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January 23, 2013


Nonfiction: The Hypocrisy of Modern Day Gentlemen   (Amazon) - L Aaron Varble
Nonfiction: The Hypocrisy of Modern Day Gentlemen  (Amazon UK) - L Aaron Varble
Genre: Futuristic, Science Fiction
Published: Amazon – Amazon UK
Website: L Aaron Varble

What some are describing as the next great dystopian novel, the first book in the Nonfiction series from L. Aaron Varble displays all the right formulas to be the next great science fiction classic.

This is the story of what will be and how the importance of perception will decide how humanity will evolve; because often times it’s not what we see that shapes us most, it’s the complex inner workings of the truth behind it. Using epistolary elements and clever, fast-paced narrative this book delivers a thoughtful punch as it maintains a steady flow as readers explore the planet earth as they have never known it before in this futuristic novel of romance, humor, satire, and adventure which is the first in a series of three.

The overall atmosphere for the story is set on the first page as we read a fourth grade child’s essay from the year, 7542: “In the middle of the Greater there is a dome where people live for us to live better. They are people like you and me who are picked out by the URPE to live in the dome. They are lucky people because what they do helps us lots and lots. They don’t know that they’re in the dome, but it has to be that way so they can keep helping us.” Only what the public knows is not the entire story, and as readers continue the real truth is uncovered to be wrought with manipulation, cover ups, and misdirection. The story follows those people most involved in shaping the destiny of mankind’s fate in this dystopian science fiction tale of love, humor, satire, and adventure which is sure to capture the minds of readers and take them on a journey they won’t ever forget.

Readers will not know what’s coming next as they explore the planet as they have never known it before, how it will be, and they will never forget the images that the future holds. From thought provoking narrative to surprising twists, Nonfiction: The Hypocrisy of Modern Day Gentlemen will not disappoint.

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January 20, 2013


Gadsby: Champion of Youth (Amazon) -  Reginald Routhwick
Gadsby: Champion of Youth (Amazon UK) - Reginald Routhwick
Genre: Inspirational
Published: Amazon – Amazon UK
Website: Reginald Routhwick

They once said “a child can’t do anything.” But for once, this dedicated team proved them wrong…

If you could let the children of a drab, dull town help improve it, would you take the risk? John Gadsby, a churchman in his fifties, sets out to do just that. Eventually, his Organization of Youth becomes a force to be reckoned with, and he becomes Mayor of a 60,000-strong city that once boasted 2,000 inhabitants. Soon, though, he learns that running a place of this size has its ups and downs–what with the threat of alcoholism, a typhoid outbreak, and even the First World War. But through it all, he strives to make his domain a rewarding place for his fellow citizens.

Ernest Vincent Wright, a Boston poet and Navy retiree, planted the seeds for what would become Gadsby: Champion of Youth in the early 1930s. By 1937, this 50,000-word novel without the letter “e” stunned the literary world–and much of North America–at large. He would himself call it “The Strangest Story Ever Written”–a fact that has held up in the decades since.

After a two-year delay, Gadsby was published by Wetzel, a vanity press in Los Angeles. From there, the work became a rarity: only 50 copies were sold at the time, and a warehouse fire destroyed the rest of Wetzel’s stock. Even the author died on the day of its original printing–October 7, 1939. Today, copies tend to fetch up to US$4,000.

Now, America’s most talked about lipogram returns in the spotlight, as Constitution Books brings back a lost treasure of American literature. This brand-new special edition contains the original text of Wright’s manuscript, plus a brand new biographical essay that explores his magnificent feat and beyond–like never before.

Rediscover Branton Hills…

and discover an unsung hero for the ages.

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January 19, 2013

There’s been a few, quite a few people out there who’ve been presenting a re-interpretation of world history as it’s come to be chronicled.  I’ve been interested in all these proposed versions of our past and have amassed my own version that has melded a few of these ideas.  Bear with me and follow the chronicle of our time I call My-Story, not His-tory.

