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June 27, 2012

First up, thank to everyone who came out in person to my Vancouver signing--and to those who watched online! We had a really amazing time. I'll have pictures soon, as well as a link to a video of the event for those who missed.

Meanwhile, hot news around here! Yesterday, an early version of The Indigo Spell's cover was revealed! Here it is:

Cool, eh? We've already had a few questions about it, so let me clear some things up. First, this is an early version, so the tattooing hasn't been added yet. It'll come later, so don't worry--it's not some secret about the book. What is secret is who the guy on the left is. Lots of people have been asking...but well, you need to be surprised by some things! When the cover gets a few more tweaks and is in its final version, I have a feeling you'll be able to figure it out. :)

The cover debuted on yesterday, and if you follow the link, they have a small article about it as well. Enjoy!
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June 21, 2012

I have good news for everyone, though it's a little better for those who live in Vancouver, BC. This Saturday, June 23, I'll be signing at Chapters Metrotown in Burnaby (4700 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC) at 2pm. We'll have the usual good times--reading, Q&A, and, of course, signing a bunch of books! Rumor has it there may also be a DJ. My appearances page lists the details on limits and pictures, but note: this signing does not have a bracelet system for line priority. Whether you buy at the store (which is nice to do) or bring books from home, seating will be first come first serve. Contact the store with any questions.

Those outside of Vancouver are probably thinking, "Wait, you said it was good news for everyone, Richelle." And it is! This signing will be LIVE on the internet! So you can watch it, no matter where you are. The signing is at 2pm Pacific time. To find out what time that is in your time zone, you can convert it here. Here's what you need to do to watch. About 10-15 minutes before the event starts, go to You'll see the link for the live feed, as well as instructions about how to log in and view it. Note: there won't be anything on the page before that time. So, if you don't see the info, keep checking back closer to the signing's start time.

Hope to see you guys there, in person or virtually!
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June 20, 2012

Well, sorry I fell behind in blogging my tour. Usually I like to post pictures and recaps every night, but things got a little crazy this time. When we last left off, I'd had a really awesome event in Fort Lauderdale. I headed home to Seattle after that, to see my family and to do my hometown signing at University Bookstore. I had high expectations for the weekend, hoping I'd get a little relaxation and could bring my husband and son to my signing. What ended up happening was the stomach flu sweeping our family, followed by my poor little baby getting a small break in his arm when he tried to pull himself up (and didn't succeed so well). So, yeah, that kind of slowed me down with blogging.

Day 4: Seattle

In spite of the craziness, we still managed a pretty fun event at University Bookstore. They've supported me from the early days and always do a great job.

I saw some familiar faces and some new ones there, both of which make me so happy! We also had people who came from some incredible distances.

No event would be complete without me posing with Duane, the store's fantasy and sci-fi expert. We like doing these shots just to show the insane height difference.

I think the big surprise of the evening came when we had an engagement during the Q&A! A man proposed to his girlfriend right there in the audience--definitely a first for me and the bookstore! Here's Amber accepting the bling. Congrats, guys!

Day 5: Los Angeles

I won't lie. Leaving my family was pretty tough on Monday. The baby seemed to be handling his splint just fine, though, and my husband assured me they'd be okay. So, it was off to the City of Angels and the Santa Monica Barnes and Noble. Before the signing, I got to have dinner with two of my favorite author pals, Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures series) and Melissa de la Cruz (Blue Bloods).

Then, it was off to earn my keep! Here I am sharing my wit and wisdom, using so many hand gestures that I apparently couldn't keep my cardigan on.

This was a pretty hardcore signing too. It ran almost three hours! I don't mind because I get to just hang out and chat. You guys who wait there with all your books are the real heroes.

And check it out! Shirts. You know I love them. I'm also glad these two ladies are still able to get along, despite their differing philosophies.

Along with the shirts, we had a custom Golden Lily bag come through, with one of the book's swoony romantic quotes on it.


