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I'm back in work mode after the Christmas break. Just finished final corrections on my June release, BRING HIM HOME, and writing Chapter Four of a new book, the fourth in my SAS series, working title, HIS GOODBYE GIRL.
I re-read BRING HIM HOME last night and said to my husband, 'Either this is really really good or a piece of melodramatic drivel.'
It's a high-stakes, high-drama novel which means it's even tougher to dance the line between pathos and sentimentality.
No doubt readers will tell me if I've got the balance right!
Meanwhile on Chapter Four of HIS GOODBYE GIRL I'm obsessively reworking the first scene between my four heroes, three of whom have already had their book.
I love returning characters because they're easy to write. I know how they'll react to situations, and to each other.
It's the new hero I have to feel my way with (what a fun job!). I thought I had his measure in the first scene but he's changing on me. That's good...we're all different people depending on who we're with. I'm hoping these new facets of his personality will add dimension to his character.
And in my leisure I've been reading Cecilia Grant's debut A Lady Awakened and Sarah Mayberry's latest, All They Need. Both wonderful books.
Good reads (another pun, I'm on fire!) always inspire me to try harder in my own writing.
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Published on January 17, 2012 00:48 • 82 views • Tags: bring-him-home, cecilia-grant, his-goodbye-girl, karina-bliss, sarah-mayberry, writing-craft
Okay, I’m pointing you to a blog written by myself and terrific contemporary author, Sarah Mayberry. Kind of a Dumb and Dumber meets WWF. We’ve both been nominated in the category section of the DABWAHA tournament, a fun head to head romance books comp where readers vote on 64 books until there’s only one standing.
And trash-talking is encouraged.
Neither Aussie Mayberry nor I as a Kiwi are used to trash-talking and…well, see the results here. http://www.superauthors.com/2012/03/a... Unfortunately no bribes allowed to secure votes so I’ll simply tell you what I tell my son. “Do it for love.” Cue: Eye-roll.
Have a great week!
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Published on March 14, 2012 00:25 • 91 views • Tags: dabwaha, karina-bliss, sarah-mayberry, trash-talking, vote
I'm 55,000 words into the book and my couple aren't coupling! Probably because I've given them huge roadblocks to deter them from jumping in the sack,which is great but enough already. Get it on! What I need is a dynamite plot twist to thrust (pardon the pun) them into action and catipult the last third of the book in a new direction.
Meanwhile my hero's stuck and frustrated, my heroine's stuck and frustrated and I'm stuck and frustrated. We've all got ourselves in a conflict lock and unfortunately it's my job to come up with the solution.
Which is both why I write and why I hate writing...the challenge.
Enough of my whinges. As my husband keeps reminding me, I do this every book.
On a more cheerful note, fabulous author Sarah Mayberry has a new book out - Her Best Worst Mistake. That girl hits a home run every book and I highly recommend it. Read an excerpt at http://www.sarahmayberry.com/herbestw...

Happy reading, if you've got a book that knocked your socks off recently let me know.

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Published on May 07, 2012 00:45 • 72 views • Tags: her-best-worst-mistake, his-goodbye-girl, karina-bliss, sarah-mayberry, stuckness