Great Flood was rain that fell for 40 days & nights
Waters of flood covered the earth for 40 days
Isaac was 40 when he married
Israel ate Mana for 40 years in the desert of the Exodus
‘Apiru freed fro Egypt after 40 years of captivity
Moses was with God for 40 days after Exodus
Moses was with God for 40 days for the 10 Commandments
Moses was 80 at the time of Exodus (2×40)
Moses died at 120 at the end of Exodus (3×40)
Spies reconnoitered the land of Canaan for 40 days
Exodus lasted 40 years
40 lashes is the maximum whipping penalty in the Bible
the time of Judges lasted 40 years
Saul’s reign was 40 years when he was 40
David’s reign was 40 years when he was 40
Solomon’s reign was 40 years when he was 40
the Holiest of Holies was 40 cubits long
Jesus fasted for 40 days and was tempted for 40 days in the desert
Jesus remained on earth for 40 days after the Resurrection
there are over 100 examples of 40 being a significant number in the Bible and many other religious myths
Venusian Generation = 40 years = VG
Venusian Epoch = 480 years = (12 x VG) = VE
Venusian Aeon = 1,440 years = (12 x 3 x VG) = VA
Solomon commissions the Temple of Jerusalem on VE after the Exodus. Exodus lasted VG and was VA after the Great Flood
Jesus was a priest in the Order of Melchizedek
Temple of Jerusalem was rebuilt VE after the Babylonian Exile or captivity
the appointment of Jewish Kings was tied into VG or DIVINE SHEKINAH
only the SUN, MOON & VENUS can produce enough light to have objects on earth cast shadows
SHEKINAH = VENUS was high in the sky when the pillar of Jacob or Egyptian ANNU, the pillar that holds up the earth, was errected
METATRON is the SUN’S significant days & cycles
Exodus was at 1447 BCE = VA
Solomon’s Temple was at 967 BCE = VE
Birth of Jesus estimated at 7 BCE = a VA after Exodus
conjunctions of METATRON & SHEKINAH are astral conjunctions of the SUN & VENUS
on Jesus’s birth VENUS was at maximum magnitude and in conjunction with MERCURY an event only occurring every 480 years or a VE
1447 BCE – Exodus
967 BCE – Solomon’s Temple
487 BCE – Jewish people, tribes return to Israel from Babylonian exile
7 BCE – birth of Jesus
the ‘Apiru and Israelites also worshiped the Canaanite gods in addition to YAWEH
high God in Canaanite religion is EL, his wife BALAAT & their son BAAL
int the Canaanite myths EL was promiscuous and would father children as a wandering stranger with mortal women.  So most Canaanite women would spend some time in temples as holy prostitutes, selling themselves to wandering strangers who might be EL. The money then went to the temple of BALAAT to appease her for the promiscuity of her husband.




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January 16, 2013


Billiard Pool Games   (Amazon) -  Ted Mauro
Billiard Pool Games  (Amazon UK) - Ted Mauro
Genre: Instructional
Published: Amazon – Amazon UK

If you love billiard pool games, you should know that there is a great amount of different billiards games. This book will teach you the rules of billiards and the many other variations. You will also find an explanation of the pool and billiard supplies that are needed for each game. Whether you want to become a pool master by knowing about all of the different games that are out there, or learn new and exciting ways to play pool and billiards with your friends, you will find everything that you need in this book.

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January 12, 2013


Depraved Heart (Amazon) - Kathleen Valentine 
Depraved Heart (Amazon UK) - Kathleen Valentine
Genre: Romantic suspense
Published: Amazon – Amazon UK
Website: Kathleen Valentine

Growing up in Salem, Massachusetts, art curator Tempest Hobbs was surrounded by metaphysical practitioners but considers her own empathic powers a curse. The feelings that assault her became so terrible that she was confined to a psychiatric hospital. Upon her return home, badly shaken and weak, she discovers a letter from Hathor, the mysterious mansion of the Ravenscroft family.

Located on the island of Hephzibah Regrets just off the coast, Hathor is said to be filled with fabulous art and “fairy retreats” where lavish parties are held. But sixteen years ago, during one of those parties, the distinguished dancer and Ravenscroft heir, Raven Silver was shot and killed. His sister Rachel’s husband Syd Jupiter, a powerful NFL fullback, was convicted of the depraved heart murder of his brother-in-law and sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.

The letter is from Syd Jupiter, now paroled and living at Hathor. Wyatt Ravenscroft is dead and has left his entire estate to Anjelica, Syd and Rachel’s fifteen-year-old daughter. Syd offers Tempest the opportunity to live at Hathor for the summer while cataloging the vast art collection. She welcomes the chance to be away from the constant pressures of life in society.

Tempest is dazzled by the art she finds but is soon aware that there are secrets and lies all around her. Hathor’s housekeeper, Audrey, hates Syd and was once, Tempest discovers, Raven’s lover. Miles Wainwright, a local fisherman and the only witness to the murder, is hiding something, and Anjelica lives in fear that Syd will be sent back to prison. And then there is Syd’s mother, Marie-Isobel, the owner of a Santeria shop in New Orleans’ French Quarter, who joins them for the summer with her candles and cleansing rituals.

