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December 8, 2011

Loxahatchee, FL — Publisher L & L Dreamspell announced today the release of their paranormal romance, The Amazing Wolf Boy by Roxanne Smolen (ISBN 978-1-60318-413-7, Trade Paper, 318 pages, $16.95.) Since then, this small town has been overrun with werewolf sightings. “It’s huge,” exclaims one reader. “Grabs onto you and won’t let go.”

According to fans, Cody Forester is a nerdy teenager originally from Massachusetts. When he turned into a werewolf during Christmas Eve supper, his parents shipped him off to Loxahatchee, Florida, to live with his uncle. He has since been involved in several altercations and labeled a troublemaker. “I wasn’t trying to be obnoxious or anything,” Forester laments. It was during one of these altercations that his burgeoning superpowers emerged.

Cody Forester is often seen in the company of Brittany Meyer, also an outcast. The teenagers are rumored to be attempting to cure Forester using crystals, candles, and magic potions. “Young love can be sweet, tragic, or comical,” says author Roxanne Smolen. “In this case, it’s all three.”

Smolen, who already penned eight novels before she met Forester, lives in South Florida not far from Loxahatchee where the book takes place. “I’m excited to see what these two will do next,” she says. “You know. For the sequel.”

Smolen may not get that chance. Forester’s presence has been a magnet for other werewolves, more cinematically correct werewolves, and has placed the couple in dire peril. Therefore, it is recommended that you pick up your copy of The Amazing Wolf Boy sooner rather than later.

The Amazing Wolf Boy by Roxanne Smolen
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April 13, 2011


Extrasensory perception is a gift sought and often exploited. But what if society viewed telepathy as an affliction or even a danger?

When Taralyn flees persecution on Earth, she is pursued by Asher, an Enforcer of the dreaded psychic police force. Asher hunts fugitive mindbenders with an enthusiasm usually reserved for mass murderers. Taralyn searches the galaxy for sanctuary, and Asher is always one step behind. After many narrow escapes, she finds a bond has grown between the hunted and her hunter. She cannot banish his face from her dreams. But is it love that draws her to him or mind control?

See the book trailer on YouTube.
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October 18, 2010

Satan's Mirror, a woman's incredible journey into Hell.

Emily is the host of a paranormal television show. Her mission is to debunk all myths and urban legends. But when she meets Satan in a haunted house and calls him a fraud, the repercussions change her life. Satan kidnaps her six-year-od daughter, forcing Emily to re-evaluate her cynicism. She must somehow break into the underworld, battle the denizens of Hell, and rescue her little girl. But if she does, how will they ever find their way out?

Satan's Mirror in paperback or e-book. Available wherever books are sold.
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October 24, 2009

Author Roxanne Smolen opens her second book of the Anneliese Thielman trilogy, Prajna, one year later. Anneliese-Thielman is dressing in her wedding finery for her marriage to Sayer-Kihn, the chiliarch or chieftan of his tribe of Llaird. She’s also been named and accepted as the Jefe-Naik, the prophetess of change, foretold in their legends. The wedding ceremony is disrupted by infiltrators from a rival clan of Llaird, and to Anneliese’s dismay the wedding is postponed.

While meditating before her wedding, Anneliese has a vision of a “great city chiseled from a mountainside”, and learns about Prajna, the Llaird city of enlightenment and education, and the fate that befell the city and her people. A few days later on a cruise in the chaser she and her bodyguard found and repaired, they discovered an abandoned city of stone growing out of a mountain on what was once the shore of a dry riverbed. Prajna.

The discovery of the city provides Anneliese with the final piece of her plan to get the Llaird city-dwellers out of Enceinte, the city that is owned by and supports Resort Debauch; the resort that caged and humiliated her for her ex-husband’s gambling debts. She needs housing to see her plan through to help the Llaird help themselves and Prajna can house thousands and is near the Malpais mines, a valuable stone of volcanic origin. And just maybe Sayer-Kihn will love her again.

Prajna captivated me as totally as Resort Debauch did. Where Roxanne Smolen in her first book showed the harsh realities of life on this almost uninhabitable planet, in Prajna she shows us the hidden beauty.

You can read more about her work at her website . Her books can also be found in both paperback and eBook on both and Barns and Noble.

Brenda Cloutier is a reviewer for Romancing the Pubs. She writes historical and contemporary women’s fiction.
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September 25, 2009

WATERY DEEP Book Three of The Colonial Scouts Adventures by Roxanne Smolen
science fiction for young adults and the young at heart

Natica and Impani are Colonial Scouts, an elite group of teenagers who search the galaxy for habitable planets. The girls were best friends until the day a terrible accident took the life of an innocent colonist. Now Natica is consumed by guilt, and she hates Impani for not understanding. She quits the Scouts and returns to her water-world home. The family reunion is not what she expects, however. Her twin brother is missing–and her clueless ex-friend, Impani, has followed her home.

Join the fun as the girls battle sea serpents and pirates, escape an exploding police station, and chase across the floating cities in a speedboat as they search for Natica’s brother. When they find him, they learn he plans to have gills implanted and join a cult living beneath the sea.

"Watery Deep is a creative and original story with an interesting blend of fantasy and science fiction and a great sense of adventure. The characters are feisty, emotional, and real, with shifting dynamics between their friendships and alliances that makes for suspenseful reading!

I particularly enjoyed the tumultuous friendship between Natica and Impani, two girls from very different backgrounds with very different strengths and weaknesses. There is spitefulness, jealously, and underneath it all, caring and compassion as they sort out their own problems with themselves and their world. Teenage angst abounds in full throttle, which makes every scene a delicious read.

Natica’s home planet of Naiad is full of vibrant imagery and alien atmospheres. Almost entirely covered by water, the cities float on coral, the taxis are airboats, and devious pirate gangs roam the waters. It is one of the most creative worlds I’ve ever read about, and makes the story all that more intriguing.

Complete with romance, adventure, shifting alliances, and good family values, The Watery Deep is an excellent story for all ages."

Reviewed by Aubrie Dionne at Book Reviews by Aubrie
ISBN: 0-7443-1635-9
To Purchase: SynergEbooks Store

Watery Deep
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May 7, 2009

I read an interesting article about turning ebooks into paperbacks.
It describes a machine that can print and bind a book in about five minutes. So you go into a bookstore, request a book, and have it printed while you wait.

Some people envision a future where bookstores will have pamphlets or blurb cards on their shelves instead of books. They will have a machine like this and print only after the book is sold, removing the need for inventory. Other people expect bookstores to be done away with altogether. They believe consumers will have printing machines in their homes and print at their leisure.

I hope both views are wrong. To me, the appeal of ebooks is in having no paper at all. I would much rather read from a screen, be it a computer, a mobile reader, or a phone, than to continue depleting natural resources. Trees are necessary for life. You want to counter global warming? Plant a tree!

When I voice my opinion, I am often met with comments such as "I just like the feel of a book in my hand," and "I love the smell of old books." These are romantic notions. To which I say, Get over it!

We are all resistant to change, and the progression from paperbacks to digital media is slow. But I think machines that switch us back to print is a mistake. Time might be better spent finding better ways to power our electronic gizmos so we don't pollute our landfills with batteries. (Recycle, you say? Don't get me started. That is another subject.)
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