After all that California excitement, it was off to the Lone Star State and the beautiful city of Houston, which immediately tried to thwart my hair with its rain and humidity. Hang on to your cowboy hats because we have a lot of pics here, but then, I guess that's how Texas rolls.

The evening started off with my awesome Malachi Wolfe reading. The auditorium was dark, so I just took it on faith that there were actually people listening to me out there.

So, you can imagine my surprise when the lights came up, and I saw that there were a lot of people out there.

And then, it was time to sign!

So many great people came through! This group from Dean Middle School came with their librarian and brought me a really amazing VA scrapbook they'd made.

Another duo put together a pretty sweet poster of all my covers. I signed one for them, and they gifted me with another.

But I wasn't the only one to walk away with goodies. Here's a little something for my guardian son!

And yup, there were shirts. Adrian's starting to challenge Dimitri when it comes to reader love and affection.

This trio was much more open-minded with their vampire love. Fun fact: there are often multiple cameras taking pictures of groups, so it's hard to know where to look sometimes.

And wow! A Dorian-love shirt. This is not something I see very often at all.

And what I have NEVER seen is this totally awesome Mumm-Ra t-shirt, worn in honor of Seth Mortensen. I'm a fan of this because I love 80s t-shirts and because I firmly believe Mumm-Ra is the most terrifying cartoon villain ever created.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out in all cities in this tour! It's been a year and a half since I was out on the road, and you guys definitely reminded me of why I love meeting readers so much.

That wraps up the American part of the tour. I have one stop in Vancouver, BC this weekend, and that'll be the end of my travel for a while. That signing will be livestreamed, so if you want to virtually go to a signing, I'll give you the details on that soon.

Lastly, it happens every time--and has already happened. The day after I'm in a city, someone asks if I'm ever going to come to that city. It makes me sad. I do lots of reminders here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, but I know it's still easy to miss things! So, if you want to stay up to date, here's the link to my announcements mailing list on Google. I email about tours and new releases, so you can get the info delivered straight to your inbox!

Thanks again, guys!
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June 15, 2012

I usually like to blog the night of my signings, but sometimes, exhaustion defeats even me. I had to get up at 5:45am today to catch a flight to Seattle, so sleep won out over blogging. That means I get to blog on the plane now, with a little Xanax to keep things interesting.

Before I get to Fort Lauderdale, I have a bit of news. The Official Bloodlines Facebook page finally reached 25,000 likes (yay!), which means we get to share something cool. The next book in the Bloodlines series is going to be called The Indigo Spell, and it will be released on February 12, 2013. The Bloodlines page also realeased the opening two paragraphs:f

This wasn’t the first time I’d been pulled out of bed for a crucial mission. It was, however, the first time I’d been subjected to such a personal line of questioning.
"Are you a virgin?"

Intriguing, eh? If you want to read more, Walmart has a special edition of The Golden Lily, which includes the entire first chapter of The Indigo Spell. Here it is sharing some shelf time with Lauren Kate.

You can identify the special edition because it has this gold sticker on it. The blue arrow there is mine, which I've drawn to help you see the sticker.

But, The Indigo Spell is a long ways away, so we're going to go back to focusing on The Golden Lily. Yesterday, I flew into Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Although I didn't have any mojitos or subtitles a la Burn Notice to spice up my trip, I still had a great time. The signing was held at a neat venue, the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art.

The museum had a combo bookstore-cafe area in it, so everyone was able to kick back at tables and enjoy the show.

I was excited to see a lot of familiar faces from my last signing in the area, one from a couple years ago that was held in a Miami church. Last night's signing also saw an unexpected visitor: Mike Preger. Preger Entertainment is the company that's been shopping Vampire Academy in Hollywood (no luck yet - cross your fingers). Mike lives in Miami, so he decided to hop on by and say hello.

The Bloodlines series is generating a lot of love for Adrian (especially after The Golden Lily), but Dimitri's fanbase is still going strong too.

