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September 16, 2011

As a teenager, I had a pony, called Cinderella. She was my best friend, and to me the most beautiful pony in the world. I used to take her to shows, and occasionally she won a prize, depending on who was judging. Some judges liked her, and others didn't. I couldn't understand how anybody could fail to see how much more wonderful she was than any of the other ponies, how completely perfect.

Authors feel the same way about their books, the result of their imagination, dreams, passion, skill, time and devotion.

Readers are like horse show judges: they are simply people who like certain things, dislike others. Where one book pleases, another may not.

I remember the hurt when my pony was not chosen for a rosette, and relate that to an author who receives bad reviews, and for that reason I very seldom give less than 3 stars for a book I've read. If I don't like it, I stop reading it. Life's too short to spend time unnecessarily on something that doesn't please. I find it odd that anybody would plough through a book and then give it an awful review, saying they hated it. Why bother? Why not put it aside and read something they like?

We all have different tastes when it comes to reading, as with food, clothes, art, hobbies. I don't read romances, vampire or any paranormal.

As I'm new to Goodreads I am currently listing the books I have read in the last year, with ratings. I'll get around to writing reviews eventually. My ratings are purely based on my personal enjoyment of a book.
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