In the fishing village on Hephzibah Regrets the locals gather every night in the Riptide where men drink and talk fishing, women spin and knit, and everyone relishes the rumors about Hathor. They tell stories of Will Silver, the father Raven and Rachel never knew, and of wild Rosalind, their beautiful mother who died in an insane asylum. As the heat of summer intensifies Tempest discovers more about the secrets, deceptions, love affairs, madness, and mysterious deaths of Hathor’s residents. And about Syd Jupiter who is as enigmatic as he is alluring.

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There’s been a few, quite a few people out there who’ve been presenting a re-interpretation of world history as it’s come to be chronicled.  I’ve been interested in all these proposed versions of our past and have amassed my own version that has melded a few of these ideas.  Bear with me and follow the chronicle of our time I call My-Story, not His-tory.

The original resurrection OSIRIS/HORUS knowledge died with the last true HORUS/OSIRIS Seqenenre Tao.
The treacherous priest JUBELO was caught by the Theban authorities, the native Egyptians and he told of the plot by Apophis, Joseph, Simeon & Levi to force the kingly knowledge from the Pharaoh.
Seqenenre’s son Kamose then knew they lost the knowledge to make him HORUS. Only the living HORUS could impart that knowledge once he was was OSIRIS to his heir and now the living OSIRIS was gone and it was too late.
or was it?
a crafty priest saw a parallel between their situation and the HORUS/SET struggle after SET had murdered OSIRIS.
ISIS put OSIRIS back together and begat HORUS who lost an eye to SET’S battle, while SET lost his testicles.
The Hyksos were SET and the Egyptians were HORUS.
As they neared the embalming of Seqeenre they also prepared JUBELO for the afterlife. They soaked him in rancid mil to attract the blind demons of the dead with his stench. They they ritually castrated him and wrapped him up, mummy like to accompany the last HORUS.
Their battle would continue as would the struggle between good & evil MA’AT -> ISFET, Egypt & Hyksos.
Kamose chose the the throne name of Wadj-Kheper-re = Flourishing is the manifestation of Re
The mummies of Seqenenre and JUBELO are believed to have been found in 1881 in the Royal Cach at Deir el Bahri and are both at the Cairo Museum.
JUBELO is Catalogue #61023
SEQENENRE is Catalogue #61051
1570 BCE – Egyptian New Kingdom begins under Kamose 2nd son of Seqenenre.
1567 BCE – The Hyksos are driven out of Egypt.
1500-1200 BCE – Probable period of EXODUS in the Bible under Moses.
The god of Moses and Abraham was the god of the Old Testament. A vengeful, vain deity who killed anyone who did not worship Him and even treated His chosen people horribly unless they did EXACTLY as they were told.
He was YAHWEH a war god, a storm god, the Mountain God of Sinai.
He had no name, YAHWEH is Hebrew for YHWH “I am who I am”
“Ehyeh asher ehyeh” I am who I am YHWH.
Anyone not worshiping Him would be killed and so would their children and grandchildren. This is a spiteful, vengeful God.
As the Exodus went into the promised land of Canaan the Bible says they killed anybody who stood in their way.
There has also been the contention that the Hyksos Egyptian King Apothis was none other than Ahkenaten and more importantly Moses, touted to be one of the founding prophets of the Jewish state.
no firm date has been given to the Exodus that was described in the Bible however, it does overlap with Akhenaten’s reign and more interesting similarities have been cited as relevance to them being the same chief of which was that Akhenaten was noted for turning from the polytheistic Egyptian gods to the monotheistic worship of RA. Moses stressed there is only one God.



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January 9, 2013


The Six: Episode 1   (Amazon) -  E lizabeth Cauley
The Six: Episode 1  (Amazon UK) - Elizabeth Cauley
Genre: Fantasy Novella
Published: Amazon – Amazon UK
Blog: Elizabeth Cauley

Six people find themselves taken from their everyday lives and locked in a small room together. They come from different walks of life, from cashier to minor TV celebrity to lawyer.

One by one they are taken from the room and given a job in the real world. Each job builds on each other but the goal of these people is to create chaos in our world through whatever means necessary and these people are their tools for destruction.

In the first chapter, Simon Archer, a shy cashier, is tasked with the kidnap and murder of the daughter of a beloved governor. Each person is given the choice: perform your job or die yourself. There’s no middle ground.

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January 5, 2013

Mama   (Amazon) -  Robin Morris
Mama  (Amazon UK) - Robin Morris
Genre: Thriller Monster Horror
Published: Amazon – Amazon UK
Website: Robin Morris

As the Conover family drives from L.A. to Chicago strange things begin to happen. Nine year old Michael sees a face form in the window of the family car. Two creepy children stare at fourteen year old Alison at a motel. A car follows the family for many miles, then hits their car and drives away.