My good camera's battery was out last night, so I used my old one, which is touch and go sometimes. So, some of the people I told might be on the blog didn't have pictures that turned out well enough for posting. Sorry, guys. I take full responsibility for the battery mishap, which was later followed by a memory card mishap.

The museum's unique setting allowed people to hang out and relax while the signing line was going on--so long as they could survive the shark attacks.

I'll be home in Seattle soon, visiting my family for the weekend and doing a signing with my pals at University Books on Saturday, June 16, at 4pm. I hope all of you in the area will come on out for good times!
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June 13, 2012

Lexington is one of my favorite places. In fact, it helped inspire some of the Last Sacrifice hijinks that took place in Kentucky. Tonight's signing was at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, an indie store that most everyone in the book business knows. They do great events, and tonight was no exception.

But first, to get to the signing, I had to come down a giant escalator. I hoped nobody would notice, but some friends sold me out when they saw me coming.

I kicked off the event by showing off my "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" shirt from Dirty Dancing. I'd told one of my readers I'd wear it, but I ended up getting it hemmed too short--probably because I didn't wash it before giving it to the tailor. Still, I wanted her to know I'd tried, so I brought the shirt along anyway.

Some other cool shirts came out tonight, including this one representing Georgina and her immortal friends' favorite bar, The Cellar.

More Georgina fans soon came to represent with Team Carter and Team Seth shirts.

I also got a fun visist from local Lexington authors, Andrew Shaffer and Tiffany Reisz. Andrew's alter ego, Fanny Merkin, has a Fifty Shades of Grey parody coming out next month, called Fifty Shames of Earl Grey.

One of the biggest surprises of the evening came right at the very end (it was another three hour event): this awesome Belikov-Ivashkov 2012 shirt:

She was even nice enough to make me a complementary Hathaway-Sage one:

All in all, a pretty fun night! I read about Malachi Wolfe again and also talked about Zombie Rose (you're really curious about that now, aren't you?). There was also some speculation about the title of the third Bloodlines book--which will be revealed when the Official Bloodlines Facebook page gets 25,000 likes. They're 500 away, which is crazy since my Facebook page has over 100,000 likes. We can do this, team!

Tomorrow, I'll be heading down to Florida to sign in Fort Lauderdale. There have been some rumors that the event starts at 6, but it's at 7pm--just like the others. The details are here on my website. Thank you, Lexington and Joseph-Beth, for an awesome event!
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June 12, 2012

For aspiring writers wondering what a "glamorous" author does after a 2.5 hour signing, let me enlighten you. It involves sitting in your hotel room with a glass of Chardonnay and getting misty-eyed while looking at pictures of your baby on Facebook. But here's what happened before that.

I kicked off The Golden Lily Tour in Lansing, Michigan, not far from where I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Lansing is also the home of one of my alma mater's biggest rivals, but we were all friends tonight. To prove it, I even wore some local colors.

I was at Schuler Books, which is an indie store that hosts some really wonderful events (they'll be hosting the Fierce Reads Tour later this week). We had a really great turn-out tonight, made even better by the fact that some family and friends were there--including my mom!

The event kicked off in the usual way, with me reading one of my very favorite passages in The Golden Lily. That particular passage involves Sydney and Adrian visiting a character you'll soon grow to love, named Malachi Wolfe. I had a hard time keeping a straight face while reading because Malachi is awesome like that.

After some Q&A involving a potential series starring Zombie Rose, it was time for the signing to begin!

As usual, good times ensued. People often think it's hard for me when these signings last a long time (this one went 2.5 hours), but it's actually pretty awesome. I get to hang out there and talk to amazing people the whole time, so I feel pretty lucky. There were both familiar and new faces there, and I had a great time chatting with everyone.

