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March 10, 2012

Yesterday, my friend Leonard Cirino finally lost his battle with Liver Cancer. I like to think he finally won his freedom from the pains of this life, which he faced with such bravery that it put to shame what is currently known as "heroic". Leonard kicked the definition of heroic up a couple of notches, as far as I'm concerned. Be that as it may (it's really not my place to decide what "is" and what "isn't"), I have written some thoughts down and invite you to read them. You can find them below this message. I apologize in advance for my clumsy scribblings, they are not meant in any way to compete with the eloquent poetry of Leonard's. Pass this along if you see fit...

The bucket is suddenly empty
for Leonard

Ghost dog dreams
Chasing / being chased
The old demons
Last / lost hours
Agitation and fear
Haunted by
Old dreams / nightmares
Not crazy but insane enough
Terror in an old dog’s eye
As in life – so in death
No going out gently
Midnight at 3 pm
Old dog terrors
Ghosts returning
100 unfinished dreams
1000 unfinished thoughts
10000 unformed words
You face the end
The last rattling breath

No grand ideals left
Only the growing cold
The room filling with
A slow creeping fog
Moments / memories winking out
Madness takes the wheel
You veer off the main road
Heading off into the undiscovered country
No one can go with you this time
Your vision clouds over
Your words undone

A rippling image of the moon
In a leaky old bucket
A painful cry of a distant animal
A sudden cold wind rises from the land
You turning to face creation
The image of the moon
Suddenly stilled
The bucket empty

RD Armstrong
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