Questions they may have

I’m okay, I really am now

Just needed some time to figure things out

Not telling lies, I’ll be honest with you

Still we don’t know what’s yet to come

Have you ever seen your face

In a mirror? There’s a smile

But inside you’re just a mess

You feel far from good

Need to hide

‘Cause they’d never understand

Have you ever had this wish?

Being somewhere else

To let go of your disguise

All your worries too

And from that moment

Then you see things clear

I’m okay, I really am now

Just needed some time to figure things out

Not telling lies, I’ll be honest with you

Still we don’t know what’s yet to come

Are you waiting for the day

When your pain will disappear?

When you know that it’s not true

What they say about you?

You couldn’t care less about the things

Surrounding you, ignoring all the voices from the walls

I’m okay, I really am now

Just needed some time to figure things out

Not telling lies, I’ll be honest with you

Still we don’t know what’s yet to come

I’m okay, I really am now

Just needed some time to figure things out

Not telling lies, I’ll be honest with you

Still we don’t know what’s yet to come

Still we don’t know what’s yet to come

Still we don’t know what’s yet to come

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June 12, 2014

I don’t favorite a video on YouTube unless I plan to watch it a lot. So here’s a few that I’ve added to the list recently.

1. Tony And Ziva

2. Cameleon

3. Submissive

4. Torn To Pieces by Pop Evil

5. I Believe by Christina Perri

6. Will Wheaton being his usual brilliant self

7. Karuk Brush Dance Song

8. Run To You by Pentatonix

9. The Bullying Experiment

10. Eclipse 6 Santa Rap

11. Xmas Flash Mob Museum of Fine Arts Boston

12. Beautiful Girl by Sara Bareilles

13. Unconditional by Katy Perry

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June 9, 2014

JL_DeclarationToSubmit_coverlg I received an awesome review from “You Gotta Read Reviews”.


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June 5, 2014

Despite the fact that the Redneck sometimes gets on my last nerve, I think we have a pretty good relationship. It isn’t easy, but we do pretty damn good.

1. Sympathy/Empathy

I find if the response to “I am so tired.” is “YOU’RE tired. Let me tell you how tired I am.” usually doesn’t help matters. A well placed “Oh man, that sucks. I’m so sorry.” can be conducive to making things better for my partner.

2. Honesty

Sure there will be times when I keep my mouth shut and refrain from giving my opinion, but I don’t lie about speeding tickets or hide money spent. And neither does he.

3. Affection

This can be part of sex or completely separate. My husband doesn’t initiate a lot of affection but he initiates sex. Like a lot of men I know, the difference eludes him sometimes. That physical contact, even just holding hands, means a lot to both of us.

4. Forgiveness/Tolerance

No marriage will survive without a ton of this. My husband and I blow it frequently. We’re passionate people and sometimes we resemble that annoying Italian couple in the Gelato commercial who yell at each other. But we always get through it and forgive each other.

5. Communication

I think entire books have been written on this. The Redneck and I sometimes say a lot of words but we aren’t communicating. It can be like a cell phone conversation when the connection is spotty: frustrating. LOL! The trick is, I think, to KEEP TRYING.

6. Laughter

My husband’s ability to make me laugh is one of the things I love about him.

7. Willingness

There’s other words for this-compromise, openness, stuff like that. A good marriage take two people who WANT it to work. And that’s a daily thing.

8. Equality

Regardless who makes more money, does more tasks, or what the relationship looks like in the bedroom. Each person must have an equal voice.

9. Respect

Huge. If I don’t feel respected, I feel totally unloved. And when I don’t, I have to say so.

10. A Spiritual Connection

I’ve yet to meet anyone who could not see that there was more to each human being than the collection of cells and energy. For me, I keep a connection to a Higher Power so that I don’t make my husband God. No one can live up to that kind of expectation.

11. Friends

I love my husband, but it’s not his job to meet every single one of my needs. It isn’t fair to ask him to. I have other relationships that keeps me balanced.

12. Independence

Two people standing together facing the world, side by side. I need to be a separate human being, not totally dependent on him. It’s too easy to give up my identity and become his appendage. I struggle for balance with this one. Too little, and I’m not myself. Too much and I push him away. It takes practice.

13. Trust

HUGE! I have to believe that if he storms out of the house that he’ll be back, that he’ll cool off and talk to me. He has to believe that no matter what I’m not going anywhere. He needs to know that I’ll talk to him, tell him if something is bugging me rather than letting it fester. Without trust, there really is nothing.

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