At last, things wrapped up, and it was time for me to head on back to the hotel. See earlier comment about me wistfully looking at baby pictures. Of course, since I'm in my home state, I'd be remiss if I didn't bring my son back some memento from his parents' homeland. Since my husband and I went to rival colleges, I decided to do the fair thing and get the baby gifts representing both sides of his heritage:

Thanks so much, Lansing and Schuler Books, for an awesome start to my first tour in 1.5 years! It's a big adjustment being on the road again, but you guys made everything so wonderful. Tomorrow (June 13), I'll be in Lexington, Kentucky. If you're in the area, I hope you'll come visit!
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June 7, 2012

Before we get to the exciting stuff, I want to make sure everyone saw yesterday's post with all the latest news about The Golden Lily: autographed books, my tour, and a whole lot more!

And now...drum roll...we now have the second chapter of The Golden Lily for you! And if you missed the first chapter from earlier this year, it's here too. Enjoy! You might just see a familiar Russian face in the second chapter... :)
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June 6, 2012

Oh my gosh! Less than a week until The Golden Lily's release. I'm so excited. It's sneaked on to a few shelves already, and people are loving it, which makes me so, so happy. I don't want to disappoint you guys! So much is happening right now before the release that I wanted to quickly list everything for you in one handy place.


What's The Golden Lily?
It's book #2 in the Bloodlines series, which is the spin-off to the Vampire Academy series. It features Adrian, Sydney, and Jill. If I ever decide to write about Rose again, things in the Bloodlines series will come into play. TGL comes out in English-speaking countries on June 12. You can learn more and read the first chapter here.

I'm Touring!
Check my tour schedule to see if I'll be in your town. I hope you'll come see me to get books signed, ask questions, and pose for some pictures. It'll be good times for all.

Ordering Autographed Books
University Bookstore's website is working again *most of the time*. The store apologizes profusely and is working hard to get it all running correctly. The last day to order signed copies of TGL and have them ship on June 12 is tomorrow, June 7. I explain the details about dates and how to search here on my website. (There's also a number to order over the phone there). And if you don't need an autographed copy, just hit up your local store!

Bloodlines #3
It's crazy, but I'm already working on the next book. The Official Bloodlines Facebook page is going to reveal the title of book #3 and its first paragraph if it can reach 25,000 likes. It's almost there! And, as a bonus, some Walmarts will have a special edition of TGL that includes the first chapter of book #3.

The Golden Lily Teaser Trailers
If you missed it, Penguin Australia has made some pretty sweet teasers featuring cool quotes from the book. They recently posted them all in one convenient place.

E-reader Postcards
I know sometimes it's hard for people with e-readers to go to book signings. People who own Kindles, Nooks, etc. are sad because they don't have a pretty book to sign or maybe I've already signed their case. Well, I made up some cool postcards that I'll sign just for you guys! Show me your e-reader at the signing, and I'll hook you up. And if you have "real" books and an e-reader both, that's cool too.

People are Talking...
And have left some awesome early reviews for The Golden Lily: here and here.

Live Feed
If you can't make my signings, my Vancouver one on June 23 will have a live feed of the event, so you can watch what it's like. More info on that as we get closer.

The World of Richelle Mead App
If you have the app for your iPad or iPhone, you'll be able to download an annotated copy of TGL on release day.

My Own Favorite Quotes
And finally, I've been posting my own favorite quotes from The Golden Lily. Here they are:

#1 - "Sydney, this is the kind of shirt that says, ‘You’re never getting in here.’”
#2 - "Sorry, ma'am. I’m already caught up in one epic battle of good vs. evil. I don’t need another."
#3 - "I felt the need to clarify we were there for the self defense class, in case he also taught about dog breeding or riding the high seas."
#4 - "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen walking this earth."

Did I mention this is getting real??
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June 5, 2012

With new release buzz, I kind of left you hanging on my progress with plotting out the Age of X series. When we last left off, I was writing character bios and hammering out plot points both for the book and the overall series. A lot has happened since then.

