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I've had some folks asking me questions about SWIFT, my latest faery book -- so I thought I'd address some of them here:

1. When is SWIFT coming out in my country?

If you're in the UK or Ireland, the release date is 1 March 2012. If you're in Australia, I've seen an online site which gives the release date as 24 April 2012. If you're in the US or Canada, hold that thought! I'll let you know as soon as I have more information.

2. Is SWIFT really the last book in the Knife sequence, as advertised in the back of ARROW?

No, it isn't -- that was a glitch which has (I hope) been corrected in subsequent editions. Technically, ARROW is the last book in the Knife trilogy, and SWIFT is the beginning of a new (but not unrelated) series.

3. Will we see [insert favorite character(s) from previous books] in SWIFT?

*looks at sky and whistles*

4. Will you be doing any signings or appearances in the UK in connection with the release of SWIFT?

Alas no, though I would love to! Perhaps another time.


I'm also happy to report that SWIFT has received its first official review from TheBookbag.co.uk, and it's a very positive one! Minor spoilers, though, so read at your own discretion...

And finally, I have EXCITING NEWS to share -- not only will you get one brand new adventure in SWIFT, you're actually getting two! Yes, the book comes with a bonus short story called "Renegade", which takes place between the events of ARROW and SWIFT and is told from the POV of a character that I already know some of you are VERY interested in...
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