Wherever the Conover family goes, wherever they look, they see a large woman and her children coming closer. The woman and her children are superhumanly strong. They can enter a locked room without opening the door.

Confused and scared, the Conovers can’t comprehend what is happening to them. Everywhere they turn they see the woman and her children. The woman is Mama, and as she teaches her children, like a lioness teaching her cubs to hunt, the Conovers realize that they are the prey.

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There’s been a few, quite a few people out there who’ve been presenting a re-interpretation of world history as it’s come to be chronicled.  I’ve been interested in all these proposed versions of our past and have amassed my own version that has melded a few of these ideas.  Bear with me and follow the chronicle of our time I call My-Story, not His-tory.

Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao at Thebes refused to share the HORUS knowledge of kingship or OSIRIS ascension because he was HORUS and there could only be one.
Apophis wanted to achieve his immortality according to his adopted Egyptian beliefs.
Hyksos were warlike and self-centered, the opposite of Egyptian ideals. MA’AT->ISFET=selfishness, falsehood & injustice.
The Hyksos even worshiped SET the god of evil who murdered and dismembered OSIRIS.
Apophis, the primal god, was deaf and blind to all things and screamed into the darkness of the night finally being chased away every morning by the rising of the sun RA.
Apophis never completely left the world and continued to reside in shadows and the darkness being weakest when the sun was highest in the sky at noon and few shadows were cast.
Abraham and his descendants the ‘Apiru, Hebrew were Hyksos, ‘Desert Princes.’
Seqenenre Tao left his palace, Malkata at Thebes to conduct his daily devotional ceremonies at high noon. This was when the darkness of shadows were shortest and the power of AMEN-RE or AMON-RA was the highest while SET’S power was lowest. The sun of RA or light of RA was strongest and highest in the sky forcing the shadows of darkness of SET to be the weakest or shortest.
After his devotion he was accosted by JUBELO, JUBELA and JUBELUM.
They were sent by Joseph who was given the task of getting the kingly OSIRIS knowledge from Seqenenre Tao by their Hyksos King Apophis.  Apophis was getting older and he wanted to become OSIRIS and have the true Egyptian afterlife as the King of Egypt should.
Joseph enlisted his two estranged brother Simeon & Levi. They went to Thebes and bullied or bribed or both a young priest or acolyte JUBELO into helping them get to Seqenenre.
Seqenenre couldn’t tell them what they wanted to know because he didn’t know yet, he was still HORUS and hadn’t yet ascended to OSIRIS. Despite threats of harm he refused to tell them. This incensed the first man who saw their plan plummeting into failure.
The first accoster confronted Seqenenre in the south and when Seqenenre refused, he struck him with a plumb rule on the forehead which brought him to his left knee.
The second was in the west, and he struck Seqenenre with a level to the left temple which brought him to this right knee.
The third struck him at the east gate with a mace, mallet or hammer in the center of the forehead, killing him, the last pharaoh with the original kingly OSIRIS knowledge of ancient Egypt that was handed down and taught by the Grooved Ware People who learned all that from the Atlanteans.



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January 1, 2013

Gastien Part 1: The Cost of The Dream  (Amazon) -  Caddy Rowland
Gastien Part 1: The Cost of The Dream (Nook) - Caddy Rowland
Gastien Part 1: The Cost of The Dream (Paperback) - Caddy Rowland
Genre: Fantasy Novella
Published: Amazon – Nook – Paperback
Blog: Caddy Rowland

The Gastien Series is a five book adult series for both men and women. The fifth book will be out sometime in February or March of 2013. This series is dark, dramatic, and has adult themes. The genre is both family saga and historical fiction.

Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream is the first book and the description is below:

In this first book of the Gastien series, young Gastien Beauchamp begins his journey from the farm to Paris with two goals in life. The first is to become an artist with his own studio, following his own rules. That is an almost impossible dream for a peasant with no money or formal training. Paris spits out talented men into the gutters every day. “Good” gets you nowhere. “Great” maybe gets you a bowl of soup.

The second is to become the greatest lover in France. That should be easy. With his stunning looks and willingness to learn, the women of Paris are about to be awakened in a way they have only dreamt about in the nineteenth century!

Gastien also has focus, drive, and raw, natural talent. With the dream burning inside of him, he is determined to succeed at any cost. Poor Gastien. If he could only know in advance what brutal struggles await him, he might turn around and go back home.

Sometimes the “impossible” is possible. But the cost can be extremely high.

Please check the buy links for reviews and a free sample.

Adult fiction for men and women over age 18

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