I finished the bios. I wrote them for my three main characters and a handful of my more important supporting characters. As I mentioned before, this was an incredibly useful exercise for really making sure I know my characters. It also forced me to flesh out their backstory. There will be a number of flashbacks in the book that play into the main plot, so it was important I had those worked out. I also completed a "glossary" about the world. When you deal with fantasy or sci-fi, it's important to have all the made-up stuff you've created for your world worked out. This is part of the ice berg system. Your readers don't need to know the intricacies of your sci-fi world's social welfare system, but you do if you're going to write about these characters' lives. My glossary covered the history of my futuristic country, its interactions with other countries, its upper and lower classes, and how it handles elections, military, and a whole lot more. Extensive, yes, but it's something I need if I'm writing in this setting.

Once these were done, I tackled the real beast: plotting out the book chapter by chapter. I don't know if I can fully convey how difficult this is in third person (the "he said" voice vs. "I said" voice). The chapters alternate between three characters. None of them are all-knowing. Each has limited experiences in the overall story, so I have to carefully plan who's telling each part so that the reader gets a sense of the big picture. Work in each character's individual subplots and flashbacks...and, ugh. It hurts my brain even trying to describe it to you here.

I started the process in a very simple way. I drew a grid on piece of paper and labeled each square with a chapter number and which character it was about. I then added what piece of the plot happened in each chapter. This took some juggling and rearranging, but it's a lot easier correcting a grid like this than a 9,000 word synopsis--which is what I ended up with when I finally sat down and wrote out the chapter-by-chapter description. But by that point, I had the book's structure and story worked out. Writing that 9,000 word synopsis was still a lengthy task and required me to fine tune some plotlines along the way, but having the simple outline first saved me some work.

And there we are. I have three documents: one about characters, one about the world/setting, and one about what actually happens in the book. That's over 15,000 words of information. Will anyone else see this? Probably not. It's my personal guidebook for when I actually write the novel. Is this something everyone needs to do before writing? Nope. This is just the way I work. Everyone has their own system. For those that are like, "Wow, Richelle planned a book in a month," I should point out two things. First, this idea's been stewing in my head for much longer than that. This was just me getting the premise on paper. Second, I've written nineteen books in my career. After a while, you get a feel for what a book needs. You can even get a feel for how an outline will translate into word count. Believe me, I couldn't have done this five years ago.

Now, I'm just sitting on this material for a while. The revision notes for Bloodlines #3 just came back from my editor, so I'm working on that right now. Once I turn in the second draft of that book, I'll switch back to Age of X and see if I can actually pull it off. Planning a book isn't the same as writing it! You can have the best idea in the world but not always be able to get what's in your head out on paper. Stay tuned. :)
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June 1, 2012

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen this picture posted earlier today:


It's me, visiting my pals at University Book Store and signing a big batch of The Golden Lily mail orders so that they'll be ready to ship out on June 12. University Book Store is a local store that sells autographed copies of all my books, and many of you have heard me talk about them before. My visit to them today triggered a few questions from people, which then increased when the store's website had some hiccups. So, I figured I'd clear things up in a convenient Q&A format.

Why won't University Book Store's website let me search for titles?
If you're trying to search for titles on their site and keep getting kicked back to the main page, hang in there. This is the error that keeps happening, and they're trying to fix it. Give it a couple days, and it should be working again.

If you were signing today, does that mean it's too late to order The Golden Lily?
Nope. I was just saving us all some work by signing some early. The store would have a lot of work if they had to package them all up the night before release day! I'll be back again next week to sign another batch, so you have time to get in an order.

What's the last day to order and have The Golden Lily ship on release day?
The Golden Lily will ship on June 12. To guarantee your order goes out with that shipment, I'd have it in by June 7. A few might be able to get in after that, but I wouldn't risk it.

What happens if I miss the due date? Does that mean I can't get a signed copy?
Nope. It just means it won't ship out on June 12. The next batch will probably ship out after I get back from tour the following week and can get in to sign more copies.

I've never even heard of this signed book thing. What is it? Does the store ship internationally? Can I order other books?
There's all sorts of info about that here and here.

Hope that helps!
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